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A Response to ISAIAH WALK -- Christopher Cruz

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

I want to start of with the following: “God never asks us to believe, without giving sufficient evidence upon which to base our faith...Yet God has never removed the possibility of doubt. Our faith must rest upon evidence, not demonstration. Those who wish to doubt will have opportunity; while those who really desire to know the truth will find plenty of evidence on which to rest their faith. {Christ’s Object Lessons, p. 278.2 [CSA 46.1]} “Those who are perpetually talking doubts and demanding additional evidence to banish their cloud of unbelief do not build on the Word. Their faith rests on circumstances; it is founded in feeling. But feeling, be it ever so pleasing, is not faith. God’s Word is the foundation upon which our hopes of heaven must be built.”—Lt 11, 1897. {Mind, Character, and Personality Volume 2, p. 679.2 [2MCP 679.2]} We truly desire to know the truth and instead of demanding additional evidence to banish our cloud of unbelief we followed this counsel “The Word of God is the foundation of our faith, and therefore it is by the Word of God that we may obtain evidence of our standing before God.”[From the Heart, p. 79.2 {FH 79.2}] Please understand that our reason of leaving the FMPM is because we have not found biblical evidence on where to base our faith. More and more now we hear “If we have sufficient evidence for everything, why we need faith ” (Paraphrasing) but sister Whites says  “God never asks us to believe, without giving sufficient evidence upon which to base our faith” “therefore it is by the Word of God that we may obtain evidence of our standing before God.” Now the Word of God says we need to examine ourselves to see whether we are in the faith; it counsels us to test ourselves by the Word of God that we may obtain evidence of our standing before God. I have questioned the calling of my wife and also my calling. We in the past have walk in faith believing that this a higher calling from God but truly never understood the reason why God has ask us to do certain things that leads us and other to transgress the law of God daily. So we followed the guidance of the Word of God and begin to test ourselves.  And we notice the following: THE DRESS UNIFORM: Quoting from Ernie Knolls dream: "The camisole is thin and that the coloration of her nipples is shown though the cloth but the cloth is not sheer or see through” "The length of the skirt is to be short where it comes just below the butt cheek. If an individual is concerned when sitting down, that part of their butt or vaginal area may come in contact with something of the seat. I was told for those that have this concern it would be better for the individual to lift the back of their skirt and sit totally butt naked on the seat." Many women in the For My People Ministry around the world have been instructed to wear revealing provocative tops as well as dresses. They have been instructed to in all strive to wear as revealing clothes as they can and to have a mindset of an exhibitionist. They also have been instructed that when wearing the uniform they have to make men desire them.  (Please keep in mind that the women of the For My People Ministry are instructed not to wear any undergarments) When they sit there are to spread their legs wide open and if a man where to look between their legs they are instructed to spread them wider and look them in the eyes. (Please keep in mind these instructions comes from private dreams that Ernie Knoll claims comes from God) Christ said, "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.' How could a woman that wears clothing that was designed to cause her neighbor's to commit mental adultery/ fornication not be guilty of breaking that law of love? In what way does this glorified God? Why is the FMPM encouraging them to continue transgressing the law of God? I would like to share the following: “A decided guard must be placed upon the human agents in regard to the         impressions they are making upon others in deportment and in dress. The Bible is our guide; study its teachings with a purpose to obey, and you need make no mistakes. Our dress should be in strict accordance with the character of our holy faith. [1 Timothy 2:9, 10; 1 Peter 3:3-5 quoted.] There is need of putting more of the Bible precept into the dress, as well as the inward adorning into the character. “{DG 158} If our sisters have the Spirit of God abiding as a living principle in the heart, they will not in a single instance give occasion for any to turn aside the counsels of God [in how to dress] Daughters of God, p. 159 {DG 159} Sister White made it very clear that those who are called to wear this “uniform” have NOT the Spirit of God abiding as a living principle in their heart and are not living in obedience to the Word of God. We are counseled to close every door of temptation: "Our example and influence must be a power on the side of reform. We must abstain from any practice that will blunt the conscience or encourage temptation. We must open no door that will give Satan access to the mind of one human being formed in the image of God." Testimonies, Vol. 5, p. 360. “ISAIAH WALK” Ernie Knoll has received many private dreams with instruction for specific people around the world. They are to be naked at home, in nude places, in front of children, during worship meetings to study the dreams and even in one occasion in a nude resort church service. They are instructed to desire to be naked all times, so they can prepare to “help others in the concentration camp”. But this instruction goes against what the bible teaches in Leviticus 18 about nakedness. Yahweh said to Moses twice in that chapter “Ye shall do my judgments, and keep mine ordinances, to walk therein” Being naked in front of children and around others (excluding spouses), according to the Word of God is not keeping His ordinance and it’s considered an abominable pagan customs in the eyes of Yahweh and He tells us not to defile ourselves with those customs. (Leviticus 18: 30) I also understand that Ernie Knoll continues to use Isaiah example to justify this pagan custom but the difference is God Himself instructed Isaiah and the prophet did it openly in the name of God warning Gods people of the upcoming judgments. Isaiah was a living prophecy, a living testimony of what was to come, while we are told to keep it a secret even to those in the Apopka Church and family member. The selected few are to walk in “faith” knowing that it is not the same calling as Isaiah. Knowing that it’s considered an abominable pagan customs in the eyes of Yahweh and knowing that Yahweh tells us not to defile ourselves with those customs. Sister White calls those who think to be guided by the Holy Spirit and meet in a state of nudity fanaticism and that they are deceived and deluded.  “The Lord gave me a message for this fanaticism, for the beautiful principles of Bible truth were being eclipsed. Men and women, supposed to be guided by the Holy Spirit, held meetings in a state of nudity. They talked about holy flesh. They said they were beyond the power of temptation, and they sang, and shouted, and made all manner of noisy demonstrations. These men and women were not bad, but they were deceived and deluded.” Manuscript Releases Volume Twenty-one [Nos. 1501-1598], p. 129.3 {21MR 129.3} Joe Crews says, “One of the first evidences of Satan-control is the taking off of the clothes” One of the first evidences of Satan-control is the taking off of the clothes. We have proof of that in Luke 8 where the poor demon-filled man was chained in the Gadarene graveyard. The Bible describes him as "a certain man, which had devils long time and ware no clothes." Luke 8:27. Later, when he had been delivered of the legion of evil spirits, he is described as "sitting at the feet of Jesus, clothed, and in his right mind." Verse 35. Evidently his first act upon being set free from Satan's power was to clothe himself again. And the clear implication is that only people not in their fight minds would go around without clothes. Can we conclude that the mass craze for nudity may be based upon modern devil possession? (Creeping Compromise) ERNIE KNOLL STRONGLY SUGGEST TO ALL FMPM SUPPORTERS NOT TO ATTEND ANY SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST DENOMINACION MEETING. The following is from a couple of private email from Ernie Knoll: "We strongly suggest that if you support FMPM that you do not attend the local church you had been going to or any of the SDA denominational meetings. It would be a conflict of interest. If you cannot afford to go to the Apopka church, then you can worship at home."{Sat, Mar 15, 2014 at 9:25 PM} “Additionally, if you continue to attend their programs [any SDA denominational meetings], you will begin to doubt the For My People Ministry.”{Sun, Mar 16, 2014 at 9:17 PM} Ernie Knoll I do not doubt your sincerity or honesty but the Holy Spirit through sister White warns us of those who calls the people of God out of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. She has made it very clear that a message like that “does not come from any heavenly messenger, or any human agent inspired by the Spirit of God.”{2SM 66.2} “That this message you are proclaiming is one of the satanic delusions designed to create confusion among the churches. “{TM 58.3} I want to conclude with the following: “We have unmistakable evidence of the voice of the True Shepherd, and He is calling upon us to follow Him. He says, “I have kept my Father’s commandments.” He leads His sheep in the path of humble obedience to the law of God, but He never encourages them in the transgression of that law. “(The Review and Herald, November 17, 1885) God will never encourages His children to live transgressing the Father’s commandments but yet Ernie Knoll claims that God is speaking to him and is giving instruction to transgress the Fathers Law and make other sin as well. TO THE LAW & TESTIMONY 1. The dress uniform is an abomination to GOD = NO LIGHT 2. The “Isaiah walk” is an abomination to GOD = NO LIGHT 3. The call to leave the SDA church is a satanic delusions = NO LIGHT 4. There is no evidence of the voice of the True Shepherd. It is written: “But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death”- Revelation 21:8 After testing our spirit with the Word of God that penetrated deep into our heart and exposed our innermost thoughts and desires, we did not obtain evidence of our standing before God and that we where in the right faith. We have repented of all the abomination we where doing in the eyes of God and have decided not to serve in the FMPM nor have any part of this ministry. PLEASE I COME TO YOU IN THE NAME OF JESUS. WE DON’T KNOW WHEN OUR NAMES WILL BE CALLED DURING THE INVESTIGATIVE JUDGMENT BUT WHEN YOUR NAME GETS CALL, WILL YOU BE ABLE TO STAND OR BE FOUND WANTING? WHEN CHRIST ASK YOU WHY DID YOU NOT ABIDE IN MY WORD AND INSTEAD IGNORED IT WILLINGLY AND CONTINUE TRANGRESING MY FATHERS LAW, DEFILING YOURSELF WITH THOSE PAGAN ADBOMINABLE CUSTOMS..WHAT WILL YOU SAY? {I BELIEVED ERNIE KNOLL WAS A PROPHET AND DECIEDED TO OBEY his word OVER THE BIBLE & SOP????} WILL THE KING SAY UNTO YOU, “COME, YE BLESSED OF MY FATHER, INHERIT THE KINGDOM PREPARED FOR YOU FROM THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD” OR WILL HE SAY “I NEVER KNEW YOU: DEPART FROM ME, YE THAT WORK INIQUITY.GO AWAY INTO EVERLASTING PUNISHMENT” I PRAY THAT YOU CAN HEAR THE SWEET, SOFT AND GENTLE VOICE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT IN THIS EMAIL FOR WE ARE LIVING IN THE SEALING TIME. THE HOLY SPIRIT WILL SEAL THE LAW AMONG GODS DISCIPLES ONLY WHEN WE ARE LIVING OBEDIENT TO THE FATHERS LAW. WHILE YOU WILLINGLY CONTINUE TRANSGRESSING THE FATHERS LAW OF LOVE BY DIFELING YOURSELF WITH PAGAN CUSTOMS YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE THE SEAL OF GOD. OH PLEASE I PRAY TO THE LIVING GOD IN TEARS THAT THE HOLY SPIRIT CAN TAKE YOU TO REPENT OF YOUR SINS AND TURN TO GOD, FOR THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS NEAR. IN JESUS NAME CHRISTOPHER CRUZ Unless I am convinced by the testimony of the Scriptures or by clear reason…I am bound by the Scriptures I have quoted and my conscience is captive to the Word of God. I cannot and will not recant anything, since it is neither safe nor right to go against conscience. May God help me. Amen (Martin Luther) "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

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