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Public Statement -- WHAT NOW?

Brothers and sisters, welcome to

Surviving Ernie Knoll is a support group run by former believers of the "messages" contained in Ernie Knoll's dreams. It is also an educational resource, intended to bring light to the darkness of the organization. The primary focus of our website is not (and has never been) to judge or condemn any one person. It is not intended to foolishly or arbitrarily introduce sensitive information to the public. Its purpose is to educate as to the true source of the dreams and to aid in transitioning people out of the false system. Its secondary purpose is to aid in the rebuilding and/or the keeping of the faith.


At the beginning of 2019, due to providential circumstances, a group of believers and followers of Ernie Knoll began to share similar experiences and convictions, which ultimately lead to the unexpected discovery of a fully developed secret society, saturated and plagued in sexually abominable deviance and common cult-like abuses. After acquiring the heartbreaking information, which God miraculously placed into their hands, one after another, these individuals began wrestling deeply with God--praying, fasting, and diligently searching the Scriptures until God began unfolding His plans. Having little direction, and not fully grasping their duty, this diverse little group united together, praying for, educating, and encouraging one another. Thus, "Surviving Ernie Knoll" was born.​

After discovering that For My People Ministry is not inspired by God, but rather--Satan, the "million-dollar" question for us (and many others) has been: WHAT NOW? To answer this question, it is important to explain the backstory--to offer a brief history as to what caused the making of this website.

In the last days, just before the second coming of Christ, the Bible teaches of universal apostasy, especially marked by the lukewarm condition of God’s final, “remnant” church--the Church of Laodicea. Today, we are reaching the culmination of that great apostasy as outlined in prophecy. As was foretold, while the great majority are crying “peace and safety” (1 Thess. 5:3, Is 30:9-13) God is developing another class of individuals, unsettled by the compromise of the age.

God is collecting this particular group together to perform a special duty, and many have already received the invitation. He has given a "work" and a burden of conviction. To some, there is a general sense that something is not well, while others have been convinced for some time of the condition of God's Church and of the necessity for revival and reformation. For this cause, they were called to sound the alarm, educating as to how Satan has deceived the people. They were recruited by Christ, the True Witness, to cooperate with Him in giving the Straight Testimony to the Laodiceans. The people of God were to be carefully and prayerfully warned of their rebellion and the coming judgment.

It was understood that the purpose of giving the straight testimony would be to reestablish God’s perfect standard, enabling Him to stir within the heart a sense of its destitution and lukewarm condition. It would not be to condemn, but to arouse the senses, resulting in the urgency to seek Christ and His righteousness. By fulfilling this purpose, Christ’s righteousness would be brought into full focus. It is also meaningful to note that prophecy indicates the misinterpretation of this appeal by church leadership. Christ’s testimony will be rejected by most, causing a shaking to occur within the organization of God’s Church.

Like a giant net, some of the individuals in this group were captured and made unable to perform their duty. Satan utilized For My People Ministry, an ingeniously devised system, to divert their attention. After discovering the truth about their secret lifestyle, followers became ensnared and arrested in spiritual development. What was to be a mighty proclamation ended in silence and shame.

It was indeed a solemn duty, but unfortunately, those whom God had called to join in standing as watchmen--these are the same people Satan is targeting through Ernie's dreams. The convictions of these poor souls were exploited and For My People Ministry was offered as the solution to all of the problems.

Thank God, He can still use this painful experience to His advantage. A great majority of those who once believed in and advocated for Ernie's dreams, did, in fact, experience genuine revival and reformation. Besides those who were already seeking God, others awoke from a state of spiritual lethargy and were made aware of the very real war between Christ and Satan. Others made determined reforms prompted by love for Christ. The testimonies on their website prove this to be true.

Another question must first be asked: How can Satan be leading an organization if people are coming to love and know God?

The answer to this question is very simple. Satan is exploiting God’s truth. He is presenting the truth in such a manner as to capture the inquiring mind. He has studied the Scriptures with intensity and knows of that perfect standard to which God’s Church must attain. On one hand, Satan works to thwart God’s people from fulfilling their all-important purpose; on the other, through the work of For My People Ministry, he seems to fulfill the role of that long-awaited final generation, the 144,000.

Satan is so closely imitating the truth that it appears as though For My People Ministry was indeed called to do a great work for God in these last days. The work of For My People Ministry is reminiscent of the work of Elijah or John the Baptist. There is an accompanying call for revival and reformation. On the outside, Ernie's public dreams exalt the historic pillars of our faith. They detail the responsibilities of the church and expose its hypocrisy. However, like a Trojan Horse, the public dreams also establish Ernie Knoll as God's prophet, For My People Ministry as God's ministry, and their mission as a vital part of the end times.

The public dreams ring true with power and authority, but as soon as they have done their preparatory work, select individuals are given special instructions within private dreams. If accepted, the inevitable result would be fanaticism and lawlessness.

Much like the Catholic Church, For My People Ministry is a type of secret society, hiding behind the facade of a religious organization. “A secret society is a club or an organization whose activities, events, inner functioning, or membership are concealed from non-members.” Those who are not intimately connected with For My People Ministry could be likened to a non-member. For My People Ministry is also a type of sex cult. From official emails sent from For My People Ministry, we learn that Ernie was given instructions to take to himself a number of wives as a symbol. Ernie has stood representing Christ on earth (similarly to that of the Pope), being married to the Church, and being instructed to have sexual relations with these women. He has also had a child with one of the women.

The private instructions are, by no means, limited to Ernie and his closest colleagues. There are those to whom instructions have been given, to become as living symbols, being commanded to sin willfully, pointing to the apostate condition of God’s Church. Many other people have been given similar instructions, some too wicked to even know about. Others have since shared with us their testimonies regarding their experiences with For My People Ministry. In addition, there are those who have never met or known one another, but their experiences have consistently drawn out the same testimony. As their fruits become increasingly more transparent, it is made clear that the law of God is not only being forsaken but vehemently mocked.

Fortunately, even amid such great an error, Christ can still draw people to Himself. It happens in many churches, denominations and even cults throughout the world. Truth is progressive. Often, God uses those organizations to draw people to His great heart of infinite love. Perfect knowledge of the truth is not essential to be drawn to Christ. If we all waited for a perfect understanding of the truth before we began accepting and sharing Christ, very little work would be accomplished.

From personal experience, we have seen many believers to be well-meaning and earnest in their convictions regarding the public dreams, even as we were. For a time, these may be led by Christ, but somewhere along their journey, they will be placed in a position where they will have to decide between Christ and Satan. They may, indeed, begin by doing a work for God, but when fully matured, their path will lead to ruin.


The only two options here are “take it or leave it.” If one attempts to reconcile the truth with Satan’s sophistry, the outcome will be fanaticism. It confuses the mind to receive truth and error simultaneously. The mind becomes so deluded that it cannot think intelligently. Our spiritual eyesight becomes blurred. But after one learns of the truth and rejects it, another set of outcomes arise. Surviving Ernie Knoll is attempting to reach both classes of people. Whether an individual has fallen deeply into fanaticism or merely made a consideration; whatever the circumstance, it is certain that as a follower of For My People Ministry, it will take some time to heal.

One of the most common occurrences we have seen (and personally experienced) in leaving the organization is the difficulty in rebuilding trust and faith in God. Many of Ernie’s critics believe that the average believer never reaches a thorough, intellectual, or spiritual conviction, based upon God’s Word. This is not always accurate. Not every follower develops into a fanatic. Throughout the dreams, there is a consistent call to "test" the principles therein. Through our own experience, we tested the dreams and learned that the basic principles were in complete harmony with God's law. We, along with many others, prayerfully tested the dreams, humbling ourselves, and patiently waiting for God’s intervention.

Followers of For My People Ministry have seen critics come and go, each attempting to address some point(s) of doctrine in regards to the public dreams. Most of these critics have been addressed in the Truth Book, vol. 1. An investigation of this book may surprise some, as it is full of truth. Though not written by Ernie himself, its chapters contain a wide variety of doctrines found in his dreams.

Leaders, pastors, and laymen alike have attempted to find holes in the public dreams, but from the mind of a believer, they failed miserably. Vol. 1 bears record of this fact. It stands as a memorial to the futility of approaching the dreams in such a prejudiced manner. In fact, knowing the public dreams are strategically built upon truth, wouldn’t Satan gladly welcome an attack upon them, hoping to discredit more critics and cause them to appear even more impenetrable?

As time progresses, followers of For My People Ministry continue to learn the truth from the unsanctified source. Their faith in God increases but so does their belief in For My People Ministry’s divine mission. They see critics silenced, their questions answered, and their fears relieved. Many risk their livelihood and reputation, defending the dreams. After taking such an unwavering stance for what was perceived to be loyalty to God, it is no wonder why it is so difficult to reconcile the public dreams with the private ones.

After learning the truth about For My People Ministry, some of the common questions, which arise in the mind, are: "If all these things are true, then why hasn't God told me?" "Why hasn't He heard my prayers?" "Why has He allowed all this confusion to continue?"

Please be aware that after rejecting a deeply-held belief, it may be very likely that you will fall into the "question-trap."

The basic concept of this cycle is as follows:

  1. An individual develops a belief, then becomes so convinced of its truthfulness and importance that they would risk anything defending it.

  2. It is then discovered that the belief is nothing more than a deception.

  3. A multitude of deeply complex questions and thoughts begin to dominate the mind, causing extreme mental anguish. The feelings are usually accompanied by fear, embarrassment, and feelings of betrayal.

  4. Because the truth appears to be so connected to error, it makes understanding the truth so much more complex. This plunges the individual deeper into confusion and thus, begins the questioning of previously cherished truth.

  5. The downward spiral of doubt, shame, and confusion become like cancer, permeating and destroying confidence in God.

  6. The individual who so identified with what turned out to be an erroneous belief becomes unable to reestablish a connection with their former identity and mission.

  7. The individual develops an "identity crisis," begins to question everything, and completely loses their ability to distinguish truth from error.

Conclusion: Sincere Bible-believing Christians lose faith and reject the truth.

When a true standard is exalted by an unsanctified source, the ability to discern the difference between right and wrong becomes extremely difficult. The former believer begins to literally question everything. The Devil is so happy to speak to the minds of those who were once deceived. He suggests that the truths once believed are as false as their advocates. Thus, truth is cast aside as uninspired and dangerous.

Unfortunately, many former believers in the dreams have already given up and lost hope. One of the most common outcomes of leaving For My People Ministry is the denying of all or part of the prophetic gift as revealed in the writings of Ellen G. White. We believe that this result is one of Satan's greatest motivators for using this organization.

As former believers who have personally experienced the painful divorce that takes place with being connected to this organization, we plead, do not follow in the example of those who have lost faith. You do not have to "start over." It may not be an easy accomplishment, but there is life after For My People Ministry! There is hope.

We have a question for you--has this been your experience?

At Surviving Ernie Knoll, we hope to work against all of this heartache. God says: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” (Hosea 4:6) Sometimes, it is just not possible to be immediately delivered from every perplexity. Often, circumstances have to get worse before they can get better. One important rule to remember when dealing with doubt is “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above.” (James 1:17) God is certainly not responsible for any of the pain you may have endured. He is not the author of confusion. God will eventually unite us with the truth if we are humble and teachable.

To all those who have been affected by For My People Ministry, it is our express desire to make this appeal: if you are struggling with doubt, confusion, and shame--wondering where God has been--wondering why He hasn't made things plain earlier--to you, we say, don't give up hope. Don't be ashamed because you were deceived. It is alright to be humble and admit you didn't understand everything. Part of being a Christian is sometimes making what appear to be good decisions, but which later turn out to be mistakes. God will not destroy you because you made an honest mistake. Even if you have fallen into fanaticism and sinned grievously, He will abundantly pardon. Often, making mistakes is part of God's amazing plan to save us and others, to lead us to a deeper dependence on Jesus, not an individual or a ministry.

God has not forsaken you, nor has He left you. He has been with you every step of the way. Perhaps you may have wondered from the Good Shepherd. He is still searching for you. Don’t give up on Him and He will never give up on you! In fact, He desires to lead you to the truth right now. The evidence is that you are receiving this message today. Will you accept the invitation?

So then, the question is clear: What now?

Now is the time to stand back up and step back on the path of duty. It is time to look beyond the confusion brought through For My People Ministry and break through the question-trap. Satan may have exploited your passion and convictions and led you into a fanatical movement, hoping to discourage you and leave you disconnected from Christ and His mission, but it does not have to paralyze you permanently! Your initial convictions reveal that God has a plan for your life. We are in a literal war against the adversary, and it is now time to sound the alarm, boldly proclaiming the straight testimony as a means to turn the people back to Christ and His Righteousness.

This then leads us to the final point of consideration: What is our primary purpose and mission as Seventh-day Adventists?

In Christ's prayer to his disciples as found in John 17:21 and 23, we read:

"That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me. . . .I in them, and thou in me, that they may be made perfect in one; and that the world may know that thou hast sent me, and hast loved them, as thou hast loved me." John 17:21, 23

Christ wants us to be made perfect in one. Our mission is more than merely doctrine or lifestyle or witnessing. Although evangelism is a necessary part of being a Christian, it is just one crucial piece of an even greater work: the perfecting of our characters under the final atonement for the purpose of vindicating God’s law and character, and disproving Satan's false claims, thus finally putting an end to the great controversy.

We have delayed His return. The perfect plan of salvation cannot be finally accomplished until those living in the end-time period demonstrate what true allegiance to Christ really means. The watching universe must learn, through the regenerating grace of Christ, that it is possible to keep God's commandments perfectly, on a mass scale.

This is the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, God’s final church. It is explicitly outlined in the Bible. No other organization has been privileged to be the expounders of such great responsibility. Like the Jews, God will hold us responsible for knowing the truth, yet choosing to keep the light to ourselves. God will at last have a people who will fulfill our Savior’s prayer. Will you join in the final generation who will vindicate God’s Word, proving that, without a shadow of a doubt, God is love, and His commandments--just.

We thank you for taking the time to look into this matter. If you have had a similar experience, or perhaps you are seeking further details, please contact our team at If you are being led to search into this matter, along with the information found on this website, we recommend beginning with these three sources of reading material. 1) The book, Beware of Angels, by Roger Morneau. 2) Testimonies for the Church, vol. 5, Ch. 12 -- Agents of Satan, E.G.W. 3) Creeping Compromise, Ch. 3 -- Is Nudity Modest, by Joe Crews.

We look forward to seeing the mighty plans in which God has prepared for your future. May you be blessed as you seek to reestablish faith in Him and to fulfill your high calling. Maranatha!

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