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FROM CANDACE – November 2007

[Note: This is an edited version of an amazing testimony from a former prostitute who is now a follower of Jesus Christ.] 

Greetings to Everyone:
On June 20 I was working in the evening. I was a prostitute. I had been working the streets since I was 16. The reason I started at that age is not as important as where I am now. I was a heavy drug user. Mostly crack. I drank a lot. I still am battling with cigarettes. This is the really hard part that I have shared with many of my friends who are no longer my friends but some have accepted what I have shared with them to be truth. I do not share this for you to look at me but to look at Jesus, as He is the one who forgave me in the life I was walking and now walk in a new way.

I was on my corner when a man in a convertible said he would like to speak with me. I said, “Sure.” I climbed in and we began driving. He looked over at me and called me Candace. I was shocked and thought the worst. He then said, “Do not be afraid.” He began to explain to me that he had been sent to give me a message and that message was from Jesus Christ. He told me that Jesus is coming and that He wants me to get ready to go to heaven. I was very scared and told the man that I did not want to die. The man said, “Do not be afraid because no harm will come to you.”

The man pulled into a shopping center parking lot and stopped. He told me that there is a man that is receiving messages from Jesus and that this very night Jesus would show him the importance of the cross that He died on. This man told me the man’s name is Ernie Knoll, that he has been receiving dreams from Jesus and that the dreams can be read on a web site. He told me the web site and I wrote it down. Then the man told me to find a TV show called “It Is Written” with Shawn Boonstra and another TV show called “Amazing Facts” with Doug Batchelor and that these men will teach me what I need to know. I wrote down these TV shows and their names. Then the man said that these three men have been selected by Jesus to do an important work together for Him, that I was to change the way I live and that Jesus is coming to take me to heaven. The man said to keep watching for Jesus, that there is much to learn and this is a good place to start.

The man then got out of the car and walked around to my door and opened it so I could get out. He pointed toward the buildings and said that there was a meeting going on in there and they would help me with my questions. He said he was to leave but for me to walk in the new way in which I was shown. As I looked at the man, he had the way that he looked change right before me and I fell to my knees and began crying. I watched as I saw this man change into a bright being of light. I watched as he had wings that somehow came out from behind him and he flew up and away.

After a few minutes I got up and noticed there was no car there. I started walking to the place in the shopping center where there was a religious meeting going on. I went in, sat down and tried to listen but I was numb and shaking from what had just happened. After the meeting ended I spoke to several of the people there and they made me feel welcome. They gave me a Bible and a book called The Great Controversy. I was too afraid to tell them what had happened earlier that evening and that they would laugh or think I was a crazy person and have me taken away by the police.

After I visited and asked questions for a while I returned home, took a shower, and spent time looking up and talking to God as if He was up in the ceiling. I shared what had happened and told Him that I was no longer going to live the way I had. I promised Him that I was going to change. I have, except for the cigarette problem, which I am trying to give up.

I went to bed and when I woke up the next morning I kneeled next to my bed. It was the first time in a long while since I kneeled, but I actually talked to God and I felt like He was listening to me. I got up, went over to my computer and went to the web site that the man, or whatever he was, told me about. I began reading the dreams of a man by the name of Ernie Knoll. I was glued to the computer while reading the messages and was getting wrapped up in them. I would cry and then I would be happy. I would read and reread them because I was afraid I might have missed something. Then a few days later when the dream of the cross was posted (“Stand on the Truth”), I cried while praying. This is the dream that the man was telling me Ernie Knoll would be shown that night. I have learned so much from what I have read on this web site. I read later how I am supposed to go to church on Saturday and that it is the day that Jesus wants us to go on. I continued to read these messages and started watching the It Is Written TV show with Pastor Shawn Boonstra and Pastor Doug Batchelor of Amazing Facts.

Anyway, I just wanted to share here how Ernie Knoll and the messages he has been putting on the web site has greatly affected me. I know without a doubt that these are messages from God sent to read and grow in. It has been several months for me now and I have a new way of life, a full time job and I am drug and alcohol free. I have a full time relationship with Jesus. I know if it had not been for the man or who ever it was, I would never be typing this right now. I have no doubt that Jesus is coming, that He is talking to Ernie and that what he is being shown is what Jesus wants him to share. All I can say is thank you Pastor Knoll for posting these messages. I especially thank Jesus for giving these to Ernie, for loving and forgiving me, for making me what I am now and for hearing and answering every one of my prayers. I want to go and see for myself the things Ernie has seen in the dreams. As Pastor Knoll says, keep watching for that small black cloud!

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