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A Response to 2020--YEAR OF SEEING CLEARLY

A Response To:  2020—YEAR OF SEEING CLEARLY, January 4, 2020, Ernie Knoll


In this dream-article the reader is presented with some pretty pictures. We will disregard them. They are not definitive when we are seeking the most important answer to the most important question: 'Is this message from the real Jesus of the Bible, or, from lying impostors?' To answer that question we will keep ourselves as strictly as possible to the wise directive in Isaiah 8:20:

"To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them."

This dream-article contains material which appeals to our emotions, whether joy and pleasure, or, fear and horror. We will largely disregard these matters, also, for the same reason as we will disregard pretty pictures. We will not let them interfere with our primary Biblical work---bringing the teachings of this dream-article to an accurate analysis by God's Word. We ask for all the help the Holy Spirit will give us as we seek to be obedient in this task.

In assessing this material we will find three broad categories into which matters can be placed: 1) what the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy shows to be true, 2) what the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy shows to be false, and, 3) what the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy do not address, or, do not address in specific detail. We will leave out much, or all, of the third category as it is neither helpful nor definitive as we follow Isaiah 8:20. Examples in this third category would include: a) Adam and a belly button, b) details concerning resurrected infant care, etc.

We do not need to fret about Adam and Eve and belly buttons. We do not need to fret about how babies---born or unborn, on earth---will be cared for in Heaven. Our Creator is well able to take care of such things as He pleases. That much we do know from the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy concerning such questions. Fretting on unrevealed details only opens the field for demons to publish their bulletins on the subject.

There are other trivial subjects presented which we will also not address; such as: a) ambiguous architectural and mathematical occupations, and, b) childish games with letters floating in alphabet soup. These kinds of things are presented as either of vast importance, and/or, as an emotional hook. Fallen angels can, if we let them, absorb and obsess our minds with these matters until we have no time, energy, or interest for the "weightier matters" of salvation we are still having to face in this world.

"There are many questions treated upon that are not necessary for the perfection of the faith. We have no time for their study. ...But every truth which is essential for us to bring into our practical life, which concerns the salvation of the soul, is made very clear and positive.—Letter 8, 1895."  -Selected Messages Book 1, 163

"By the thoughtless mention of God in common conversation, by appeals to Him in trivial matters...we dishonor Him."  -Patriarchs and Prophets, 306, 307

We will encounter a number of problems in this dream material. Their analysis will be arranged, generally, according to the amount of material presented, moving from the least to the greatest.

Table of Contents:

1. Beings created in God's likeness

2. Individuals called to a special service

3. Pantheism - suggestion by question - an occult favorite

4. "New Light"

5. The Seventh-day Adventist organization 6. Visualization - "I envision" 7. The "being" called, "Truth"

8. The Moral Law spoken into existence...after "Truth"

9. Persistence in defending prior wickedness and stubbornly pursuing it --- 'Sometimes, God's work must over-rule His Moral Law'.

10. 'You do not know who you are.' "Many still do not know who they are!"


We are not going to be intimidated from conducting a Biblical analysis because of name-calling and misrepresentations of our purpose and desire. The Jesus of the Bible directs us to test the spirits, test the teachings, prove all things, and beware of deceivers. That is what we are going to do, with God's help.

"'I have heard what the prophets said, that prophesy lies in My name, saying, "I have dreamed! I have dreamed!" How long shall this be in the heart of the prophets that prophesy lies? Yea, they are prophets of the deceit of their own heart, which think to cause My people to forget My name by their dreams which they tell, every man to his neighbour, as their fathers have forgotten My name for Baal.

"'The prophet that hath a dream, let him tell a dream; and he that hath My word, let him speak My word faithfully. What is the chaff to the wheat?' saith the Lord. 'Is not My word like as a fire?' saith the Lord, 'and like a hammer that breaketh the rock in pieces?' "'Therefore, behold, I am against the prophets,' saith the Lord, 'that steal My words, every one from his neighbour. Behold, I am against the prophets,' saith the Lord, 'that use their tongues and say, "HE saith!" Behold, I am against them that prophesy false dreams,' saith the Lord, 'and do tell them, and cause My people to err by their lies and by their lightness; yet, I sent them not, nor commanded them. Therefore, they shall not profit this people at all,' saith the Lord."  -Jeremiah 23:25-32


Various quotations from the dream-article have been selectively edited for the sake of brevity and clarity. Quotations from the dream-article materials will be italicized. Errors of grammar and punctuation are likely mine.

-Ken Lemky

August, 2020


1. Beings created in God's likeness

"And just think; our world is the only planet in the universe with beings in God’s likeness."

"The Lord has given me a view of other worlds. Wings were given me, and an angel attended me from the City to a place that was bright and glorious. The grass of the place was living green, and the birds there warbled a sweet song. The inhabitants of the place were of all sizes, they were noble, majestic and lovely. They bore the express image of Jesus, and their countenances beamed with holy joy, expressive of the freedom and happiness of the place."  -The Present Truth, August 1, 1849, "Dear Brethren and Sisters", par. 18

Carefulness needs to be used when assessing what is, and, is not, in God's likeness.

This dream emphasizes human uniqueness in a very questionable way. It is a deliberate scheme. Professional, experienced deceivers like to mix truth and falsehood together as much as possible.

2. Individuals called to a special service

"The dream, “Do You Know Who You Are?” explained the Godhead’s discussions about certain individuals who would be called to serve, such as Enoch, Abraham, David, Elijah, Isaiah, Daniel, Ezekiel, John the Baptist, Christ’s disciples, Stephen and many others mentioned in the Bible. There were also plans for Ellen White to write out testimonies and instructions for not only Seventh-day Adventists but also the world. "Some were planned to serve as symbols during the last days. For example, one is to serve as a symbol of John the Baptist to announce the second coming of Jesus, just as the biblical John the Baptist announced the first coming of Jesus. Others were planned to serve as symbols of the Early and Latter Rain, the Alpha and the Omega, as well as God’s perfect church. "There is another I am to tell you about who was spoken of before the foundations of the earth were formed. She is also one called to serve as a symbol. I am not to share her real name but will refer to her as Divinia. ... She is called to serve at the very end of earth’s history. If she is faithful, she will also serve as planned in the new beginning..."

The concept that God does, at times, calls individuals to a special service is obvious. Some can even symbolize/foreshadow groups of redeemed ones. The Bible tells us it is so (Mark 9:1-5: Elijah--translated righteous; Moses--resurrected righteous). However, claims are easy and cheap. Anyone claiming such a role must be tested to the Bible's full and true standard.  What do they teach?

Jesus said John the Baptist was "Elijah" in His day (Matthew 11:13-15). Jesus has also said that they represent "those" (plural) who shall do a similar work, in the same Spirit, in the Last Days:

"John came in the spirit and power of Elijah, to proclaim the first advent of Jesus. I was pointed down to the last days, and saw that John was to represent those who should go forth in the spirit and power of Elijah, to herald the day of wrath, and the second advent of Jesus."  -Spiritual Gifts, vol. 1, 30, 31

3. Pantheism - suggestion by question - an occult favorite

“ see the Creator walking through His beautiful, newly-created garden. He stops to kneel near the edge of a pure stream. You notice that the stream forms into a most majestic Being who kneels next to the Creator. You also notice that the Creator and the Being from the form of water both look the same. It is as if the water has the ability to look the same as the Creator. Or are They the same?"

"Now the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made. And, he said unto the woman, 'Yea, hath God said, "Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?"'"  -Genesis 3:1

The skillful use of questions is an effective teaching method. Both Jesus and Lucifer use this technique. Jesus uses it to clarify and convey truth. Lucifer uses it to confuse and deceive.

In the quotation from the dream-article, who are "They" who are suggested to be "the same"? Jesus and the Holy Spirit? Jesus and Someone else in the water? Is the Holy Spirit inferred to be moving within the water to display a form thereby? If so, is that supposed to suggest that God and creation are one and the same?

God is omnipresent. There is no place where He is not present (Psalm 139, 2 Chronicles 6:18, Jeremiah 23:24, Acts 17:28). The Holy Spirit can take any form or appearance He wishes (Dove: Luke 3:22, Fire: Acts 2:3). However, we must make the distinction: God is everywhere, but, everywhere is not God. Creator the Father, Creator the Son, and Creator the Holy Spirit are distinct personal Beings whose existence and identity are separate and independent from what They create.

The difference is very real and very important. Pantheistic ideas are not beautiful and awesome. They utterly destroy all the truths of salvation.

4. "New Light"

"'In this part of the dream something will be shown that is to be seen as new light. Individuals who do not accept and believe this new light will trip over their preconceived ideas. As we walk together down this path, it is important that the way be well lit, so everything can be seen and understood. In this dream, the Father has decided to present something new.' "

"...I turn around to see the Guide angel. '...I will review instructions from the past as well as new instructions. New light is always progressive...' 10"

[10] "Christ Triumphant, p. 317 "The history of the Reformation teaches us that the church of Christ is never to come to a standstill and cease reforming. God stands at the head, saying to them as He did to Moses, 'Go forward.' 'Speak unto the children of Israel, that they go forward.' God’s work is onward; step by step His people advance onward through conflict and trial to final victory. The history of the church teaches us that God’s people are not to be stereotyped in their theories of faith, but to be prepared for new light, for opening truth revealed in His Word."

We will notice, gladly, that Ellen White wrote the whole truth: " prepared for new light, for opening truth revealed in His Word." That is God's definition of 'new light'. It comes from His Word and never contradicts it.

New light from God will never contradict older light from God. God does not contradict Himself. Good never becomes evil, and evil never becomes good. Lies never become truths, and truths never become lies. Very often, error approaches us under the disguise of being "new light". There is only one way to obtain an accurate identification of 'new light' and its real source:

"To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them."  -Isaiah 8:20

"Beloved, believe not every spirit; but, try the spirits whether they are of God, because many false prophets are gone out into the world."  -1 John 4:1

"When the power of God testifies as to what is truth, that truth is to stand forever as the truth. No after suppositions contrary to the light God has given are to be entertained. Men will arise with interpretations of Scripture which are to them truth, but which are not truth. The truth for this time God has given us as a foundation for our faith. He Himself has taught us what is truth. One will arise, and still another, with new light, which contradicts the light that God has given under the demonstration of His Holy Spirit."  -Selected Messages Book 1, 161

"In the days of the apostles the most foolish heresies were presented as truth. History has been and will be repeated. There will always be those who, though apparently conscientious, will grasp at the shadow, preferring it to the substance. They take error in the place of truth, because error is clothed with a new garment, which they think covers something wonderful. But let the covering be removed, and nothingness appears.—The Review and Herald, February 5, 1901.

"There are many questions treated upon that are not necessary for the perfection of the faith. We have no time for their study. Many things are above finite comprehension. Truths are to be received not within the reach of our reason, and not for us to explain. Revelation presents them to us to be implicitly received as the words of an infinite God. While every ingenious inquirer is to search out the truth as it is in Jesus, there are things not yet simplified, statements that human minds cannot grasp and reason out, without being liable to make human calculation and explanations, which will not prove a savor of life unto life. "But every truth which is essential for us to bring into our practical life, which concerns the salvation of the soul, is made very clear and positive.—Letter 8, 1895."  -Selected Messages Book 1, 162, 163

5. The Seventh-day Adventist organization

"It needs to be understood that God has turned His face away from “Israel”—the Seventh-day Adventist organization.11"

[11] "Isaiah 43:27-28 "Thy first father hath sinned, and thy teachers have transgressed against me. Therefore I have profaned the princes of the sanctuary, and have given Jacob to the curse, and Israel to reproaches."

Here, we have the inevitable progression of apostasy. Sooner or later, more distance from the Biblical truths held by the Seventh-day Adventist church must be made. Further developments in deceit are to come, and they need space for planting, growth, and the ripening of their evil fruit. It might be argued that the truths stand but the organization is rejected. However, that is not made plain in the comment given. It is true that God is going to cleanse and reform His church; however, He is going to do it at the right time, and, in His way. As of August, 2020, that time is not yet fully come. The Shaking has not been completed, yet. And, when that time does come, His Remnant people will still be the Seventh-day Adventist church, in spirit and in truth. 

Let's look at some context to the texts quoted in the dream:

Isaiah 43:

25 I, even I, am He that blotteth out thy transgressions for Mine own sake and will not remember thy sins. 26 Put me in remembrance: let us plead together: declare thou, that thou mayest be justified. 27 Thy first father hath sinned, and thy teachers have transgressed against Me. 28 Therefore, I have profaned the princes of the sanctuary and have given Jacob to the curse, and Israel to reproaches.

Isaiah 44:

1 Yet now hear, O Jacob My servant, and Israel, whom I have chosen: 2 Thus saith the Lord that made thee and formed thee from the womb, which will help thee: 'Fear not, O Jacob, My servant, and thou, Jesurun, whom I have chosen. 3 'For I will pour water upon him that is thirsty, and floods upon the dry ground. I will pour My spirit upon thy seed and My blessing upon thine offspring: 4 'And they shall spring up as among the grass, as willows by the water courses.'

At the end of Isaiah 44 God prophesies about Cyrus, the coming Persian king, who will support the rebuilding of the Temple and Jerusalem. God's statements in Isaiah 43:27, 28 are not about the close of probation for His church. They are about the apostasy of the church for which His punishment is given. Then, He gives promises of a future rebuilding. This was fulfilled, literally, at the end of Jeremiah's 70-year prophecy of Jewish captivity (Jeremiah 25:11, 12; 29:10; Daniel 9:2).

God's punishment is, again, coming to His church. The Shaking is increasing in strength. The chaff will be winnowed away. Ezekiel 9 will be literally fulfilled.

"Study the 9th chapter of Ezekiel. These words will be literally fulfilled; yet the time is passing, and the people are asleep. They refuse to humble their souls and to be converted. Not a great while longer will the Lord bear with the people who have such great and important truths revealed to them, but who refuse to bring these truths into their individual experience. The time is short. God is calling; will you hear? Will you receive His message? Will you be converted before it is too late? Soon, very soon, every case will be decided for eternity."  -Manuscript Releases, vol. 1 [Nos. 19-96], 260

"The time is not far distant when the test will come to every soul. The mark of the beast will be urged upon us. Those who have step by step yielded to worldly demands, and conformed to worldly customs, will not find it a hard matter to yield to the powers that be, rather than subject themselves to derision, insult, threatened imprisonment, and death. The contest is between the commandments of God and the commandments of men. In this time, the gold will be separated from the dross in the church. True godliness will be clearly distinguished from the appearance and tinsel of it. Many a star that we have admired for its brilliancy, will then go out in darkness. Chaff like a cloud will be borne away on the wind, even from places where we see only floors of rich wheat. All who assume the ornaments of the sanctuary, but are not clothed with Christ's righteousness, will appear in the shame of their own nakedness."  -Testimony for the Church. — No. 31, 77

The chaff are leaving the truth; then, they will be leaving the Seventh-day Adventist people who determine to stand upon the truth regardless of the world's malicious attention.

"We are Seventh-day Adventists. Are we ashamed of our name? We answer, “No, no! We are not. It is the name the Lord has given us."  -Selected Messages Book 2, 384

"A company was presented before me under the name of Seventh-day Adventists, who were advising that the banner or sign which makes us a distinctive people should not be held out so strikingly; for they claimed it was not the best policy in securing success to our institutions. This distinctive banner is to be borne through the world to the close of probation."  --Selected Messages Book 2, 385

6. Visualization - "I envision"

"...the Herald now instructs me to extend my hand and form places where both of us can sit. I extend my left arm toward the ground, while extending my right arm up as if grasping the hand of the heavenly Father. In my mind, I envision two very large but intricate chairs comprised of water interlaced with those wildflowers that surround me. A wooden foundation made from the roots of the valley forest forms the base of the chairs."

"Envision" - 'to picture mentally, especially future events; conjure; dream; fantasize; picture; imagine; visualize

"Visualize" - 'see or form a mental image'; 'recall or form mental images or pictures'; 'make perceptible to the mind or imagination'

"Visualization is perhaps the most important magical skill of all the exercise of discipline and creation. It is an initiation into awareness, and your direct passage to being a participant of the occult world. Visualization is also the tool we use to connect with and control our energy. To do this, an interface is required to get our vibes flowing in the right direction. Using visual images, we can effectively concentrate, focus, and then direct our magical energy toward our purpose...As occultists we learn the language of images so that we can interact with the subtle nonphysical worlds."

"Visualization is an important base skill to any magical system. Whether you prefer a system that is ritual based or psychically driven, you need a healthy amount of practice creating with your mind. When you visualize during magic, you are uniting the logical portion of your mind with the task of creating realistic images, and maintaining those images as if they were a realistic physical object. You are also entertaining the creative portion of your brain by including bright colors, original concepts, and on a whim conjurations."  -

"Visualization: The use of mental imagery to realize and obtain goals. In a magical Ritual, visualization facilitates the fulfillment of the ritual’s purpose. A strong ability to visualize Sigils, spirits and gods, Symbols, and other aspects of ritual is a primary skill of the MagicIAN. In visualization, a mental picture of the desired result is held firmly and vividly in the mind, as if it were already real. Visualization is most effective when practiced in an altered state of consciousness, such as in meditation or in ritual, when the psychic forces of the mind flow more easily. In an altered state, the conscious mind connects with the Higher Self and aligns itself to the flow of cosmic forces in the universe. The power of THOUGHT, IMAGINATION, and WILL to create reality has been known for centuries; it is an integral part of magical systems and religions throughout history...In psychical research, mental imagery has been found to contain and convey extrasensory information, such as Precognition and telepathic messages. These skills are developed in the practice of ceremonial Magic."  -

Does this sound like activity which angels from Heaven teach to human beings? Does God teach the practice of occult philosophy and ritual to sanctify His people to Himself?

"But, there was a certain man called Simon, which, before-time, in the same city, used sorcery and bewitched the people of Samaria, giving out that himself was some great one, to whom they all gave heed, from the least to the greatest, saying, 'This man is the great power of God!'"  -Acts 8:9, 10

"Regard not them that have familiar spirits, neither seek after wizards, to be defiled by them. I am the Lord your God."  -Leviticus 19:31 "And the soul that turneth after such as have familiar spirits, and after wizards, to go a whoring after them, I will even set My face against that soul and will cut him off from among his people."  -Leviticus 20:6

"And I will come near to you to judgment; and I will be a swift witness against the sorcerers, and against the adulterers, and against false swearers..."  -Malachi 3:5

"But, the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death."  -Revelation 21:8

God gave us our imagination and its ability to 'visualize'. When used according to His healthy design parameters this ability is innocent. When it is re-tooled and re-directed by unwise and harmful choices, it quickly becomes a gateway for involvement in occult thinking, feeling, behavior, and contact; and, that is a very, very serious problem. Our imagination is woven to our will. The real Jesus brings it under the influence of the Holy Spirit and truth. Satan works to bring it under his immoral, deceiving influence. God does not want His people defiled and made abominable by accepting occultism into their will and imagination. If those who engage in such relationships refuse to repent, they will cut themselves off from Jesus, salvation, and eternal life.

How often Jesus cast out devils when He was here on earth! He is a Wonderful Saviour! He can still do it, today.

7. The "being" called, "Truth"

"...[The Deity]...speak of...the first one to be spoken into existence. ...that before all of creation occurs that Truth must exist first to be a witness and testify of what happens. Truth would exist to defend the Creator and testify that everything He does is perfect." ... "The being spoken into existence is very tall, noble looking, and immediately speaks with a deep voice...he will only speak truth. He is referred to as Truth and will always exist." ... "She begins explaining that Truth exists from the beginning. Truth defends the honor and integrity of our Creator." ... "Truth witnessed the creation of the Spoken Word, which was and is God’s love in the Ten Commandments..." ... "First was the creation of one called Truth, his place, and what he was created to do."

Neither the Bible nor the Spirit of Prophecy know anything about this purported being. The only One known as "Truth" is Jesus.

"Jesus saith unto him, 'I AM The Way, The Truth, and The Life. No man cometh unto the Father, but by Me."  -John 14:6

Titles belonging to Divinity are never transferred to created beings by God. God's Word knows nothing about it. It is a blasphemous fiction.

Lucifer is always interested in inventing intermediaries. The more layers he can interpose between us and Jesus the better, as far as he is concerned. Whether these layers are clergy, "saints", family members, evangelists, professors, scientists, familiar spirits, philosophies, or, traditions, he is pleased when he can multiply them. The more intermediaries we accept between us and Christ the more dim and distant Jesus becomes. Then, it is even easier to distract and divert us off the path of truth and life.

We have One who is The Truth. We have one Mediator between us and God---Jesus Christ the Eternal, our Creator, Redeemer, and High Priest.

"For there is one God, and one Mediator between God and men, the Man Christ Jesus;"  -1Timothy 2:5

Personification: 'the act of giving a human quality or characteristic to something which is not human.'

Sometimes, the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy describe non-living, or, non-material, things as though they were alive, like a living person. This is a literary technique used to make information more vivid and understandable, in some aspect or another.

The Bible does this in some of its poetic writing. Mercy, truth, righteousness, peace, wisdom, Jerusalem, Israel, the church (NT) are sometimes described using personification. Personification is not saying that these entities or concepts are real, created, individual beings. Personification is merely a tool sometimes used for descriptive purposes.

"Mercy and truth are met together. Righteousness and peace have kissed each other. Truth shall spring out of the earth; and, righteousness shall look down from heaven."  -Psalm 85:10, 11

See also: Proverbs 1:20:21; Isaiah 52:2; Jeremiah 6:2, 6; Ezekiel 16; Revelation 12; Revelation 21:2

Personification is what the Spirit of Prophecy does, also, in the quotation given. Truth is not a created being. Jesus, the Uncreated Word of God, is The Truth. He is The Truth the world rejected when He came to this earth:

"Truth looked down from heaven upon the children of men, but found no reflection of itself; for darkness covered the earth, and gross darkness the people. If the darkness of error that hid the glory of God from the view of men, was to be dispelled, the light of truth must shine amid the moral darkness of the world. It was decreed in the councils of God that the only begotten Son of God must leave his high command in heaven, and clothe his divinity with humanity, and come to the world. No outward splendor must attend his steps, save that of virtue, mercy, goodness, and truth; for he was to represent to the world the attributes of God's character; but the world, unaccustomed to gaze upon truth, turned from the light to the darkness of error; for error was more to their perverted taste than truth."  -The Review and Herald, August 6, 1895, par. 9

Lucifer likes to confuse and deceive people by teaching them that symbolic things are literal and literal things are symbolic. Pagan religions and philosophies are filled with such deceits. We can refuse to be deceived by such tricks when we know and believe what the Bible teaches, in truth which is rightly divided (2 Timothy 2:15).


"Jesus stops and reminds me that before I was conceived, my name Earnest, which means truth, had been chosen by God..." "She was instructed not to mention the individual, but his first name, Earnest, and its meaning, truth, were written in the following statement..."  -FINAL EVENTS AND THE FIRST SUPPER, December 12, 2012, Ernie Knoll

"Jesus stops and reminds me that before I was conceived, my name Earnest, which means truth, had been chosen by God..."  -HOUSES OF IVORY, February 28, 2019, Ernie Knoll

Question: Is Ernie Knoll being told that he is the "being" called "Truth" described in this dream?

"Jesus...walks to stand in front of me...He says, 'It is now the time for Truth to serve as Truth was created to do. Truth is to defend the honor and integrity of God...Truth has walked day and night upon the earth. Truth has observed those who bear the likeness of their Creator yet stand too rebellious to honor Him by upholding His commandments...It is time for Truth to call out a sign to the whole world full of people who have turned their face away from God...It is time for Truth to raise his hand and his voice to proclaim the destruction of a city that will stand as an example to the entire world.'

"'Truth can call for destruction...'"

"Jesus...declares, 'It is time. Truth, raise your hand and command the angels who hold the four corners of the sail that contains God’s wrath to be released.'"

"Perceivous...asks me, 'What is your name?' ... Then she asks, 'Who are you?' I look at her with many questions, but I do not say anything.

"Again I look down at Nashville. I think: 'Who am I that I should be asked to call on the Father to destroy?' Perceivous says...'Remember Elisha. Through the Holy Spirit, God commanded him to call for bears to come out of the woods.'"

"Once again I look at the body of water to the east, at the large airport, the busy downtown area, the river that wanders around the city, and for the first time, I speak aloud. I hear myself state, 'In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, not my will, but His will be done.'

"From the north...I see a bright red and orange ball of fire appear and begin slowly moving south...The ball makes a deep rumbling noise...It passes very low over the river, following a course south and headed toward the downtown area...I see that everything in its path is destroyed—knocked down and incinerated."

Yes, let's remember Elisha. Elisha never believed himself to be a fictitious heavenly person called "Truth".

An antichrist is one who opposes Christ; often, this is done by putting oneself in a place where only Christ can/should be; thus, they choose to make themselves His adversaries.

"Little children, it is the last time; and, as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time."  -1 John 2:18

Jesus is The Truth. That is a title of Divinity. Those who follow the real Christ will not want to be blasphemous by assuming Divine titles for themselves.

"...out of the heart of men proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders, thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lasciviousness, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness: all these evil things come from within, and defile the man."  -Mark 7:21-23

"But, now, ye also put off...malice, blasphemy, filthy communication out of your mouth. Lie not one to another..."  -Colossians 3:8, 9

"But, be not ye called, "Rabbi" (master, great one, honorable sir): for one is your "Master" (master teacher), even Christ, and all ye are brethren. And, call no man your "Father" (title of honor for a teacher) upon the earth: for one is your "Father" (honorable teacher), which is in heaven. Neither be ye called "Masters" (master guides): for one is your "Master" (master guide), even Christ."  -Matthew 23:8-10

8. The Moral Law spoken into existence...after "Truth" was created

"The Deity begins walking and Truth follows behind. The Deity now talks about the governing laws which must be put in show that the foundation of each law is love. ...the Three speak a single word. I see a core of bright light...Its size and brightness grow...a beautiful wall forms...Something is carved all the way through the wall...It is not letters, numbers, or symbols." ... "Perceivous...says that I am looking at God’s governing laws—the Ten Commandments.2"

[2] "Thoughts from the Mount of Blessing, pp. 48, 50 - Before this earth was called into being, God’s law existed. Angels are governed by its principles, and in order for earth to be in harmony with heaven, man also must obey the divine statutes. … … the principles of righteousness embodied in the Decalogue are as immutable as the eternal throne. Not one command has been annulled, not a jot or tittle has been changed. Those principles that were made known to man in Paradise as the great law of life will exist unchanged in Paradise restored. When Eden shall bloom on earth again, God’s law of love will be obeyed by all beneath the sun.

"Thoughts from the Mount of Blessing, p. 55 - Jesus proceeded to show His hearers what it means to keep the commandments of God—that it is a reproduction in themselves of the character of Christ."

"Truth witnessed the creation of the Spoken Word, which was and is God’s love in the Ten Commandments—placed forever as a constant reminder of the balance of ever continual love and peace." ... "First was the creation of one called Truth, his place, and what he was created to do. The law was erected for all eternity. It was created with a substance that can never be destroyed and nothing written could be changed. It is permanent.5"

[5] "Psalm 119:89 - For ever, O LORD, thy word is settled in heaven. Psalm 111:7-8 - … All his commandments are sure. They stand fast for ever and ever, and are done in truth and uprightness."

"Truth and the law were spoken into existence with a single word."

"The Herald...says, 'It is all over the world and not in just this area of light but also in the dark that Truth has walked the surface. As the Holy Spirit is being removed, Truth continues to notice the disinterest and refusal of those who fail to adhere to God’s holy commandments. Remember that those laws were engraved after Truth was spoken into existence.'"

"After I awake...I understand who this dream is for...It is for those who adhere to the laws and rules that He established in heaven immediately after Truth was spoken into existence and before angels were created."

We see a sneaky and evil direction taking shape in these comments. Notice the purported creation sequence:

1. "Truth"

2. The Ten Commandments

3. Angels

4. etc....

This dream claims that "Truth" is an entity created before the Moral Law. Therefore, "Truth" has priority over the Moral Law. These subtle errors are being designed to lead people on, step by step, deeper and deeper, into wickedness. By nice-sounding fantasies space is being prepared for more lies to come.

The Ten Commandment Moral Law is a transcript of God's character, which is love and wisdom:

"The law of God is a revelation of His will, a transcript of His character, the expression of divine love and wisdom."  -Beginning of the End, 16

God's character is, today, what it always has been, from all eternity in the past:

"The Lord has ever existed in perfection from all eternity. He has been ever what He now is, “I am that I am;” “The high and lofty One that inhabiteth eternity.” [Exodus 3:14; Isaiah 57:15.] This is His title. “Before the mountains were brought forth, or ever thou hadst formed the earth and the world, even from everlasting to everlasting, thou art God.” Psalm 90:2. “I am the Lord, I change not.” Malachi 3:6. With Him is no variableness or shadow of turning."  -Ms 180, 1897, "An Appeal to Our Teachers at Battle Creek", par. 2

God was NEVER created. His character was NEVER created. The Ten Commandment Moral Law was NEVER created/"spoken into existence". His great Moral Law of Love has ALWAYS been in existence. It is founded IN Him, and He is ETERNAL, past, present, and future. No being was ever created "before" the Moral Law existed. There is no such time and place.

"The law of love being the foundation of the government of God, the happiness of all intelligent beings depends upon their perfect accord with its great principles of righteousness. God desires from all His creatures the service of love—service that springs from an appreciation of His character."  -Patriarchs and Prophets, 34

"The law of God, being a revelation of His will, a transcript of His character, must forever endure, “as a faithful witness in heaven.” Not one command has been annulled; not a jot or tittle has been changed. Says the psalmist: “Forever, O Lord, Thy word is settled in heaven.” “All His commandments are sure. They stand fast for ever and ever.” Psalm 119:89; 111:7, 8."  -The Great Controversy, 434

The occult doctrines presented in this dream are horrendous. The presenters are subtly, cleverly, stubbornly intent on destroying the essence, application, and reality of God's Moral Law, the Ten Commandments. An ounce of poison is being hidden inside a pound of truth. They want to bring the reader down into rebellion against God, and, at last, eternal death. Reader, please, beware.

"He that saith, 'I know Him', and keepeth not His commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him."  -1 John 2:3

9. Persistence in defending prior wickedness and stubbornly pursuing it --- 'Sometimes, God's work must over-rule His Moral Law'.

Strong public evidence of devilish and immoral behavior has been presented concerning Ernie Knoll and his business. Instead of giving counter-evidence and proofs of innocence in the face of false accusations, Ernie Knoll and others associated with him have acted to hide and excuse the behavior. Instead of giving evidences of genuine repentance and sorrow for sin they give evidence that they are avoiding questions and are determined to justify themselves in it. This writer has attempted to communicate with them on this subject. No cogent reply was received.

The dreams Mr. Knoll receives support and direct this evil behavior. We see this aspect of this satanic work continuing in this section of our analysis.

"Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!"  -Isaiah 5:20

"Therefore, as the fire devoureth the stubble and the flame consumeth the chaff, so their root shall be as rottenness and their blossom shall go up as dust, because they have cast away the law of the Lord of hosts and despised the word of the Holy One of Israel."  -Isaiah 5:24

"And, hereby we do know that we know Him: if we keep His commandments. He that saith, 'I know Him!' and keepeth not His commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him. But, whoso keepeth His word, in him, verily, is the love of God perfected. Hereby know we that we are in Him."  -1 John 2:3-5

Could Jesus' will be any more plain to understand?

"'You [Ernie Knoll] were also shown another who was chosen to serve as the perfect church. Just as God’s Seventh-day Adventist church has fallen greatly into apostasy, she too walked completely away from God and chose not to have Him guide her. She was most rebellious when she chose to follow Satan. She grasped hands with ones led by demonic powers. In her apostate condition she conceived and gave birth to a child not as the Father had planned or designed. She could have been put on the course our Creator designed, but that is not His plan. He never uses force. She was allowed free will to go on the path she chose.' "The Guide angel walks over and very seriously explains something that is literal. He stresses that the very one God had designed to serve as a perfect symbol of His perfect church had not only apostatized but allowed the one she took as a husband, who is controlled by a demon, to make her pregnant."

For these statements to be taken as true we would have to believe these "angels" have been telling the truth before. They have not been telling the truth about many things. We cannot now take their word as true on this matter, either. This entire story-line must be understood as fiction.

"Now the Announcing angel walks over...He tells me that in the dream, “Do You Know Who You Are?” one who was to serve as the symbol of God’s perfect church was referred to as Mary. He tells me that when Mary ceased to walk each day with those who God had placed around her, as a result of her decision, something happened for the first time. When she conceived, God our Father removed all His protection from her...The entire universe observed the birth of a child from whom the Father had turned away His face." "With this birth the Father states this: "The LORD curse thee, and ignore thee: "The LORD turn his face from thee, and ignore thee: "The LORD cover up his countenance upon thee and in darkness shalt thou be, and unto thee shall peace not exist. "And they shall remove my name upon thee, child of Satan; for I curse thee. "For the first time, this child would not be one of God’s children. Understand that God is saying that He allowed this to happen. It is because He wants none other than the one He chose to serve as a symbol of His perfect church. When God is ready, He will destroy this child, just as He will destroy Satan and all those who follow him. Mary’s child will be as if it never was."

"Through anguish, Mary, as God’s symbol of His perfect church, will be cleansed with “fire.” "After the child is destroyed, Mary will have nowhere to go. Then she will burn with desire to be once again with her mother and her two sisters. However, they will find it extremely difficult to trust anything Mary does or says. There will be unconditional love, but it will be extremely arduous for Truth to trust her again."

There is no Biblical precedent, explicit or implicit, for such a pronouncement as this on a child. This satanic and cruel treatment toward "Mary" is an attempt to coerce her to return to her previous degraded circumstances and beliefs. The demons behind this activity are piling up greater punishment for themselves in post-millennial hellfire. May all who have been involved in this cult-slavery cut all connection and communication with it, completely and permanently!

The real Jesus says:

"Submit yourselves, therefore, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. Draw nigh to God, and He will draw nigh to you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners, and purify your hearts, ye double minded. Be afflicted, and mourn, and weep. Let your laughter be turned to mourning and your joy to heaviness. Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He shall lift you up."  -James 4:7-10

"Come unto Me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you, and learn of Me, for I am meek and lowly in heart; and, ye shall find rest unto your souls."  -Matthew 11:28, 29

"Now, they were bringing even infants to Him that He might touch them; and, when the disciples saw it, they rebuked them. But, Jesus called them to Him, saying, 'Let the children come to Me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of God. Truly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it.'”  -Luke 18:15-17, RSV

In the Old Testament, when Jesus turned the rebellious Israelites back into the wilderness to wander for forty years, He tells us how He viewed their children: "Moreover, your little ones, which ye said should be a prey, and, your children, which in that day had no knowledge between good and evil, they shall go in thither, and unto them will I give it, and they shall possess it."  -Deuteronomy 1:39

"Perceivous...talks about those who claim that Mary’s child is innocent and that God is love therefore would not destroy the child. However, they do not realize that this is exactly Satan’s argument. Mary was instructed that it was not God’s will for her to form a bond with a rancid individual. However, she ignored what God instructed and chose her own path. Her child is not the heavenly Father’s, but rather the result of a man who is an agent of Satan. That child would not be happy in heaven, and those who question this stand with Satan. They will not and cannot stand with those who agree that God is just and fair in all He does, including this situation."

No. That is not "exactly Satan's argument". That statement is predicated on the assumption of the credibility of many previous statements---which are often false. We have no Biblical foundation to believe that any child of "Mary's" is magically and singularly left out of the count of humanity, left out of the due consideration God's mercy and grace gives under the parameters of salvation.

Every child that has ever been born on earth---excepting Jesus Christ---has needed a Saviour; first, to cover their fallen nature, inherited from their parents, and, second, to pay for their chosen sins, which  they would later commit after becoming accountable for their own decisions. Forgiveness and reconciliation with God is then offered to them.

The dream makes a declaration concerning the 'fate' of "Mary's" child; then, refers to a quotation from the Spirit of Prophecy to support the assertion:

"When God is ready, He will destroy this child, just as He will destroy Satan and all those who follow him. Mary’s child will be as if it never was. 1"

[1] "Spiritual Gifts, Vol. 1, p. 193 "I saw that the slave-master would have to answer for the soul of his slave whom he has kept in ignorance; and all the sins of the slave will be visited upon the master. God cannot take the slave to heaven, who has been kept in ignorance and degradation, knowing nothing of God, or the Bible, fearing nothing but his master's lash, and not holding so elevated a position as his master's brute beasts. But he does the best thing for him that a compassionate God can do. He lets him be as though he had not been…."

This very dream declares that God's grace will cover innocent children under the age of accountability. There is great evidence in the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy to show that will be true, to as great an extent as Jesus can make possible. The quotation from Spiritual Gifts, Vol. 1, p. 193, however, describes a principle which cannot apply to a baby, born or unborn. The degraded and ignorant slave referred to has committed sins. The baby has not---not even in ignorance. The baby is alive, but, without self-awareness. The baby has a fallen nature, inclined toward sin, but has never yet chosen to sin, in any capacity. Two separate scenarios are being deceptively conflated. The quotation is being misapplied

God's foreknowledge is complete. If there is some just and merciful reason to not resurrect some babies, but, count them as though they had never been, it will not be because their mothers refused to follow deceivers and criminals!

The entire story-line being given concerning "Mary's" baby has much greater resemblance to the satanic script of an occult Hollywood horror movie than the realities of God's dealings with babies. 

May "Mary" choose to go to Jesus for comfort, truth, and strength, and leave all occult persons and deceivers behind, for good. Jesus would love that!

This dream repeats a theme brought out in earlier material: In special circumstances, for special purposes, God commands special people to sin for Him. In order to do good, the Moral Law must sometimes be broken! While this undermining of God's Law is occurring in the dream, simultaneously, a pretense of uplifting and defending the Ten Commandments is given. This is how cognitive dissonance is created in the mind of the receiver. Cognitive dissonance, if accepted when offered, creates room for the construction of more lies and more wickedness to follow.

This is 100% occult. This concept is from Lucifer and is a powerful engine used to achieve an important goal: alter, re-imagine, change, nullify, erase, re-write, and, "fix" God's Holy Moral Law.

We will deal with this evil deceit, by God's grace, and by His Words of Truth. We will refuse the lying with abhorrence.

"I contemplate...each placard. I notice that some individuals were given a very difficult assignment, while others had an easier task. mind reviewed the path each was placed on and the obstacles they overcame."

"What each selected individual was asked to do was not what all were asked to do. I fully understood that the name on the placard was for only that individual. What was asked of them and the specific path that individual would be placed on was only for that individual. I think of how there were times when more than one individual was assigned with a specific task, but that is what the Creator decides and no one has the right to question that decision.

The Creator does not serve with sin. Period. If the "Creator" we are listening to directs us to commit sin we know, without a doubt, that it is not the real Creator speaking. It is a lying imposter.

"The Lord will not serve with our sins."  -Ms 39, 1907, "Erroneous Teaching Regarding Holy Flesh", par. 20

"God does not serve with man’s sins."  -Experiences in Australia, Page 58, par. 4

"God will not serve with the sins of any man."  -Ms 42, 1901, "Revealing the Christlikeness", par. 32

"...only Noah was asked to build an ark. Only Abraham was asked to sacrifice his son...Joseph who forgave his brothers even when they sold him into slavery. Only Jesus was sacrificed for the sins of all His created beings."

These comments are designed to produce an introduction for false associations to come. The dream-producers are working up a deceitful conflation that goes like this:

Step 1. 'God sometimes commands a specially chosen faithful follower to do a difficult thing.'

Step 2. 'When commanded to do a difficult thing by God, the specially chosen faithful follower should obey without doubting or questioning.'

Step 3. 'A specially chosen faithful follower feels that obeying a command to do something deliberately breaking the Ten Commandment Moral Law is a difficult thing.'

Step 4. 'Therefore, if "God" commands a faithful follower to do a difficult thing, even involving the breaking of His Moral Law, the person still needs to accept the command and obey.'

This is the development of a doctrine of demons. Steps 1, 2, and 3 are true. Step 4 is utterly false. Noah's ark-building was difficult...and did not involve breaking the Ten Commandments. Abraham's sacrifice of Isaac was difficult...and did not involve breaking the Ten Commandments ("Thou shalt not murder." Not all killing is murder. Abraham was a civil as well as a religious authority). Joseph's difficult task did not involve breaking the Ten Commandments. In all His difficult tasks, Jesus never broke the Ten Commandments.

"The Guide...says, “If you were instructed to walk a path by day, your way would be illuminated. Yet if you were told to walk the same path in the darkness of night, you would want a flashlight. If you were going to journey on a long dark path, you would place new batteries in the flashlight. New light would keep you from tripping over many obstacles."

As we have previously confirmed, new light from God will harmonize with the older light He has already given. New light from the real Jesus will never, ever, contradict the Bible. Whatever is claiming to be 'new light' must be tested to the old light.

"To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them."  -Isaiah 8:20

"And the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets."  -1 Corinthians 14:32

"You were placed in a long corridor to review the lives of those whom God had placed on a path with a specific task given for only that individual. Everyone was instructed to observe and keep God’s sacred commandments. However, in order to prove worthiness, God only gave additional instructions to specific individuals."

Notice the deceitful conflation continuing. Does the fact that God sometimes gives specific tasks only to certain individuals legitimize the implication/assertion that God may sometimes command those individuals to break His Holy Moral Law, the Ten Commandments? No, it does not. Not in the slightest way. The true God never commands any individual to sin, for any reason.


"One example is when God instructed Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac. Yet God stayed the hand of Abraham just as he was about to show his obedience to God."

Abraham was both the religious and civil authority in his tribe. As such, he was responsible for both law-making and law-enforcement. Being responsible for law-enforcement, he was responsible for any necessary warfare, civil executions involving his tribe members, and, the lawful peace of his neighborhood. He also had authority to work in conjunction with other tribes and their civil authorities and jurisdictions. Remember, Abraham went to war alongside his allies when Lot, his family, and Sodom and its confederates were taken captive. None of this activity was murder. Killing, yes. Murder, no.

Abraham had this authority and jurisdiction over his son, Isaac. Killing his son in the manner commanded by God would not have been murder; it would have been an execution. A strange execution? Yes; but, not murder. Later, God would command His nation, Israel, to kill/execute more people, lawfully, as criminals.

Abraham's obedience to God did not break the Ten Commandments.


"Another example is Jephthah. When he went to war, he made a vow to God to use as an offering the first one to exit his house when he returned home. Imagine his shock when his only daughter ran out to meet him. In this example, God did not stay the hand of Jephthah."

Jephthah's vow was foolish. His execution of his daughter was murder. God had nothing to do with Jephthah's vow or his wicked decision to carry out the vow, even after he knew it would involve his daughter. We hope Jephthah experienced genuine repentance for his sin. Hopefully, in Heaven, there will be a sad/happy reunion and reconciliation between him and his daughter.

The fact that God did not stop Jephthah is not a sign that God commanded or approved Jephthah's behavior. The Bible says that the Spirit of the LORD came upon Jephthah to fight Ammon (Judges 11:29), not to make this foolish vow, and certainly not to keep it the way he did.

God made little requirement of His people to make vows. As practiced, it was often a highly abused human tradition. "But if thou shalt forbear to vow, it shall be no sin in thee."  -Deuteronomy 23:22

God never requires vows to be kept if their fulfillment involves committing sin:

"The Gibeonites had pledged themselves to renounce idolatry, and accept the worship of Jehovah; and the preservation of their lives was not a violation of God's command to destroy the idolatrous Canaanites. Hence the Hebrews had not by their oath pledged themselves to commit sin. And though the oath had been secured by deception, it was not to be disregarded. The obligation to which one's word is pledged—if it do not bind him to perform a wrong act—should be held sacred."  -Patriarchs and Prophets, 506

God allows vows to be nullified in certain circumstances. See, Numbers 30; Joshua 2:20.

"But let your communication be, 'Yea, yea', 'Nay, nay'; for, whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil."  -Matthew 5:37

"But above all things, my brethren, swear not, neither by heaven, neither by the earth, neither by any other oath; but, let your yea be yea and your nay, nay, lest ye fall into condemnation."  -James 5:12

It is dishonest to bring up the example of Jephthah and imply that God approved his sin. This is occult deception.

Jephthah's disobedience broke the Moral Law. That is not an 'ok' from God for us to follow his example. It is a warning to avoid following his example.

Before/After the cross:

"Please understand that God instructed that after the crucifixion of Jesus there was no longer to be animals or humans sacrificed on an altar."

God never intended that any human be sacrificed on any altar, either before or after the cross.

Isaiah and Hosea:

"Two examples include Isaiah who was asked to go naked, and Hosea who was to live in adultery. Not all were instructed to do the same."

Isaiah: Where do the Ten Commandments say, 'Thou shalt never be naked'? Medical events and facilities often involve some degree of public nakedness. It is not sexual-behaviour oriented; it is to promote the necessities of life and health. Does that break the Moral Law?

Isaiah's nakedness had no sexual connotation or purpose. It was intended to be alarming, shocking, and disturbing; and, it was. God was giving warnings about coming warfare and captivity.

Modesty in public is always preferable. Isaiah did not enjoy his three years of nudity. Sexually immoral behaviour was never a part of the exercise.

Isaiah did not break the Moral Law.

Hosea: God forbade high priests from marrying prostitutes (Leviticus 21:10, 14); however, He did not forbid other men. There is no hint in the Bible that Hosea was a high priest.

Hosea was directed by God to marry a prostitute who would later prove unfaithful and commit adultery. Yes, he lived in a difficult situation produced by his wife's adultery. Did Hosea commit adultery at God's command? No. Hosea had Biblical grounds for divorce. He did not use them. Hosea tried to win his unfaithful wife back. Reconciliation, if possible, is always preferable to God.

Hosea did not commit adultery. Hosea did not break the Moral Law.


"The Guide continues: “...consider the case of Elijah. He called for a drought that lasted for three and a half years. This caused a great famine and suffering, and many starved to death. This was done to an entire nation. Elijah even ordered the assassination of hundreds of priests and burned to death more than 100 of the king’s guardsmen."

"Think about the following that was given for our instruction and for better understanding from the account in 1 Kings 18:38-40. "So deep, so widespread was the apostasy that only by means of terrible judgments could the purposes of God for Israel be fulfilled."

"It was at this time that Elijah was sent, as God's chosen messenger, to the people of Israel."

"As Elijah saw Israel going deeper and deeper into idolatry, his soul was distressed and his indignation aroused. ... In anguish he besought God to arrest them in their wicked course, to bring upon them, if need be, the judgments of Heaven, that they might be led to see in its true light their departure from Heaven. He longed to see them brought to repentance before they would go to such lengths in evil-doing as to provoke the Lord to destroy them utterly.

"Elijah's prayer was answered. Appeal, remonstrance, and warning had failed to bring Israel to repentance. The time had come when God must speak to them by means of judgments."  {The Review and Herald, August 14, 1913}"

The Spirit of Prophecy quotation given proves the lie in the charges asserted in the dream. God's judgments come from Him, not Elijah. Let's not conflate these facts to give a lying impression. Elijah did not 'order' the assassination of anyone. The execution of the priests of Baal and the soldiers sent to arrest him were judgments from God. Those acts were either beyond Elijah's personal capability, or, a royal decree of justice by Israel's King, Jehovah. Israel was still a theocracy and God was still their king. He was within His 'earthly' jurisdiction to command His human servants to announce and/or execute His orders of death for criminals.

The wording used in the dream is slanderous toward Elijah. This is done to attempt to build the case that Elijah broke the Ten Commandments and that it was done for God, at God's command; and, therefore, these 'sins' were permissible and guiltless. This is a complete misrepresentation of the facts. If Elijah broke the Moral Law in these examples then we must conclude that God also broke His own Moral Law, because it was God who acted to bring these judgments to pass. These demonic lines of reasoning end in total rebellion against the Creator. Please beware, reader.

"God's love is represented in our day as being of such a character as would forbid His destroying the sinner. Men reason from their own low standard of right and justice. "Thou thoughtest that I was altogether such an one as thyself" (Psalm 50:21). They measure God by themselves. They reason as to how they would act under the circumstances and decide God would do as they imagine they would do.... "In no kingdom or government is it left to the lawbreakers to say what punishment is to be executed against those who have broken the law. All we have, all the bounties of His grace which we possess, we owe to God. The aggravating character of sin against such a God cannot be estimated any more than the heavens can be measured with a span. God is a moral governor as well as a Father. He is the Lawgiver. He makes and executes His laws. Law that has no penalty is of no force. "The plea may be made that a loving Father would not see His children suffering the punishment of God by fire while He had the power to relieve them. But God would, for the good of His subjects and for their safety, punish the transgressor. God does not work on the plan of man. He can do infinite justice that man has no right to do before his fellow man. Noah would have displeased God to have drowned one of the scoffers and mockers that harassed him, but God drowned the vast world. Lot would have had no right to inflict punishment on his sons-in-law, but God would do it in strict justice."  -Manuscript Releases, Vol. 12, pp. 207-209

"The confession of Achan, although too late to be available in bringing to him any saving virtue, vindicated the character of God in his manner of dealing with him, and closed the door to the temptation that so continually beset the children of Israel, to charge upon the servants of God the work that God did himself. It was the Lord Jesus himself who specified what should be the punishment of Achan, or there might have been murmuring among the camp of Israel, even though the stolen goods were found in his tent."  -The Youth’s Instructor, February 1, 1894

Elijah did not break the Moral Law. Neither did God. Not all killing is murder. We must understand this, and how and when it is true. 

"He continues: “Yet there is and always will be those who follow Satan. They are those who do not even know they follow Satan because they are blinded. However, there is a way to test those who follow Satan. ... For those who endure the path they are placed on, who complete the task they were given, each of their names will appear in the frame because they exude the one attribute taught on that placard. That will not be the case for those who walk with Satan. An example is given of those who dwell together in the message ‘The Houses of Ivory.’ These exude no love. Love does not exist in these houses that are filled with accusations and fault finding.” This is precisely what these who lie want others to believe concerning them and their teachings. They want to intimidate, accuse, judge motivation, incite fear---and coerce silence. They cover themselves in many layers of deceit to discourage us from finding and identifying them. They do not want anyone to calmly, rationally apply Isaiah 8:20 to their message and themselves.

Those who honestly seek the Holy Spirit's help and ask Jesus for Divine wisdom to discern truth from falsehood will use the counsel in Isaiah 8:20 successfully. Jesus will help them. The Holy Spirit will teach and lead them. We can know, according to God's Word, who is telling the truth, and who is lying.

"Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves."  Matthew 7:15

"Prove all things; hold fast that which is good."  -1 Thessalonians 5:21

Obeying Jesus' direction to test all doctrine to His Law and Testimony, and, obeying Jesus direction to test the spirits (1 John 4:1), is not being "filled with accusations and fault finding." It is being wise. It is doing what Jesus did when He was here, giving us His example on how to live in this world and deal with the enemy of our souls.

"Let no man deceive you with vain words: for because of these things cometh the wrath of God upon the children of disobedience. Be not ye, therefore, partakers with them. For ye were sometimes darkness, but, now are ye light in the Lord. Walk as children of light (For the fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness and righteousness and truth), proving what is acceptable unto the Lord. "And, have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them."  -Ephesians 5:6-11

"Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers; for, what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? And what communion hath light with darkness? And what concord hath Christ with Belial? Or, what part hath he that believeth with an infidel? And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? For ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, 'I will dwell in them and walk in them, and I will be their God, and they shall be My people.

"'Wherefore, come out from among them and be ye separate', saith the Lord, 'and touch not the unclean thing; and, I will receive you and will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be My sons and daughters,' saith the Lord Almighty."  -2 Corinthians 6:14-18

Love does not exist in the houses of those who lie and love lies.

10. 'You do not know who you are.' "Many still do not know who they are!"

The references in the dream/article to this subject are too many to list, here. The most pertinent of them will be retained to illustrate the points that must be made.

The matters dealt with in this section are subtle and insidious. A seductive flattery is continually woven throughout and the boundary between truth and falsehood is blurred. Truths and errors are brought close together in order to blend them into one almost indistinguishable mass.

To put it simply, the premise of the dream's doctrine, here, is this: 'Jesus is just like you. Therefore, you are just like Jesus.'

The real and permanent distinctions between creature and Creator, finite and infinite, humanity and Divinity, are purposely confused and conflated. Many Bible texts and Spirit of Prophecy quotations are piled up in a heap to give the strong impression that the dream is teaching the truth on this subject. These quotations from God's Word and the Testimony of Jesus are distorted by misinterpretation, misapplication, and misplacement. Context is also ignored.

"The track of truth lies close beside the track of error, and both tracks may seem to be one to minds which are not worked by the Holy Spirit, and which, therefore, are not quick to discern the difference between truth and error."  -Selected Messages Book 1, 202

Let us continue, carefully, upon this subject. We will eliminate many of the emotional expressions and appeals. Under these circumstances, such things can easily cloud our judgment and confuse our discernment. We will eliminate statements and concepts which we cannot test decisively by the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy. We do not need to test those things to learn whether we are dealing with truth-tellers, or, with liars. We only need to test the material God has spoken about in His Word. That is our standard.

"Perceivous then speaks about something special...It is this first breath that is overlooked, because people do not realize what really happened.8

[8] "Manuscript Releases, Vol.10, p. 326 "The Lord created man out of the dust of the earth. He made Adam a partaker of His life, His nature. There was breathed into him the breath of the Almighty, and he became a living soul."

"...she explains how it was in that special breath...where something occurred...When you put a balloon between your lips and blow air into it, you not only inflate the balloon but a part of you is placed inside that balloon. It is your breath. God’s very breath went inside of Adam...For the first time ever, a being was given a part of the Creator’s genetic makeup...However, that did not make the being equal with God the Creator..."

This is a foolish and deliberately misleading analogy. When we blow up a balloon it does not contain part of our being. Our breath exhalation is merely a used gas being exhausted from our aerobic system.

To declare that God's "breath" contains part of the Infinite God's "genetic makeup" is simplistic fantasy. Does God have genes? This is unwarranted low-level earthly foolishness. God is the Creator of all things created, including DNA and genetic codes and materials. He is not created.

"God is a Spirit: and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth."  -John 4:24

"That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and, that which is born of the Spirit is spirit..."  -John 3:6, 8

Throughout this subject we will see truth stated...and, later, the opposite idea either stated or implied to be true. This confused babbling is designed to wedge falsehood into our minds at the same time the part that is true is appealing to us and we are accepting it. We need sharp knives to divide these matters and an unceasing reliance on God's Word.

It is stated: "However, that did not make the being equal with God the Creator". Watch as the truth is sometimes stated, and then, subtly rolled back by other statements implying the contrary.

"Mankind would be held to a different standard than the other beings throughout the universe."

Humanity is held to the same standard as the entire Universe: the Moral Law.

"As Creator of heaven and earth and thousands of world that have never fallen, God is governor over all, and bound to exercise a moral government throughout the universe. To exact less than obedience to his law from moral agents, would be to abandon them to ruin. Should he not enforce his law by the penalty of death, the whole universe would be in confusion. The moral law is God’s barrier between the moral agent and sin. Infinite wisdom places before man the distinction between right and wrong, between sin and holiness; but God’s government is a government of free will, and there is no act of rebellion or obedience which is not a free will act."

"While the Scriptures present the fact that God is a moral governor, they also make it plain that man is under the highest moral obligation to acknowledge him as ruler, and to obey his laws with heart and soul, trusting in his power for help and protection. This law which man is called upon to obey, as the standard of right for the moral universe, is the most wise and holy counsel of God. It is a moral law, and has its foundation in the difference of the quality of moral agents. Positive law is the expression of the will of the law-giver. Moral law is universal; positive law is not necessarily universal, but may be restricted or extended according to the will of the law-giver. Moral law must be immutable, while positive law may be enacted, changed, or abolished, as the lawgiver may determine. "The Decalogue, or moral code of God, consists of two tables of stone, upon which God engraved with his own finger the foundation principles of our entire duty as his subjects. The first table contains the four commandments defining the duty of man to God; the second table contains six commandments, defining the duty of man to his fellow-man. These arms of the law were recognized by our Saviour when he declared that the whole law hung upon the two great principles of love to God and love to man. Other commands may be found in the Scriptures, but only as a specification of that which is contained in the ten commandments of the Decalogue."  -Ms 79, 1896, "The Moral Law", paras. 6, 8, 9

"Perceivous...says, “Do you understand exactly who you are? Do you understand why the angels will find great value in placing your robe over your shoulders and an honor to pick up your crown and place it on your head? Understand that Jesus left His throne in heaven to become a being like you—the same as the being made of dirt who received the breath of life...Jesus giving up His throne and coming to this earth placed you as equals in the eyes of God. Jesus and you are both His sons. Strive for the Father to say that when He sees each of you that He truly sees His Son.”

We are not Christ's equal, either by creation, by incarnation, or, by redemption. That is a blasphemous thing to imply. Christ clothed His Divinity with humanity, our humanity. But, He is never not Divine. We may share in the Divine spiritual nature through faith, repentance, conversion, and sanctification. It is the spiritual nature we need to have re-formed within us. Salvation is not about being 'equal with Jesus in the eyes of God' in any other way or sense. This is another subject where cognitive dissonance is being generated by combining truth with lying suggestions.

"The more clearly fallen man comprehends the character of Christ, the more distrustful will he be of himself, and the more imperfect will his works appear to him in contrast with those which marked the life of the spotless Redeemer. But those who are at a great distance from Jesus, whose spiritual senses are so clouded by error that they cannot comprehend the divine character of the great Exemplar, conceive of him as altogether such an one as themselves, and talk of their own perfection of holiness with a high degree of satisfaction. They really know little of themselves, and less of Christ. They are far from God."  -Life Sketches of James White and Ellen G. White 1888, Page 211

"Laying aside his royal robe and kingly crown, Christ clothed his divinity with humanity, that human beings might be raised from their degradation, and placed on vantage-ground. Christ could not have come to this earth with the glory that he had in the heavenly courts. Sinful human beings could not have borne the sight. He veiled his divinity with the garb of humanity, but he did not part with his divinity. A divine-human Saviour, he came to stand at the head of the fallen race, to share in their experience from childhood to manhood." -The Review and Herald, June 15, 1905, "Lessons From the Second Chapter of Philippians", par. 12

"Perceivous...says... There will be those who will doubt and question. She points...the following words appear. "Jesus answered the questions by His critics saying: "'Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods? If he called them gods, unto whom the word of God came, and the scripture cannot be broken; say ye of him, whom the Father hath sanctified, and sent into the world, Thou blasphemest; because I said, I am the Son of God? John 10:34-36' "'I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High. Psalm 82:6'

Jesus was not teaching blasphemous occult doctrines in these comments. He was making a point concerning the lack of understanding and hypocritical reasoning of His enemies. What does the term, 'gods', mean in these Biblical references?

Let's look at the original words for, "gods", that Jesus quoted and used, in both the OT and the NT:

Psalm 82:6: "gods" - #430 ("elohiym") -- 'rulers, judges, divine ones, angels, gods, (magistrates).'

John 10:34: "gods" - #2316 ("theos") -- 'God, god, deity, divinity, 'whatever can in any respect be likened unto God, or resemble Him in any way. God's representative or vice-regent, of magistrates and judges.'

Jesus intended His people to be rulers and judges of righteousness in the world. He intended His OT church to be the head, not the tail. He intended their nation, laws, and way of life to be an amazement to the rest of the earth; and, He intended that other nations would be delighted and blessed by Israel's existence, example, and work. They were to be an international showcase of the goodness of God's laws and His blessings. After all, His people were all to be "children of the Most High" Judge and Divine Ruler of the Universe. See, Deuteronomy 4:5-7; 28:13.

Jesus was trying to make His opponents think, rationally and Biblically. He was not trying to teach that humanity is biologically and genetically part of God's being and, thus, are Divine 'lesser divinities.'

The precedent for the interpretation of these texts suggested in this dream is common in occult paganism. From almost every occult philosophy and religion we are told that humanity is divine.

The dream gives quotations which are intended to imply more than they actually say. Some of these quotation are retained, below, to illustrate their usage: "'Jesus revealed no qualities, and exercised no powers, that men may not have through faith in Him. His perfect humanity is that which all His followers may possess, if they will be in subjection to God as He was.' The Desire of Ages, p. 664 "'The life of Christ has shown what humanity can do by being partaker of the divine nature. All that Christ received from God we too may have.' Christ’s Object Lessons, p. 149 "'… divine power was not given to Him in a different way to what it will be given to us…' Sermons and Talks, Vol. 2, p. 111 "'To bring humanity into Christ, to bring the fallen race into oneness with divinity, is the work of redemption. Christ took human nature that men might be one with him as he is one with the Father, that God may love man as he loves his only begotten Son, that men may be partakers of the divine nature, and be complete in him.' The Review and Herald, April 5, 1906 "'Scarcely can the human mind comprehend what is the breadth and depth and height of the spiritual attainments that can be reached by becoming partakers of the divine nature.' The Youth’s Instructor, October 24, 1895 "Perceivous looks back to me...'Do you yet not know who you are?' "Those of earth are different from all other of God’s creations. Only on this planet and nowhere else throughout the universe are humans who can procreate. When God breathed into the dirt, He gave Adam and Eve a part of Himself.”

Through Christ, humanity is to share and partake of God's spiritual nature---His character, how He thinks and feels. Humanity is to be in harmony with Him in His motives and desires. Yes, God gives His creatures created capabilities as it pleases Him. He also channels His supernatural Divine power through them when it pleases Him.

None of this, however, indicates that humanity is "genetically" identified with Divine substance and existence. The distinction between Creator and creature is always real and cannot be erased.

Some more quotations used in the dream:

"'Whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises: that by these ye might be partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust.' 2 Peter 1:4 "'In Christ dwelt the fullness of the God-head bodily... Are we not also to become partakers of that fullness? and is it not thus, and thus only, that we can overcome as Christ overcame? … Man is nothing without Christ. But if Christ lives in us, we shall work the works of God.' The Signs of the Times, October 10, 1892 "'In all that He did, Christ was co-operating with His Father. Ever He had been careful to make it evident that He did not work independently; it was by faith and prayer that He wrought His miracles.' The Desire of Ages, p. 536 "Perceivous...“We know who you are. We know whom we serve. We look on the face of our Creator...We look at you, the very ones He molded into His own likeness. We know and understand who each of you is and wonder why you do not really know who you are.”

Again, we see some selective use of inspired statements designed to construct "evidence" of something that is not true. Humanity is not Divine. Humanity is a creation in which God designs that He should inhabit, by the Holy Spirit. We are to be the temple of the Holy Spirit. That does not make us Divine. The Holy Spirit's presence in us brings us, His creatures, into spiritual and intellectual harmony with the Divine.

Christ never ceased to be Divine. He gave people evidences and proofs of His Divinity.

"The miracles of Christ are a proof of His divinity; but a stronger proof that He is the world's Redeemer is found in comparing the prophecies of the Old Testament with the history of the New."

-The Desire of Ages, 799

"The confusion is hushed. The sound of traffic and bargaining has ceased. The silence becomes painful. A sense of awe overpowers the assembly. It is as if they were arraigned before the tribunal of God to answer for their deeds. Looking upon Christ, they behold divinity flash through the garb of humanity. The Majesty of heaven stands as the Judge will stand at the last day,—not now encircled with the glory that will then attend Him, but with the same power to read the soul. His eye sweeps over the multitude, taking in every individual. His form seems to rise above them in commanding dignity, and a divine light illuminates His countenance. He speaks, and His clear, ringing voice—the same that upon Mount Sinai proclaimed the law that priests and rulers are transgressing—is heard echoing through the arches of the temple: “Take these things hence; make not My Father's house an house of merchandise.”

"A panic sweeps over the multitude, who feel the overshadowing of His divinity."  -The Desire of Ages, Page 158

"Christ spoke with the authority of a king, and in His appearance, and in the tones of His voice, there was that which they had no power to resist. At the word of command they realized, as they had never realized before, their true position as hypocrites and robbers. When divinity flashed through humanity, not only did they see indignation on Christ's countenance; they realized the import of His words. They felt as if before the throne of the eternal Judge, with their sentence passed on them for time and for eternity."  -The Desire of Ages, Page 162

Christ used His Divinity on earth. But, never for His personal benefit, physically or spiritually. For His personal necessities He relied only on our Father, as we must do. However, for others' benefit, whether for physical blessing or spiritual, He used His Divinity, in obedient harmony with the Father's will and plan.

"It was not any part of the mission of Christ to exercise his divine power for his own benefit, to relieve himself from suffering. This he had volunteered to take upon himself. He had condescended to take man's nature, and he was to suffer the inconveniences, and ills, and afflictions, of the human family. He was not to perform miracles on his own account. He came to save others. The object of his mission was to bring blessings, and hope, and life, to the afflicted and oppressed. He was to bear the burdens and griefs of suffering humanity."

"The Saviour of the world became sin for the race. In becoming man's substitute, Christ did not manifest his power as the Son of God. He ranked himself among the sons of men. He was to bear the trial of temptation as a man, in man's behalf, under the most trying circumstances, and leave an example of faith and perfect trust in his Heavenly Father. Christ knew that his Father would supply him food when it would gratify him to do so. He would not in this severe ordeal, when hunger pressed him beyond measure, prematurely diminish one particle of the trial allotted to him by exercising his divine power. "Fallen man, when brought into straightened places, could not have the power to work miracles on his own behalf, to save himself from pain or anguish, or to give himself victory over his enemies. It was the purpose of God to test and prove the race, and give them an opportunity to develop character by bringing them frequently into trying positions to test their faith and confidence in his love and power. The life of Christ was a perfect pattern. He was ever, by his example and precept, teaching man that God was his dependence, and that in God should be his faith and firm trust."

"In order to bring hope to man, and save him from complete ruin, [Christ] humbled himself to take man's nature, that, with his divine power combined with the human, he might reach man where he is."   -The Review and Herald, August 18, 1874, "The Temptation of Christ", paras. 4, 7, 8, 11

"Herod was pleased to see Jesus, expecting Him to work some mighty miracle for his satisfaction. But it was not the work of Jesus to gratify curiosity or to seek His own safety. His divine, miraculous power was to be exercised for the salvation of others, but not in His own behalf."  -Early Writings, 173, 174

"The Herald...asks, 'Exactly who are you?' ... 'It is a great honor for angels just to touch your robe and to place it over your shoulders. It is also an honor for angels to touch your crown and to place it on your head.'

"The Herald continues. ... 'Remember that Jesus was as human as you are.'

“'Jesus and you both resemble Adam who was formed from the mud in the Garden of Eden. Jesus went to earth with no kingly robe or crown...Jesus lived without sin. You along with many strive to live without sin. When that is done, and only then, you will be able to do what Jesus did.'"

"Be careful, exceedingly careful, as to how you dwell upon the human nature of Christ. ...

"The incarnation of Christ has ever been, and will ever remain, a mystery. That which is revealed is for us and for our children, but let every human being be warned from the ground of making Christ altogether human, such an one as ourselves, for it cannot be. The exact time when humanity blended with divinity, it is not necessary for us to know. We are to keep our feet on the Rock, Christ Jesus, as God revealed in humanity. "I perceive that there is danger in approaching subjects which dwell on the humanity of the Son of the infinite God. He did humble Himself when He saw He was in fashion as a man, that He might understand the force of all temptations wherewith man is beset."  -Lt 8, 1895, Baker, W. L. H., paras. 14, 17, 18

“'When My Son sat next to Me, He was endowed with all, just as I AM. Jesus is My Son, but not as a procreated son. I did not create Him or speak Him into existence. Jesus IS. When He removed His robe and crown, He went to earth and willingly became a created being, with all His powers void and absent. All He did—walking on water, healing the sick, making juice from water, stopping storms, and commanding away demons—all this Jesus asked Me to do. He is your example. This makes it possible for My faithful to work the same miracles as My Son, when it is My will.'" "Christ’s Object Lessons, p. 333 "As the will of man co-operates with the will of God, it becomes omnipotent. Whatever is to be done at His command may be accomplished in His strength. All His biddings are enablings. "Jesus looks at me...'We are brothers. We both can be traced back to the same mother in the Garden of Eden. We both have a human nature. Neither of us can do anything except what our Father in heaven allows us to do. But as it is stated, His biddings are our enablings.'"

No, Jesus' powers were not void and absent. That is a lie. At times, His Divinity flashed through His humanity in obedience to the Father's will. Jesus never used His Divine power for His needs. He relied totally on His Father for Himself and what He needed, as we do. However, He did use His Divine powers to help others.

This dream is very intent on trying to establish too much with regard to Jesus' humanity. Then, by connecting fallen human beings with that exaggerated position, making them believe that they are on a greater level of equality with Christ than is actually true. The success of this deception would inevitably produce the sin of blasphemy.

"The incarnation of Christ has ever been, and will ever remain, a mystery. That which is revealed is for us and for our children, but let every human being be warned from the ground of making Christ altogether human, such an one as ourselves, for it cannot be."   -Lt 8, 1895, Baker, W. L. H., par. 17

"That which is of great interest to us all is, that Christ, although dying an ignominious death upon the cross, died as One who had endured the test and proving of God. He had lost none of His divine power as a Sin-pardoning Saviour. When the thief crucified on the cross said, “Lord, remember me when thou comest into thy kingdom,” Jesus gave evidence of His divine attributes. The repentant sinner need not wait unto Christ shall receive His coronation. Before the spectators about the cross, He will reveal that He even in His suffering humanity He hath power to forgive transgression and sin. His hands, though nailed to the cross are not shortened or weakened that He cannot save. His ear is not heavy that it cannot hear. Divinity flashes through humanity. From those pale and quivering lips the words are distinctly heard, by the dying penitent and by all surrounding the cross, “Verily I say unto thee today, Shalt thou be with me in paradise.” [Luke 23:42, 43.]" "These words were words of power, words by which Christ’s divinity is demonstrated, through the veil of suffering humanity breaking forth as the beams of the Sun of Righteousness to that poor, sinful, repentant soul. The dark cloud that veiled His divinity was rent away, and mercy, love, and pardon, His power to save unto the uttermost all that come unto Him was made manifest." "At the very time when Satan and all his synagogue unite with priests and rulers to humiliate Him who made the world and all that is therein, He reveals His Godhead, His redeeming power, and bestows the most precious gift that can come to mortal man. He speaks the life-giving words of pardon at the very time when principalities and powers and the rulers of the darkness of this world think that they have laid His claim to the King of the Jews in the dust. His divinity, His kingly power, is not exercised in coming down from the cross to give proof that He is the Son of God; but He will show that in His death is life-giving power for all who shall believe in Him. He exerts His divine prerogatives, and assures the poor sinner, “Verily I say unto you today, Shalt thou be with me in paradise.” [Verse 43.]"  -Ms 105, 1897, "The Penitent Thief", paras. 1, 3, 5

"...Jesus...says, 'I am to tell you that our Father in heaven has instructed that you perform the task of speaking and He will enable you to do as He has instructed.' I look at Jesus and say, 'I am not a creator. And I am sinful.' "Jesus places His hands on my shoulders then takes both of my hands. ... 'Remember this is a dream. Remember exactly who you are. You are simply being asked to create. I was an example for you. As I lived without sin, so can you. As I walked on water, so can you. As I spoke and life began, so can you.' Jesus...smiles at me. ... '...this is not about you. It is about everyone understanding who each is.'" "I point out toward the vast emptiness of space and command, 'Let this area greatly illuminate and let all who come to this bright beacon observe and learn of the testament to the truth of our Creator! Let this area of the universe increase greatly in size.'" "Jesus points Before us I see appear from nothing all that I mentioned, yet much better."

In the dream, the distinctions which are permanent between Creator and creature are attacked. Truths and errors are blended together to deceive. Not all the falsehoods are being stated, outright. Many of them are left to implication and suggestion. Feelings are manipulated and deceived to lead the reader on to accept deeper and deeper wickedness and falsehood.

"There will be, even among us, hirelings and wolves in sheep's clothing who will persuade [some of] the flock of God to sacrifice unto other gods before the Lord...[Those] who are not established, rooted and grounded in the truth, will be corrupted and drawn away by the blind leaders of the blind; and the ungodly, the despisers that wonder and perish, who despise the sovereignty of the Ancient of Days, and place on the throne a false god, a being of their own defining, a being altogether such an one as themselves—these agents will be in Satan's hands to corrupt the faith of the unwary."  -Selected Messages Book 3, Page 398

"'You—My child—one who holds My heart: Claim Me as your Father and command in the name of Jesus. With the authority of who you are, command that Satan and his demonic angels leave you alone. Then command the angels who have been sent to protect and serve you. You do not see them, but they are always there. If they wait for instructions from Jesus, why would you think they do not wait to hear a command spoken from your lips? Who are you? You are the sister of My Son! You are My daughter, My beloved Bethany!' "Now the Father points to the right and says, 'Let me show you who you are.' Instantly, a video scene appears... The setting is after the earth made new. Bethany is walking into the courts of heaven with an attitude of authority that commands respect. She walks and talks like the princess that she is. I watch her invite several thousand angels to accompany her, and with great joy, they...follow her."

"The Guide angel...addresses me...'Son of God your Father, brother of Jesus, spokesman and defender of the truth and the honor of God, and the Holy Spirit, and Jesus Christ who is the Savior to all throughout the universe, may I have the honor of taking your right hand to escort you to a place where you are to be taken?' I slowly raise my right hand and utter an 'Okay.' In disbelief with what the Guide just said and all I just observed, I am thinking 'What? Me? Who am I to deserve this?'"

In these few paragraphs the lying, the blasphemy, and the deceiving flattery come further out into the open. It is flagrant and disgusting. Human and Divine authority is conflated and the portrayal of it stinks of arrogance and pride. This is utter foolishness. This is witchcraft.

Humanity is an easy prey to deceptions which use pride and flattery to add sweet, self-exalting feelings to their fatal poisons. Here is the real, Biblical way to repel Satan and his angels:

"Satan had questioned whether Jesus was the Son of God. In his summary dismissal he had proof that he could not gainsay. Divinity flashed through suffering humanity. Satan had no power to resist the command. Writhing with humiliation and rage, he was forced to withdraw from the presence of the world's Redeemer. Christ's victory was as complete as had been the failure of Adam. "So we may resist temptation, and force Satan to depart from us. Jesus gained the victory through submission and faith in God, and by the apostle He says to us, “Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. Draw nigh to God, and He will draw nigh to you.” James 4:7, 8. We cannot save ourselves from the tempter's power; he has conquered humanity, and when we try to stand in our own strength, we shall become a prey to his devices; but “the name of the Lord is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe.” Proverbs 18:10. Satan trembles and flees before the weakest soul who finds refuge in that mighty name."  -The Desire of Ages, Pages 130, 131

"...avoid every question in relation to the humanity of Christ, which is liable to be misunderstood. Truth lies close to the track of presumption. In treating upon the humanity of Christ, you need to guard strenuously every assertion, lest your words be taken to mean more than they imply, and thus you lose or dim the clear perceptions of his humanity as combined with divinity."

-Lt 8, 1895, Baker, W. L. H., par. 15


Through the book, "The Living Temple" (Kellogg), Satan attacked the truth about God's nature and relationship to His people, many years ago. Jesus describes it as an "alpha" of an apostasy. We have been warned about an "omega" that was to come. Both involve spiritualism and seductive doctrines of demons being brought to God's people. Please review the pages referenced below concerning the nature of the "alpha" and compare it to the message being given through Ernie Knoll.

Testimonies for the Church Containing Letters to Physicians and Ministers Instruction to Seventh-Day Adventists, Pages 51-56



This analysis did not spend time on many of the instances of truth present in this dream. We will know what is true because God's Word and the Testimony of Jesus teaches them, not because fallen angels know them and repeat them. What we want to know is whether or not we are dealing with material consisting of a mixture of truth and error. We know that Jesus does not do that; however, Satan and his angels do use that strategy, all the time. This is an important principle of discernment to understand.

In this dream long and tedious efforts are made to establish flattering and blasphemous beliefs. Hints and suggestions are continually made to give the impression that humanity is, literally and biologically, part of Divinity. In this area we have truth and error lying close together. The material in this dream works hard to press truth and error together into closer contact, to confuse and deceive our minds, and to prepare the ground for more blatant falsehoods to come.

Much of the commentary on the apostate condition in the Seventh-day Adventist church is true. However, dealing accurately with apostasies in the church does not convert other statements of falsehood into truth. The demon impersonating Samuel in Endor told Saul much truth about his apostasy and its consequences. That does not mean demons are not deceivers who lie continually.

Again, we want to emphasize a primary mechanism of deception being used. Simultaneously proclaiming truths that uphold God's Moral Law and lies that destroy it produces cognitive dissonance in the human mind. This dissonance is a tension, a confusion, a destabilization which prepares a favorable mental and spiritual environment in which deceit can grasp hold and grow. Good can be seen as evil, evil can be seen as good; truth can be seen as error, and error can be seen as truth. And, all along the way, deep emotional hooks are implanted to give sweetness-appeal and the pull of warm feelings to the deception. This is precisely the technique Lucifer used in Heaven on the angels; and, again, on Adam and Eve in Eden.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

"Now, all these things happened unto them for examples, and they are written for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the world are come. Wherefore, let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall. There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but, will, with the temptation, also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it. Wherefore, my dearly beloved, flee from idolatry."  -1 Corinthians 10:11-14

"Sin is corrupting in its nature. One man infected with its deadly leprosy may communicate the taint to thousands. Those who occupy responsible positions as guardians of the people are false to their trust, if they do not faithfully search out and reprove sin. Many dare not condemn iniquity, lest they shall thereby sacrifice position or popularity. And by some it is considered uncharitable to rebuke sin. The servant of God should never allow his own spirit to be mingled with the reproof which he is required to give; but he is under the most solemn obligation to present the word of God, without fear or favor. He must call sin by its right name. Those who by their carelessness or indifference permit God's name to be dishonored by his professed people, are numbered with the transgressor,—registered in the record of Heaven as partakers in their evil deeds."  -The Signs of the Times, April 21, 1881, "The Sin of Achan", par. 17

By God's grace and His Word, we will identify sin and falsehood and call them by their right name, without fearing or favoring. We would be honest and true with all alike.

We want to renew our appeal to the Knolls and those still associated with them in support. Cut away this demonic evil and the doctrines of devils from yourselves. Value your souls, paid for with such a price by the real Jesus Christ of the Bible. Please, repent quickly. Time is very short.

"If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness."  -1 John 1:9

"For this is the love of God, that we keep His commandments: and His commandments are not grievous."  -1 John 5:3

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Ernie Knoll has a history of cheating with Candace. There are several prophecies that were not fulfilled, such as that in 2020, Nashville would be destroyed.

I did believe that the Adventist church became Babylon and we had to get out of there. I like that part of Ernie's dreams.

Here in Huancavelica-Peru, God spoke with a thunderous voice on a night in March 2018 (when they were bullying me), I sent that little news to Isabel Rincon in an email. She answered me: "We don't know who is bothering him, maybe it's demons, Pastor Ernie Knoll says it's not good to think about those things, fill your mind with the word.....". I wonder if Ernie is truly a prophet,…

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