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Legal Action Disclaimer

Dear Reader,

As admitted amateurs, we failed to consider the need for legal counsel in collecting and providing information found on the Surviving Ernie Knoll website. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.


Since the “Board of Directors'” email has been released, the website now contains a proper “fair use" disclaimer. The website and its affiliates have not taken any liberties to alter or falsify government documents, nor does it contain falsely manufactured dreams. If any changes have been made, they have been made to conceal the identity of individuals due to the sensitive nature of the content. Headlines or titles have been added to aid in navigation. There have been no significant malicious alterations to the body of ANY documents presented.

Blackmail has been mentioned on a number of occasions as one of the motives of the SEK Group exposing Ernie Knoll and his parties' sinister behavior. There has not been one occasion in which any of us have demanded payment or benefits from For My People Ministry or their supposed “Board of Directors" in return for not revealing compromising or damaging information about them. Of course in a typical fashion, a desire for God's wrath to be poured out on anyone who goes against their “ministry" is driven home to the reader in the attempt to intimidate. The "Board of Directors” that is mentioned repeatedly is reminiscent to the “Great Commission Council” in the sense that the title is used to manipulate the reader to believe trustworthy individuals have analyzed and approved the message distributed as fact. As of now, one police incident report from the state of Florida has been posted to the website. Also posted is evidence of name changes for two of Ernie Knoll's supposed wives which is public record easily verifiable, an order of protection petition for one of his victims, and evidence of Ernie recently fathering a son outside of his marriage to Becky.  None of which has been manufactured nor doctored with the exception of names blotted out for the purposes of requested privacy.

The most interesting statement to point out is the continual threat of legal action. An honest Bible student would question if said action was according to the Bible or Spirit of Prophecy's counsel and example. The SEK has not filed false police reports and they have not implied anything posted to be evidence of a warrant for arrest. None of the dreams have been concocted to our knowledge, but could possibly be done so by the original source, For My People Ministry.


Defamation of character could accurately be accounted to the actions of For My People Ministry as there has been evidence of false statements from them with the intent to mislead, grossly manipulate and defame those who are exposing the ungodly actions that they have attempted to cloak as God's instructions to His people.


Truth continues to be revealed from numerous sources around the world concerning the actions and instructions given by Ernie Knoll and For My People Ministry. As testimonies and evidence pour in, let God's love and power be revealed and His purpose will be done.


Please continue to pray for those in this "ministry" that are blinded, including Ernie, and those damaged by their former choice to follow For My People Ministry. ― Surviving Ernie Knoll

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