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By Their Fruits...Continued -- Ivory Webb

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

This document is a continuation of Ivory Webb's personal testimony presented in the video “By Their Fruits- A Response to Vance Ferrell" concerning her affiliation with Ernie Knoll and the For My People Ministry.

"To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them." Isaiah 8:20 

"I am pained beyond measure to see the little discernment existing among our people who have had so great light. They listen to a sermon that STIRS THEIR EMOTIONS, and the language of their hearts is, “Evermore give us the ministry of this man; he moves our hearts, he makes us feel.” THEY FORGET GOD, and praise AND EXALT THE MAN, to his injury and the injury of their own souls. 

When will those who claim to believe the truth cease from man whose breath is in his nostrils? When will they trust in God, make Him just what He is—all and in all?"—Lt 8, 1889

"He who holds the truth in unrighteousness, who declares his belief in it, and yet wounds it every day by his inconsistent life, is surrendering himself to the service of Satan and leading souls to ruin. This class hold intercourse with fallen angels and are aided by them in gaining the control of minds. When Satan’s bewitching power controls a person, God is forgotten, and man who is filled with corrupt purposes is extolled. Secret licentiousness is practiced by these deceived souls as a virtue. This is a species of witchcraft. The question of the apostle to the Galatians may well be asked: 'Who hath bewitched you, that ye should not obey the truth, before whose eyes Jesus Christ hath been evidently set forth, crucified among you?' There is always a bewitching power in heresies and in licentiousness. The mind is so deluded that it cannot reason intelligently, and an illusion is continually leading it from purity. The spiritual eyesight becomes blurred, and persons of hitherto untainted morals become confused under the delusive sophistry of those agents of Satan who profess to be messengers of light. It is this delusion which gives these agents power. Should they come out boldly and make their advances openly they would be repulsed without a moment’s hesitation; but they work first to gain sympathy and secure confidence in themselves as holy, self-sacrificing men of God. As His special messengers they then begin their artful work of drawing away souls from the path of rectitude by attempting to make void the law of God." 5T 142.1

Praise God for His word and the Holy Spirit in guiding His people to all truth. We pray for protection, we pray to be ready for Jesus’s return, we pray to be guided in Spirit and Truth and yet Satan exploits many of our desires if we are not grounded by the Word of God.

God alone is infallible, Jesus is Truth and by the grace of God, His Spirit will allow me to present my testimony blamelessly.

It pains me deeply to share what I have discovered in Satan making a mockery of God’s people by manipulating sincere followers of Christ. Below, I will do my best in presenting as much evidence as possible in how I have concluded that the For My People Ministry is not of God. Ernie Knoll and those closest to Him have been involved in secret activity that attempts to make void the law of God. Not only that, but by manipulative tactics, many have overlooked seemingly small errors in the dreams as well as lies in the midst of them. Followers of the dreams have deemed these messages from God for His people and are without error. 

It is common for us to hear of critics of this ministry and be drawn to believe all who discover heresies are inspired by the enemy of our souls and it is often repeated "the dreams are without error". It should have never been the case where we would relax and fail to test every messenger by the standard we are admonished to in His word. If we as Seventh-day Adventists don't believe in the doctrine “once saved, always saved", how do we apply that principle to any message that come from men claiming to speak for God? Is the way a message makes us feel evidence of divine inspiration?  Do they become the source of truth because they initially gave a word in line with scripture and the Spirit of Prophesy? Have we put them on the same level with God? Are we to test the prophets by miracles that seem to surround a ministry? We need to prayerfully consider these questions and commit to seeking God consistently, trusting no man above Him as we receive power to do so by God's Holy Spirit.

 “God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in Spirit AND in Truth.” John 4:24 

 “A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.   Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.   Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.” Matthew 7:18‭-‬20 ‬‬

 “...The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith,  meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.  And they that are Christ's have crucified the flesh with the affections and lusts.” Galatians 5:22‭-‬24 ‬‬

The labour of the righteous tendeth to life: the FRUIT of the WICKED to SIN.” Proverbs 10:16 

Whosoever committeth sin transgresseth also the law: for sin is the transgression of the law.” 1 John 3:4

To the Law AND to the Testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.” Isaiah 8:20

Sadly, around mid-October 2013, I became aware of the claims against Ernie where he received a message calling certain individuals to wear the “uniform".  An email was sent out with clarifying instructions supposedly given to Ernie Knoll in a dream from “The Guide Angel". 

Here is a section from that email:

“The shirt (camisole) that is suggested is like the v neck and regular camisoles that Becky and IsabeI purchased at Forever 21. The camisole is thin and that the coloration of her nipples is shown though the cloth but the cloth is not sheer or see through. Becky will show those when we get to Florida what she wears if they want. Becky was also instructed to wear revealing provocative tops as well as dresses. She is to in all strive to wear as revealing clothes as she can.  Becky has been told she is to have a mindset that she strives to be an exhibitionist. 

We talked of how we are to strive to be a part of the 144,000. Those that are 

clothing worn. The only time a skirt would not be worn is those time when shorts need to be worn like when a woman is having her period. 

Other times would be allowed to wear shorts and slacks but the skirt should be what is always worn except for those times that warrant slacks or shorts. In other words there are times when a woman is not having her period but slacks or shorts would be ideal. Like cold weather, going through tall sharp grass. 

Common sense should come into play here and the individual should be able to comprehend what should be worn depending on the situation. So basically, going to the mall, to the store, shopping, picking up kids at school, running errands - skirts. Walking through tall briar laden grass, digging a ditch, cold freezing weather - slacks or shorts. Again common sense. 

The length of the skirt is to be short where it comes just below the butt cheek. If an individual is concerned when sitting down, that part of their butt or vaginal area may come in contact with something of the seat. I was told for those that have this concern it would be better for the individual to lift the back of their skirt and sit totally butt naked on the seat. The angel said where is the faith of being concerned of contaminants. The individual should sit on what cloth there is on the bottom of the skirt or dress and give no second thought. I was told that the skirt for only the select individuals should be short. The weight and size of the individual should be taken in to consideration. It was also understood that the individual would practice clean hygiene after going to the bath room. For example using a 'wet one'. 

The skirt is to come just below the butt cheek of a standing person. No concern should be made as to when they sit down. The thin or narrow spaghetti strapped camisole is to be thin enough but not clear, sheer or transparent. 

The subject of temperature was discussed. If while we aring the uniform an individual goes into the cold or freezer part of a store the individual is to endure the cold. If the muscles contract it was explained that the this would facilitate the working of the muscles and the lymph system. If sitting in a place that is cool like a restaurant the individual is to endure. I was taken from this dream for a moment to be shown how those in prison would be made to sit and in some cases almost reach hyperthermia.


Foremost each is to remember we are to strive. It will not be easy. Was it easy for what Jesus had to do. 

Did He not strive. We all need to know and understand that we will have a song to sing, a story to share of what we endured for Him. 

Becky and I will be staying at I believe Cypress Cove and we are to meet with any that come over. (At least we think that is where we stayed last year.) Before we had decided not to stay there as we had a concern with those that might seek us out to show that we were nudist staying at a nudist place. We were told to not have a concern. 

After the dream, while I was typing this email, we received a call from the Honda dealer. It looks like the Honda (not the dealer) will cover all most all of the cost of the car repairs as well as the large towing bill. The car should be ready by tomorrow afternoon to be picked up. 

We look forward to getting together in Florida in a few weeks. 

Again, I will mention to NOT print out this email as we do not want it to fall in to the hands of those that would use it against this ministry. With your group talk about the clear direction that needs to be taken. Think of how God is calling His women. 

Think of how many are called but few are chosen or will choose to follow what He asks. Who can have a heart set that they want to wear what He asked and have a mindset of being an exhibitionist? If you do have questions, I ask that you contact Isabel, (sorry Isabel) It is our prayer that each ponders what has been shown. 

May God bless as we continue on in faith."

After learning this, I immediately reached out to a member of the FMPM close to Ernie Knoll with questions as I do not believe I had phone contact information for him at that time. Shortly after I received a phone call from Ernie with an explanation. In short, he used biblical references of times when men were called in the bible to do things that were against God’s law for a specific purposes. Usually to demonstrate the condition of the church and the plan of salvation. I accepted what he said to be true without taking his statements to God solely due to me believing the dreams he received were without error. The reason he said people were being called to be ultimately nude after they became comfortable in the uniform was to prepare them to serve, comfort and heal people imprisoned in concentration camps. At least one other person affiliated with the ministry offered to show me proof that people in the holocaust were stripped naked and that is what is to be expected. Those chosen would stand out if clothed. So, they would need to prepare beforehand.

I have come to understand clearly, now, that a woman has never been called to reveal herself in public at any time, by God. For both genders, nudity in preparation for duty is NOT biblical. Besides the obvious in the email, one of the most disturbing points suggested was that a woman was to have a “mindset that she strives to be an exhibitionist”. Error! We are to have a mindset to strive to be like CHRIST! And our beloved Jesus Christ, our Savior, did not have the mindset of an exhibitionist.

“Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus:” Philippians 2:5 

But ultimately, I ended up being distracted from my concerns when Ernie arranged for my testimony supporting the dreams to be filmed in California. The ministry team gave us money for clothes, a pair of shoes, a round trip travel ticket, food, $1000+ laptop and for my husband to take off work in order to care for our children while I filmed with the ministry. Everyone was very attentive, seemingly “down to earth", and kind. I received the laptop to do a work for the ministry. I was told there was an unpublished dream, I believe titled “The Pentecostal” and in it there was a call for brochures or the sort to go out in order to win souls for Christ. A few weeks passed before I finally inquired about the assignment which I was told I would be a part of, but nothing ever came of it. After my research, I noticed my experience paralleled to some common brainwashing techniques. Seems plausible that this is why I was easily able to push a number of red flags under the rug. One does not have to search far to learn of them, but even if not done intentionally, by man, evil angels are well aware and can lead unconsecrated men to accomplish the goals of the enemy. Ernie has scoffed at the suggestion when mind control was mentioned as to how he has been able to deceive many. He deflected the claim and implied it would be impossible for him to do so which is a deception in itself. All brainwashing and mind control are not solely accomplished with live interaction as Ernie has implied in the By Their Fruits video. Media and literature have also been used for years as a form of hypnosis. Many of us can see that in a simple commercial. A quick search of “cult induction” or “hypnotic writing" can give an idea of how they have been used, successfully, on the unguarded mind.

Shortly after my video testimony was filmed, I was invited to join a small group which met on the phone every Sabbath except on the 3rd Sabbath of the month when there was an open service. Initially the group included Ernie. We would cycle through reading the dreams after testimony and prayer. I thought this to be wonderful. I was excited to be part of the group who was chosen to fellowship with “God's last prophet". But over time I noticed how much those in the ministry took every word he spoke as law without test.  While I consider quite a few victims, many of the followers of the dreams are not blameless in Ernie's ego being so large. For example, we all would call each other using three way or conference calling from our phones. Often it would take up to 15 minutes to connect everyone. The connections were hardly stable and it became the norm that we would have to start all over if a line in the chain dropped. On the third Sabbath, the ministry would meet using a conference call service. So, I suggested we do the same with a free version in order to preserve reverence in our meetings. Especially with reverence being one of the reasons we were told not to attend churches in apostasy as many lack reverence during Sabbath services.  During that time, Ernie wasn’t connecting as often and no one wanted to do the conference calling without his approval outside of the 3-way calling even though basic logic should have allowed us to agree. It was considered responsible or even required of those connected to the ministry to reach out to Ernie for approval.  Not a huge red flag for me as it is typical for people to consult their spiritual leaders with decisions.

Over time there were more slight concerns, but compliance and blind faith was my first response. “Blessed be the ones who believe before the evidence mounts" How many of us have repeated that?  The repetition of that statement has the potential to be a form of self-hypnosis. It is not in line with Hebrew 11:1 which tells us that faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. We HAVE evidence of what we don't see. Evidence is not lacking in the word of God, but Ernie's “faith admonition” suggest we have faith with a LACK of evidence. 

No true doctrine will lose anything by close investigation. We are living in perilous times, and it does not become us to accept everything claimed to be truth without examining it thoroughly. Many who claim to believe the truth have settled down at their ease, saying, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing.”—The Review and Herald, December 20, 1892

Many in the For My People Ministry have expressed to me that we are not to question anything that Ernie Knoll may tell us because his dreams, correspondence and recently stated in the most current dream, his lips will never have apostasy come from them. They proclaim all coming from the ministry is infallible.

Around October 2016, I was contacted by a former pastor of the FMPM. He stated Ernie Knoll had multiple wives and there was baby born in the midst. To be honest, all I processed was multiple wives. I overlooked the message concerning a baby for odd some reason. He stated that “a lot of this I have said about Ernie Knoll you have said I was lying but now it's all finally coming out to the light. One of his wives that you know pleaded with us to rescue her out of the hell she was living in with Ernie.  You don't know what is going on in their home. It's horrible…” Of course, I didn't believe such a thing could ever happen with someone claiming to be of God.  Still, I reached out to Ernie, before God, which I regret. He scoffed at the allegation and reminded me I had been to his house and saw only Isabel and Becky were there. “Multiples wives??? You know her, Becky.” Again, I was distracted immediately from my concern and was told to contact another family in the ministry so we could meet once a month and the ministry will pay for the conference room and other supplies including items to have communion like the Apopka church. Well, that did not go as expected. When I presented the bill, he told me I misunderstood when I was sure of what he said. I was confused as to why he changed his mind. I considered he was forgetful. Even still, I found his word at least inaccurate.

There were a few other instances that I found to be of another spirit that I may address at another time, but I still decided to keep my faith in the dreams with a question mark around the rest of the ministry members for their seemingly off behavior. 

I went back to having meetings on Sabbath with the original group, a couple of additions and one “observer”. The “observer" spoke when spoken to, but I never noticed this was a calling given by the ministry which I understand is similar to what Catholic monks and other occult members, with vows of silence, are called to do. As Seventh-day Adventist Christians we have a message. I firmly believe God has not called anyone to be just an observer. Are we to testify of Jesus and give the third angel’s message solely as an observer? That is confusing at the least.

Here is portion of the dream in order for all to test the spirit behind that calling:

“Next I am shown Beverly and I am also shown Bianca at the same time. (Bianca is our Dutch translator in St. Martin) I am reminded of how Bianca had a problem of approaching people on the beach (nude) and witnessing to them when the Holy Spirit had not prepared them. I was shown how Bianca was shown to walk quietly, look into the eyes of those as she passes, smile and continue on. 

Beverly, you are to cease all forms of witnessing, teaching, sharing, instructing, etc.... You are to (in church) sit, do not speak unless asked a question. You are to not witness. You are not to hand out tracts, DVD’s, or anything unless instructed to by this ministry (from God). You are to (at the pool) sit, rest and if someone looks at you smile but do not talk unless a question is asked. You are not to open the discussion nor speak of health, diet, religion. If an individual (through the Holy Spirit) ask you something you may briefly share but that this will be a short conversation. You are not to reply with a long lesson or teaching of information. 

You are to be the one who listens and the one who is to not talk. 

You are to sit, listen and heal. You are NOT to teach, share or witness, but to sit with lips shut tight except to smile but with your ears and eyes wide open. I was told you need to heal but that involves not being involved but simply a listener. As you walk in your uniform look in to the eyes of those that look at you, if they smile, smile back. Do not speak. In the pool, listen to others and do not speak. You are to heal by listening. 

I do not think there is any need to ask questions as it was very clear in the angels instructions. So, I will NOT say if you have any questions email. Obviously, you will not be calling.”

It saddens me to know that one has been instructed not to speak of Jesus that has loved us enough to suffer as He did. This calling has the signature of Catholic monk or the occult practices of long term vows of silence which we as Seventh-day Adventists are not called to reflect especially in the time we are in.

"'Behold the Lamb of God which taketh away the sin of the world.' We are to proclaim the third angel’s message with our human voices, and it is to go to the world with power and glory." SpTA03 47.2

On our weekly conference calls, I enjoyed the fellowship and I especially love all the people in this ministry dearly. I hurt for those who hurt as well. Many are very dear to my heart as I can discern the sincerity and the desire to do all God would have us do in this critical time.

On Facebook, I have befriended quite a few people associated with the ministry and became rather close with this young couple living near Dallas, TX.  Shortly after connecting with them, a family member of theirs brought to their attention the information about the “uniform” calling. The husband, Jeremy, asked me if I was aware of the nudity which stirred me once again concerning the topic. I confirmed it as true and referred him to the video my testimony was attached to, “By Their Fruits a Response to Vance Ferrell” and the sermon “Symbols and Commandments" as I knew they contained the rebuttals for this issue that continued to convince and soothed objections. I actually voiced to Jeremy I once had concerns but to keep the faith! I reached out to others in the ministry asking how they handled the opposition personally and they responded that it was just rumors. And if anyone asks, I am to present it is a “rumor with no proof. For them that is" even if it is true. I couldn’t get my head around people calling something admitted as true, by the party in question, as a rumor. Hearing that, I came to the conclusion that many are not aware of the “uniform calling".

On Facebook, I have befriended quite a few people associated with the ministry and became rather close with this young couple living near Dallas, TX.  Shortly after connecting with them, a family member of theirs brought to their attention the information about the “uniform” calling. The husband, Jeremy, asked me if I was aware of the nudity which stirred me once again concerning the topic. I confirmed it as true and referred him to the video my testimony was attached to, “By Their Fruits a Response to Vance Ferrell” and the sermon “Symbols and Commandments" as I knew they contained the rebuttals for this issue that continued to convince and soothed objections. I actually voiced to Jeremy I once had concerns but to keep the faith! I reached out to others in the ministry asking how they handled the opposition personally and they responded that it was just rumors. And if anyone asks, I am to present it is a “rumor with no proof. For them that is" even if it is true. I couldn’t get my head around people calling something admitted as true, by the party in question, as a rumor. Hearing that, I came to the conclusion that many......

It seemed the young couple was satisfied with the ministry’s response well enough that they no longer expressed doubt. From my understanding, the couple started to build a closer relationship with Becky and Ernie ;corresponding often via email. 

Then January 6th, 2019, I received a message on Facebook from the wife, Megan. It stated, “I'm sorry. I cannot follow the dreams anymore. Ernie has asked to video call with me and my husband. He has been given instructions that I wear a sheer see through shirt. And a skater skirt with no bra and a skirt with no undergarments. I have been given many examples of why God would ask me of this. But being told that it is for restitution for a sin that we have committed does not fall in line with SOP or the bible. If you feel that this is what God wants us to do. Then please pray for us. But I cannot it is not in line with dress reform. I cannot see it as biblical to dress in front of my children this way.”

Reading her distress and calling out to God praying for her and her husband who was now also in major distress, I felt helpless. But I know who loved them so that is where I went for help. As they told me all that was said to them, my eyes started to open. I can't remember praying so much for clarity and answers concerning the ministry. Generally, if there was a question concerning opposition toward Ernie, I would ask someone connected to the ministry. But this time I prayed as if lives depended on it because finally I see they do, eternal life. From what was expressed to me, the husband felt if he rejected the call, he would lose his salvation as others in the FMPM have according to the dreams. Christopher and Nelson Cruz had come to the same conclusion in rejecting due to the unbiblical call to wear this unholy “uniform”, being nude in front of AND with children among other reasons. They were made an example of in the messages receiving a sentence in the dreams of lifetime torment and utter destruction void of God's Spirit. Many have hesitated to doubt because of the fear associated with any criticism of the messages and the messenger. From being swallowed by a sinkhole to being eaten by bears, the “threats" toward critics are fearful. While punishment for rejecting God's true prophets is biblical, God's Spirit can testify that Ernie Knoll is not one of God's.

The young couple shared with me that their call to wear the “uniform” was for restitution of tithes sent to an orphanage rather than to a "worthy ministry" that has "the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth". They were being punished with a sentence of the wife being exposed for a lifetime. There were a number of concerns that woke me up out of this trance of tolerating these heresies. Ernie originally stated the uniform was in preparation for nudity connected to God's people being persecuted in concentration camps. 

Now it is being used as a punishment? When the couple inquired deeper asking if they declined, were they lost? Ernie's answered, no. Their calling will just be given to someone else like Hazen Foss (I think he meant William Foy)  Ok…. So, the “punishment" or “restitution” requirements will be passed to someone else? Many holes are in his response to their rejection. Hearing this started to make everything clear that we were being deceived. Ernie also mentioned to the couple they should be grateful because others were given a more difficult calling. A couple in Dominica was told they need to give restitution by having sex in front of their children. This has been expressed live on video chat by Ernie.

Ernie stated in his latest dream apostasy will never fall from his lips. Yet the angel told him it would be easier for the wife, Megan, to accept when clearly that was not true as she has refused where the husband was the one who has more difficulty refuses a request from who he considered “God's final prophet”. It has been widely stated even on film that no one called to wear the “uniform” was asked to do so without having their own personal dream that confirms the calling. While it is very possible Satan can push identical thoughts, he can also produce duplicate dreams. Still there are at least two people who refute that claim. The young couple testified that they NEVER received a dream stating they would be called to wear the “uniform” or to be nude as that is what the “uniform” was to prepare one for. The “angel” was completely wrong as the tithe is also being returned due to some sort of error in the system.

The Lord lead us to be aware of the workings of Satan in the Beware of Angels documentary where there was a Seventh-day Adventist study group who began to pray for representatives from heaven to come and speak to them. This opened a door for evil angels to come as angels of light. There is documentation that Ernie has had a similar experience being upset with God. He challenged God to come and speak to him if he really loved him. Never expected Him to do so seeming to make the point that he did not believe that the God of heaven was a God who loved his children as Ernie was upset with his financial dilemmas.

In the Beware of Angels documentary, the study group convinced the believers to steal and ultimately murder making void the law of God. The group believed they received a message from heaven. They believed they had no choice in their heart but to believe or they would be what was called “totaled” which was described as their spirit removed from them and replaced with evil spirits. It is dangerous that Ernie Knoll has convinced his followers that when testing his dreams, we are not required at all times to use the standard “to the law and the testimony” or by properly examining the fruit of the Spirit. Like the SDA group in the documentary, which was also visited by variously named angels, the angels convinced them to break God’s law. If a prophet can come and tell us God said to break a commandment for a special symbolic purpose or to prepare for a special lifelong calling, who is to say they would stop there. 

There is a statement on archangels the narrator made in the documentary which is not accurate, but the information concerning the case is very helpful in understanding what we are dealing with as well as the potential of great tragedy in not taking God's word for it.

The most heartbreaking document I have received is one of a father and husband whose family seems to have been destroyed by this ministry. He reported that his daughter, one of the three sisters we have been told of, the one referred to as Mary in one of the most recent dreams was being consummated as a sort of spiritual wife by Ernie. At the time, she wasn’t more than 17 years old when it started. I believe, Ernie, Becky (who is not ignorant), and at least the three sisters are said to have gone to an island nudist resort during the time we who are associated with the ministry, were told “Ernie and Becky were taken or 'poofed' by angels to an island to rest” for about two months or so. Sadly, the oldest of the sisters became pregnant and the alleged biological father is Ernie Knoll. The distressed couple mentioned Ernie saying there was a little boy at the house who called him “daddy” because he has no other father. The little boy is around 3 years old as Ernie mentioned the boy was close in age to their boy. The mother of the boy’s father stated his grandson has Ernie's face. The “symbolic relevance” has not been revealed by a testimony as of yet, but Praise God the youngest daughter was able to “escape" after secretly contacting her father for help.   

After the young girl “escaped", the ministry was told we needed to pray for her return. It was emphasized a great deal to where we were told we should not eat before we prayed for her. We were told that she was in danger living with a man in a cult religion, I believe Scientology was mentioned which is odd in light of these revelations. The most important reason we were to pray was because "Jesus could not return until she did".

Satan has been able to use another group called the Lord Our Righteousness Church where a man named Wayne Bent claims to represent Jesus in the flesh, having his followers to now call him Michael. He too, as a former SDA pastor, has convinced a number of God's daughters to have sex with him because of a direct command of God to do so. Even taking his own daughter in-law to take part in unlawful activity. It is astonishing the extent this leader has taken this group,

The young couple, mentioned in this testimony, declined Ernie’s request to violate God’s standard of attire for His daughters. Which probably did not sit well with him. Ernie mentioned a new unfinished dream that would be posted soon and very soon after it was mentioned to me, the dream was posted. The Holy Spirit told us to beware of reading or watching any videos from the FMPM  because of what we have found out.  It seems providential that a new dream came out just as our eyes were being opened.  In the new dream posted, “Barren Ground”, the dream seemed rushed before it was edited properly. It seems the quotations are misplaced and after “The Guide” angel exalts himself, Ernie follows by exalting himself as well. He states his name is truth. It takes a lot to make Ernest or Earnest to mean truth. In the context Sister White expresses earnest in her writings is refers to being serious or zeal, but not so much in reference to accuracy or “truth".

In the dream “Entertainment vs Truth”, there is a link for reference when Ernie declared his name meant truth. On this site, the public is able to add name meanings. It is suspicious that this is the only website that directly states any variation of Ernest to mean truth. This triggered the thought at how Ernie once went so far to prove he was a legitimate prophet by fabrication with Candace and the Great Commission Counsel deception. I am currently waiting on a reply from the site owners for the date the nomination for “truth" was added to the website. As of now, it is listed as submitted anonymously.

Many don’t remember that Candace was said to also receive messages for Ernie from an angel. She was both said to be made up by Ernie as well are said to be an evil angel giving messages to Ernie. Both scenarios were sent out in a letter supposedly by Becky.  Technically I am sure that was the case as she still writes letters on her husband's behalf to this day. But that does not mean Ernie was unaware and did not approve of what was written. In one of Ernie’s videos he said he knew deep down the dreams were from God which implies he at least reluctantly participated in the written body of the apology and confession. Now before Ernie's commonly accepted repentance declaration, Candace supposedly gave a message to Ernie for women to show their form with revealing clothing in public because it somehow was pleasing for God to see. There was no mention of concentration camps or restitution. 

This following is a testimony from before Ernie’s “repentance”:

September 1, 2009—Note from David: “My family and I attended a meeting where Ernie spoke, and Candace was mentioned as if she was some sort of liaison for heaven. It seemed a lot of decisions were made by her and many instructions were given through her. I found this odd and unscriptural."

“Then the undergarment topic surfaced. The angel told Candace that God loves the form of the woman, and that He wanted it to be shown. Bras were chains and they needed to be removed. Tight see-through tops were to be worn, and the angel told Candace that the tighter the top the more faith you have. The women were instructed to wear this around non-Adventist, because a stranger would have no reason to stop you and open conversation; church members would more than likely stare. This was presented to us all as the Word of God by the angel through Candace.”

Is the angel that communicated through Candace still giving instruction to Ernie? 

While I continue to pray for guidance and for the Spirit of Truth to reveal the genuine Truth, this was a painful ordeal to put together. I found myself in tears often when I consider the damage done. Minds have been manipulated by Satan. Some have even left the faith because of their experience with this ministry. We all have been deceived. Should be no surprise because God's word says the very elect would be. I consider why I personally was allowed to be connected with this ministry. My experience brought me into a closer relationship with God. A tragic accident has the potential to do that as well. It was not the dreams who brought me closer to the heart of Jesus. It was Jesus despite what Satan would have us be.

It is constantly repeated “there is no error”. If there is one error it should be deemed as uninspired.The fact that the dreams hardly promoted a love for those who Christ died for should have been evidence enough. 

Ernie Knoll is NOT truth. For that title belongs to Jesus who is the Truth, the Life, our Righteousness and Salvation.... Ernie stated that many around him don't know who he represents. With all the dishonesty from the inception of this ministry, it is concluded he represents the Father of Lies.

Honestly, I am not here to condemn anyone associated with the ministry. God has redeemed men and women who have done worse than these. Still, I could not walk away in silence when my testimony has endorsed these dreams as a ministry of God and without ANY doubt the Holy Spirit and God's word has clearly revealed otherwise. This has been a humbling experience as I have shared these dreams and supported with tithe for almost 10 years with a desire to work for the souls of God's people.  My mission today is to be a vessel used in opening the eyes of those who are willing to see. The close of probation is closer than many realize. Jesus is coming and false Christs, prophets and teachers coming in the name of the Lord will not cease to attempt destroy God’s Church and their faith. There may be things we have to relearn while refusing to lean on our own understanding concerning God's word. God is faithful, forgiving and willing to answer our prayers.

 Please watch and pray because the devil is at war with the Remnant Church and what is not grounded in His word and lead by His Spirit with be shaken out. This has been a season of shining light in dark places. Remember to the law and the testimony, if they speak not according to God’s word there is no light in them. You will know them By Their Fruits!

"The Lord gave me a message for this fanaticism, for the beautiful principles of Bible truth were being eclipsed. Men and women, supposed to be guided by the Holy Spirit, held meetings in a state of nudity.

These men and women were not bad, but they were deceived and deluded. In the past they had been blessed with a consciousness that they had a knowledge of the truth, and they had accomplished much good; but Satan was molding the work, and sensuality was the result. The cause of God was dishonored. Truth, sacred truth, was leveled in the dust by human agencies." 21MR 129.3

"The greatest care should be exercised concerning those who claim to receive revelations from God. There needs to be much close watching and much praying. Those who are acting a part in the great work for these last days need to counsel together in regard to every new thing that shall be introduced, for no one man's mind is to be left to judge of, or to place before the public, important matters which have a relation to the cause of 

God." (2 SM 91).

"No soul can resort to prevarication or dishonesty in handling the Lord’s goods, and stand guiltless before God. All who do this deny Christ in action, while they profess to keep and teach the commandments of God. They do not maintain the principles of God’s law. If those who see the truth do not change in character corresponding to the sanctifying influence of the truth, they will be a savor of death unto death. They will misrepresent the truth, bring a reproach upon it, and dishonor Christ, who is truth." —Manuscript 168, 1898

"I was asked how this could be if the visions were all false. I told them that it was Satan’s purpose to mingle truth with error, that through these deceptive exercises he might make of none effect the genuine work of God. From that time all their many visions ceased. What has become of those who had the visions, and those who encouraged them? Several now living are skeptics, have no belief in the gifts of the church, no faith in the truth, no religion at all. Such, I have been shown, is the sure result of spurious visions." 2SM 77.4

"Errors will come in, and strange doctrines will be advocated. Some will depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils." —Letter 79, 1905

"Satan’s angels are wise to do evil, and they will create that which some will claim to be advanced light, and will proclaim it as new and wonderful; yet while in some respects the message may be truth, it will be mingled with human inventions, and will teach for doctrine the commandments of men. If there was ever a time when we should watch and pray in real earnest, it is now. Many apparently good things will need to be carefully considered with much prayer, for they are specious devices of the enemy to lead souls in a path which lies so close to the path of truth that it will be scarcely distinguishable from it. But the eye of faith may discern that it is diverging, though almost imperceptibly, from the right path.At first it may be thought positively right, but after a while it is seen to be widely divergent from the way which leads to holiness and heaven. My brethren, I warn you to make straight paths for your feet, lest the lame be turned out of the way. —Undated Manuscript 111. Ev 590.1

"And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light." 2 Corinthians 11:14 

"Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves." Matthew 7:15 

"And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.   And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.   But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved." Matthew 24:11‭-‬13


Note: This is a condensed version of my testimony. Others will be presenting theirs in the near future. There may also be legal action taken.

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