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Surviving Ernie Knoll -- Jeremy & Megan Serrato

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Dear brothers and sisters,

My name is Jeremy Serrato. My wife, Megan and I, had been following Ernie Knoll and the For My People Ministry (FMPM) since 2015.

As many already know, Knoll had begun receiving dreams back in 2005. Until a few short weeks ago, I believed that God had been sending messages to Knoll for the preparation and edification of His church in these last days.

His dreams have most certainly been controversial, as many have rebuked open sin and false teachings within the Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) Church.

The main purpose of this testimony is to reach others involved in FMPM, including those in leadership. We hope to present a kind, honest, yet compelling testimony. By writing this, we have purposed to once again make our hearts vulnerable and to relive our own version of this trauma, sympathizing and hoping to relate with others through similar experiences, and to inspire others to awake.

We also hope our testimony will encourage others to come out boldly with their own experiences. It is our understanding that, moving forward, many more will begin to speak out in regards to the things that will be addressed.

By God's grace, we pray that we will give an accurate account of the truth, as it is in Jesus. If you are willing, please take this time to pray, asking for God for the guidance of His Spirit as you read through these documents.

We love you all, and have no desire to needlessly expose or hurt anyone in writing this. It was never our desire to write this. Concerning Matthew 18:15, you will see that there have been numerous attempts to privately address increasing concern. You may also find dozens of others who have had the same testimony. “One witness shall not rise up against a man for any iniquity, or for any sin, in any sin that he sinneth: at the mouth of two witnesses, or at the mouth of three witnesses, shall the matter be established.” (Deuteronomy 19:15) There have been far more than 2 or 3 witnesses. The evidence is here and it is well established. It is now time to respectfully bring it to the attention of the Church.

Concerning the dreams, we would regularly compare each statement with the Bible and SOP. We did not have issues with the doctrines themselves. It was a combination of these two things that began to change our perceptions:

The Divine Mission of FMPM

The Fruits of FMPM

We never knew Knoll personally, but we did know his wife, Becky Knoll (or so we thought). For the most part, our relationship was a blessing. It wasn’t until later that we learned of the unpublished fruits of this ministry. It is our honest conviction that there is a major controversy taking place of the highest magnitude. Upon learning of these things, the way in which God has lead us, and the means by which He has worked through us, has been astounding to say the least. Knowing what we know now, It would be unwise, even foolish, for us to hold our peace.

“But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman's hand. So thou, O son of man, I have set thee a watchman unto the house of Israel; therefore thou shalt hear the word at my mouth, and warn them from me.” Ezekiel 33:5-7

“Woe unto them that seek deep to hide their counsel from the LORD, and their works are in the dark, and they say, Who seeth us? and who knoweth us?” Isaiah 29:15

Note: If you are unable to read the whole testimony but want to see the evidence for the claims, you can reference website has unpublished dreams, private instructions, documentation, resources, and helpful information on how to survive Ernie Knoll and the For My People Ministry. There is much work to be done, but by God’s grace, and through much prayer, it will continue to grow. There are original emails, correspondence, and testimonies of former members and believers.

Some of the statements shown in the correspondence on could be considered gossip or rumor. For example, text messages from a daughter to father, concerning her life in the ministry, may be thrown aside as false information. After all, it is simply considered her testimony. This information must be taken with responsibility.

It is very important to understand that this information is NOT for everybody. We do not intend for it to needlessly fall into the wrong hands. Sensitive minds and children are not encouraged to read this material. In addition, those who struggle with sexually-related sins and perversities should be very aware. Ultimately, those who believe they are being called by the Spirit should research the information with the help and protection of God.

This particular testimony was written from our point of view. It is important to understand our thought process, as many others will be coming from a similar viewpoint. Hopefully, it will help to expose what we believe to be one of Satan’s most deeply rooted strategies against God's remnant Church.

There is much to cover.

The Following is Another Testimony about FMPM


Since 2015, I had followed the dreams with a powerful zeal. Upon reading them, I remember thinking they spoke directly to my conscience. Every question, including my convictions, concerning the condition of the SDA church, were answered with supernatural clarity. Many messages deeply convicted me, specifically those which addressed our need for revival and reformation. Other messages, though I knew to be true, were not so easy to receive, as they had rebuked false beliefs. For example: The observance of the Jewish feast days.

On August 11, 2015, the very first email I sent included this portion:

“I have had these same convictions of the Adventist Church for years. I felt very happy that someone would address these issues.”

Note: It wasn't until later that I realized my convictions were being exploited.

When I read the dreams, I was completely captivated. I would envision myself as though I were in Ernie’s shoes. I felt as though I was the one being led through this incredible journey. Every new dream was like watching the plot of the most mind-bending movie unfold. My thoughts were brought into heavenly realms. I would have amazing revelations throughout my reading experiences. Filled with emotion, tears, and absorbed in thought, for the first time, I was learning truths that shook me to the core.

Note: It wasn't until later that I more fully realized one of Satan's main purposes; to exploit the truth.

Contrary to what some have said, the dreams taught many of us how to better “test the spirits” and to discern between true and false teachings. We were strengthened in our convictions that the Bible was our only safeguard and that the Spirit of Prophecy (SOP) was also to be studied with great diligence. We learned that our hearts must be prepared because Jesus is coming! It was not only true doctrines we learned through the dreams, the dreams seemed to point to Christ and the true character of God.

Note: Unfortunately, along with accepting this new relationship with what I believed to be God and His truth, we also accepted the divine mission and authority of FMPM. It wouldn’t be until later that I would realize that the dreams are the Trojan Horse. Hiding within would be fanaticism and a total submission to FMPM.

I immediately went to work, spreading the messages as best I could. Shortly after reading the dreams, I learned of the critics of Knoll. I was very concerned and surprised to see how much negativity was directed toward him. I read the book, the Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth, vol. 1, “A Response to the Critics”, and soon realized that their allegations were not supported by scripture. I saw how eloquently the Bible and SOP were used to explain and defend, both the doctrines in the dreams, and the calling of the ministry. As I beheld the beauty, I saw such consistency-an impenetrable defense. Even though the Truth Books (vols. 1 & 2) were written by multiple people (excluding Knoll), it was as though written by one author.

One day, I emailed a portion of one of the dreams to some friends and family. I received an email from my grandfather, and a lady, speaking of the sexual licentiousness of Knoll.

At the time, I simply assumed that this was a rumor-another false claim. It wasn’t until later that I realized what was happening; I had been learning to disregard claims before doing any investigation. It happened so subtly. I got to the place where I tested doctrines and truths, but never thought to question the ministry itself. I would reason that all the material on their website was sufficient to explain any concern I may have, even though I may not understand it all. It wasn't until later that I realized that when anyone questioned the dreams of Knoll, I disregarded them, thinking they would be as wrong, and their claims, as unsubstantiated, as the critics in the Truth Book.

Note: Many followers of FMPM don’t believe they are following man. They truly believe they are following and obeying God’s commands. In fact, (outside of the ministry) the opinion of man becomes strangely insignificant. I began to believe that every counsel was divinely inspired; every word spoken, law. I can confidently say, I would have died defending these messages. If I had been asked to do anything, I would have done it without question, as though requested by the mouth of God Himself.

Note: We must be careful what we ask for!

Upon receipt of the emails from my grandfather and the lady, I sent Becky an email inquiring:

“Hello, can you please explain this to me? I heard this as a reason why my Grandfather would not read your books. I also heard it from another Adventist lady. Now I found the website that I believe is the cause of this confusion.

She replied by saying:

“In our video titled, “By Their Fruits,” we addressed the issue about nudity as stated below: ‘At the end of the information about Jill, false statements are made about nudity and about a young lady living in my home. I have never had such a person living with me. It is a boldfaced lie that can be proven by eyewitnesses. Then Ferrell accuses me of having no contact with Jill since our visit. This is another lie that can be proven by the emails Becky and I sent to her.’”

I received the answer without question. I then disregarded it as another false claim.

Note: From the excerpt in the video, “By Their Fruits,” any standard thinking mind would read Becky’s response as follows:

“...we addressed the issue about nudity. . . .false statements are made about nudity. . . .

It is a boldfaced lie.”

It wasn't until later that I realized she had intentionally misled me. She didn't want me to know the “whole truth.”

It is also important to note that it wasn’t until later, after things got much more difficult, that I began to more deeply study the video, “By Their Fruits.”

As time progressed, I became steadily more filled with “faith” in regards to what I believed to be the divinely inspired mission and authority of the ministry; to preach the Straight Testimony to the Laodiceans, calling them to repentance as did Elijah and John the Baptist of old. I believed we were to prepare ourselves in a special way to be among the 144,000.

In late 2017, I began speaking with my uncle. I had been trying to minister to him, hoping to introduce him to the dreams. January, 2018, he kindly told me he believes the dreams are from Satan. He added some more strange information about Knoll, asking if I had ever heard of “Isaiah Walk.” I didn't know what to think. As I had been doing, I naturally rested in the assurance of the many false claims of the critics.

Within a few weeks, my uncle also met with my Mother-in-law, who at the time, also believed in the dreams. She told me she had met with my uncle and was afraid to tell me. Because of what was told her, she renounced the dreams, but after speaking to me, decided to recommit to FMPM. I had told her that the information presented was false; that Knoll had many critics, fabricating different lines of distraction. This was, after all, what I believed. It was, after all, what I was supposed to believe.

I emailed Becky with an update:

“Please pray for my family and my uncle. He is strongly opposing the dreams now. He seemed receptive the night [brother E.] gave his testimony, but I just heard from [my mother-in-law], that he met with her and my father-in-law, and they discussed Knoll. . . .

[My uncle] has been sending emails to her about the dangers of Knoll. She was afraid to tell me until now. I explained some things to her and she has decided to continue with the ministry. He also told her that there is an unpublished dream, called Isaiah Walk, which if discovered, will expose Knoll and his perversions. I watched "By their Fruits", but I don't think it's quite covered in this. Also, [he] says he read the emails and they disturbed him because he found evidence linking Ernie with a nudist resort. Can you help explain this please?”

This was Becky's response:

“We are truly sorry regarding your Uncle. I did write to [your mother-in-law] and hope it helped. You are all in our prayers. When we walk the path with Jesus it is not always easy but the outcome is far worth it. Remember to see the logs as toothpicks and the boulders as pebbles and to ask for the Holy Spirit’s guidance. No one as yet has been able to find doctrinal error in the dreams. We are still “waiting.” So when people can’t find the error, they attack the messenger. It happened to Ellen White as well. We are well aware of the opposition but choose to ignore it and continue on. We know in whom we believe. When a person finds truth, it will never be popular.”

Confused and somewhat frustrated, I could see that my questions had not been answered.

Note: Becky had essentially told me that because the messages have no error, I must ignore any and all future concerns relating to the calling of those in the ministry, without question. It wasn't until later that I realized how dangerous this is. Was this an exploitation of my faith? A willing ignorance?

But let’s say, hypothetically, Satan were never to introduce error to the public dreams. Does this mean the private dreams automatically pass the “test?” Would it not be possible for Satan to accomplish a deception in this manner? Has he exhausted all means by which to deceive?

But what if we were to know that the dreams would always remain pure? Then wouldn't all instruction forever be safe and trustworthy. However, if these dreams are inspired by Satan, then all he would have to do is exploit, groom, and cause us to reach the place where we no longer question the source, and then when trust becomes perfect, he could very easily flip the script, causing us to transgress God’s law, in faith, and in the name of Jesus Christ.

When we reach the place where we “settle down”, saying, “I am rich, and increased with goods,” and no longer have need to test the spirits, Satan can access our minds through deceit. We must be careful how we trust. In these last days, investigation and faith should be balanced with soundness and reason.

“No true doctrine will lose anything by close investigation. We are living in perilous times, and it does not become us to accept everything claimed to be truth without examining it thoroughly. Many who claim to believe the truth have settled down at their ease, saying, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing.”—The Review and Herald, December 20, 1892

Moving forward, despite my uncle’s seeming attacks, my faith remained fairly strong in the dreams. In February of 2018, a little over a month since my mother-in-law forwarded me the email, I finally read it. It was written by a former pastor of FMPM.

Here is the email, which includes Ernie’s email and dream, “Isaiah Walk”:

“Hello I pray all is well. I prayerfully come to you with a humble heart pleading to God to prepare your hearts before you read & while you read this message. I in the past had many questions about the FMPM and trusting the counseling in James 1:5 my questions were answered. God has reveal to me my errors and the reason I walked away from the calling. You know I am not perfect and I know there is nothing good in my sinful nature. I am not worthy of anything but I give thanks to God for He saved me from this sin that was bringing death to my soul for I put on Christ. I have faith that He will continue to finish what He started in me. AMEN I want to start of with the following: “God never asks us to believe, without giving sufficient evidence upon which to base our faith...Yet God has never removed the possibility of doubt. Our faith must rest upon evidence, not demonstration. Those who wish to doubt will have opportunity; while those who really desire to know the truth will find plenty of evidence on which to rest their faith. {Christ’s Object Lessons, p. 278.2 [CSA 46.1]} “Those who are perpetually talking doubts and demanding additional evidence to banish their cloud of unbelief do not build on the Word. Their faith rests on circumstances; it is founded in feeling. But feeling, be it ever so pleasing, is not faith. God’s Word is the foundation upon which our hopes of heaven must be built.”—Lt 11, 1897. {Mind, Character, and Personality Volume 2, p. 679.2 [2MCP 679.2]} We truly desire to know the truth and instead of demanding additional evidence to banish our cloud of unbelief we followed this counsel “The Word of God is the foundation of our faith, and therefore it is by the Word of God that we may obtain evidence of our standing before God.”[From the Heart, p. 79.2 {FH 79.2}] Please understand that our reason of leaving the FMPM is because we have not found biblical evidence on where to base our faith. More and more now we hear “If we have sufficient evidence for everything, why we need faith ” (Paraphrasing) but sister Whites says “God never asks us to believe, without giving sufficient evidence upon which to base our faith” “therefore it is by the Word of God that we may obtain evidence of our standing before God.” Now the Word of God says we need to examine ourselves to see whether we are in the faith; it counsels us to test ourselves by the Word of God that we may obtain evidence of our standing before God. I have questioned the calling of my wife and also my calling. We in the past have walk in faith believing that this a higher calling from God but truly never understood the reason why God has ask us to do certain things that leads us and other to transgress the law of God daily. So we followed the guidance of the Word of God and begin to test ourselves. And we notice the following: THE DRESS UNIFORM: Quoting from Ernie Knolls dream: "The camisole is thin and that the coloration of her nipples is shown though the cloth but the cloth is not sheer or see through” "The length of the skirt is to be short where it comes just below the butt cheek. If an individual is concerned when sitting down, that part of their butt or vaginal area may come in contact with something of the seat. I was told for those that have this concern it would be better for the individual to lift the back of their skirt and sit totally butt naked on the seat." Many women in the For My People Ministry around the world have been instructed to wear revealing provocative tops as well as dresses. They have been instructed to in all strive to wear as revealing clothes as they can and to have a mindset of an exhibitionist. They also have been instructed that when wearing the uniform they have to make men desire them. (Please keep in mind that the women of the For My People Ministry are instructed not to wear any undergarments) When they sit there are to spread their legs wide open and if a man where to look between their legs they are instructed to spread them wider and look them in the eyes. (Please keep in mind these instructions comes from private dreams that Ernie Knoll claims comes from God) Christ said, "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.' How could a woman that wears clothing that was designed to cause her neighbor's to commit mental adultery/ fornication not be guilty of breaking that law of love? In what way does this glorified God? Why is the FMPM encouraging them to continue transgressing the law of God? I would like to share the following: “A decided guard must be placed upon the human agents in regard to the impressions they are making upon others in deportment and in dress. The Bible is our guide; study its teachings with a purpose to obey, and you need make no mistakes. Our dress should be in strict accordance with the character of our holy faith. [1 Timothy 2:9, 10; 1 Peter 3:3-5 quoted.] There is need of putting more of the Bible precept into the dress, as well as the inward adorning into the character. “{DG 158}

“If our sisters have the Spirit of God abiding as a living principle in the heart, they will not in a single instance give occasion for any to turn aside the counsels of God [in how to dress] Daughters of God, p. 159 {DG 159} Sister White made it very clear that those who are called to wear this “uniform” have NOT the Spirit of God abiding as a living principle in their heart and are not living in obedience to the Word of God. We are counseled to close every door of temptation: "Our example and influence must be a power on the side of reform. We must abstain from any practice that will blunt the conscience or encourage temptation. We must open no door that will give Satan access to the mind of one human being formed in the image of God." Testimonies, Vol. 5, p. 360

(Note: The following is the email from Knoll, which includes the dream, “Isaiah Walk.”)

“Good morning all. I will ask that you share information in this dream with only specific people. Please do not give a hard printed copy to anyone as I am sure you will understand that there are those that love to get their hands on incriminating documents. So read and do not print but discuss with only individuals that need to know. . . .

Dream from this morning: (AGAIN NOT TO BE SHARED EXCEPT THE FOLLOWING PARTS WHERE IT APPLIES MAYBE BE SPOKEN, NOT PRINTED, BUT SHARED WITH CERTAIN SELECT INDIVIDUALS. IE: THOSE WHO WEAR THE UNIFORM) In my dream the angel the Guide comes to tell me that I am not to worry about the cost of the repair of the Honda Fit. I am told that it will be taken care of with God’s money but in a way that I will be shown later. But I was told not to worry about it. I was next shown that we (this ministry) are no longer unless instructed in a dream to financially assist anyone with financial problems. Each is expected to lay their money problems on God and not on His ministry. a. Next I am shown Beverly and I am also shown Bianca at the same time. (Bianca is our Dutch translator in St. Martin) I am reminded of how Bianca had a problem of approaching people on the beach (nude) and witnessing to them when the Holy Spirit had not prepared them. I was shown how Bianca was shown to walk quietly, look into the eyes of those as she passes, smile and continue on. Beverly, you are to cease all forms of witnessing, teaching, sharing, instructing, etc…. You are to (in church) sit, do not speak unless asked a question. You are to not witness. You are not to hand out tracts, DVD’s, or anything unless instructed to by this ministry (from God). You are to (at the pool) sit, rest and if someone looks at you smile but do not talk unless a question is asked. You are not to open the discussion nor speak of health, diet, religion. If an individual (through the Holy Spirit) ask you something you may briefly share but that this will be a short conversation. You are not to reply with a long lesson or teaching of information. You are to be the one who listens and the one who is to not talk. You are to sit, listen and heal. You are NOT to teach, share or witness, but to sit with lips shut tight except to smile but with your ears and eyes wide open. I was told you need to heal but that involves not being involved but simply a listener. As you walk in your uniform look in to the eyes of those that look at you, if they smile, smile back. Do not speak. In the pool, listen to others and do not speak. You are to heal by listening. I do not think there is any need to ask questions as it was very clear in the angels instructions. So I will NOT say if you have any questions email. Obviously you will not be calling. b. The dress uniform issue. I was shown that for those that have been asked to wear the uniform that clarification is required. The shirt (camisole) that is suggested is like the v neck and regular camisoles that Becky and Isabel purchased at Forever 21. The camisole is thin and that the coloration of her nipples is shown though the cloth but the cloth is not sheer or see through. Becky will show those when we get to Florida what she wears if they want. Becky was also instructed to wear revealing provocative tops as well as dresses. She is to in all strive to wear as revealing clothes as she can. Becky has been told she is to have a mindset that she strives to be an exhibitionist. We talked of how we are to strive to be a part of the 144,000. Those that are asked to strive will do that --- Strive! For the skirts it was explained that skirts or dresses is to be the main article of clothing worn. The only time a skirt would not be worn is those time when shorts need to be worn like when a woman is having her period. Other times would be allowed to wear shorts and slacks but the skirt should be what is always worn except for those times that warrant slacks or shorts. In other words there are times when a woman is not having her period but slacks or shorts would be ideal. Like cold weather, going through tall sharp grass. Common sense should come into play here and the individual should be able to comprehend what should be worn depending on the situation. So basically, going to the mall, to the store, shopping, picking up kids at school, running errands – skirts. Walking through tall briar laden grass, digging a ditch, cold freezing weather – slacks or shorts. Again common sense. The length of the skirt is to be short where it comes just below the butt cheek. If an individual is concerned when sitting down, that part of their butt or vaginal area may come in contact with something of the seat. I was told for those that have this concern it would be better for the individual to lift the back of their skirt and sit totally butt naked on the seat. The angel said where is the faith of being concerned of contaminants. The individual should sit on what cloth there is on the bottom of the skirt or dress and give no second thought. I was told that the skirt for only the select individuals should be short. The weight and size of the individual should be taken in to consideration. It was also understood that the individual would practice clean hygiene after going to the bath room. For example using a “wet one”. The skirt is to come just below the butt cheek of a standing person. No concern should be made as to when they sit down. The thin or narrow spaghetti strapped camisole is to be thin enough but not clear, sheer or transparent. The subject of temperature was discussed. If while wearing the uniform an individual goes into the cold or freezer part of a store the individual is to endure the cold. If the muscles contract it was explained that the this would facilitate the working of the muscles and the lymph system. If sitting in a place that is cool like a restaurant the individual is to endure. I was taken from this dream for a moment to be shown how those in prison would be made to sit and in some cases almost reach hyperthermia. Foremost each is to remember we are to strive. It will not be easy. Was it easy for what Jesus had to do. Did He not strive. We all need to know and understand that we will have a song to sing, a story to share of what we endured for Him. c. Becky and I will be staying at I believe Cypress Cove and we are to meet with any that come over. (At least we think that is where we stayed last year.) Before we had decided not to stay there as we had a concern with those that might seek us out to show that we were nudist staying at a nudist place. We were told to not have a concern. . . .

Again I will mention to NOT print out this email as we do not want it to fall in to the hands of those that would use it against this ministry. With your group talk about the clear direction that needs to be taken. Think of how God is calling His women. Think of how many are called but few are chosen or will choose to follow what He asks. Who can have a heart set that they want to wear what He asked and have a mindset of being an exhibitionist?”

Needless to say, I was crushed into fear and confusion. I read about the “uniform.” I learned of the nudist camp(s). I read some seriously heartbreaking things that left me speechless. Seeing that the email did in fact come from the FMPM address, I was especially concerned. I thought, how will they explain this?

Once again, thanks to the Truth Book, I dismissed my fears and told myself, if people made up blatant lies about Knoll in the past, then it wouldn’t be impossible to fabricate this email (wishful thinking).

Note: It wasn't until later that I realized I was forcefully trying to fit pieces into the wrong puzzle.

Here is the relevant portion of the email response I sent to Becky, regarding Isaiah Walk:

“...The second issue is different, and I don't understand what to think about it. Like I said, the last attachment appears to be a set of unpublished dreams and emails written BY Knoll. My thinking is that "By Their Fruits" is the official response to these nudist claims. The only issue I have is how intricately they were put together. It really does appear as though Knoll wrote these emails. But, like I said, they appear to be written by him, but they don't align with any of the teachings, admonitions, OR suggestions given to me and my family, both privately and by public means. Nonetheless, it still is a lingering problem for me. Please help shed some light if possible. Just going through a time of trouble, that's all.”


“I will keep this brief, simply because the enemy wants us to dwell on negatives. The individual who wrote the email against us is a person mentioned in Ernie’s dreams whom God called through Ernie to be a pastor for this ministry. However, because he did not follow God’s calling in God’s way and wanted to do things his way, he has criticized Ernie and this ministry ever since. Because of his falling away from truth, God can no longer use him and he has continued to fall further into the sins of the world. I will spare the details. It is very sad and tragic. We have seen how when people walk away from the dream messages of God, they follow Satan toward perdition. It’s like those falling over the water’s edge as Ernie describes in ‘The Amusement Park’ dream. Please for your salvation’s sake do not focus on what others think or believe but on what you know to be the truth in the dreams that have changed you and brought peace. When we allow the enemy to harass us, we walk further away from God and the truth. Don’t forget what God has already done for you. Look beyond the criticisms and focus on God’s wonderful plans for you. Hold fast to your faith no matter what others say or do. You will not regret it.”

I was mortified. I still remember that night, falling on the floor with my face to the ground, crying out to God. It was one of the worse nights of my life. My response to Becky comes from a broken and betrayed heart, confused and humbled:

“Thank you. So, now I'm under the impression that Ernie DID write that email. So... What about explaining to ANYONE about the "Isaiah Walk" and "Dress Uniform." Obviously, (at least in my mind) I need more than a brief explanation to be out of the water. This will be the only thing I won't be able to even SLIGHTLY explain. How can I take your word as long as that email EVEN EXISTS. It's completely disgusting. I hope you don't think I'm being disrespectful. God knows I'm sincere. But He also knows I'm not going to be satisfied until I have some solid ground on which to stand. That being said, I have never doubted the dreams, not even for a minute. I even feel like God created me [SPECIFICALLY] to receive and share them. But when I minister, and this topic is brought up, and I know it will be, I will not have a good answer. "Becky told me not to think about it." "Well, what do you mean?" "I just need to trust she knows what she's talking about." "So, you're going to base your faith on her?" "I guess so?" Furthermore; Exhibitionist mindset? Just so you're aware, indulging in pornography was my biggest struggle before beginning my walk with Christ. And just READING the dream puts my mind [in] DISGUSTING, perverted places. I don't EVEN want to go there! I wonder, HOW CAN THIS BE OF GOD?! I will fervently seek God, but I must say, I'm beyond uncomfortable. I'm not interested in following man. I'm not interested in spreading false claims. BUT CAN YOU SYMPATHIZE WITH ME? CAN YOU UNDERSTAND MY DISCOMFORT?”

Note: I did pray that night. I cried and prayed. Then, I prayed again. Reading my response, it isn’t difficult to see the battle for my soul. You can also see the Holy Spirit striving to reveal that something does not add up.

I clearly said in the email,

“But when I minister, and this topic is brought up, and I know it will be, I will not have a good answer. ‘Becky told me not to think about it.’ ‘Well, what do you mean?’ ‘I just need to trust she knows what she's talking about.’ ‘So, you're going to base your faith on her?’ ‘I guess so?’”

Here is how it seems to be presented to me: If the published dreams are completely true, then everything else is true, and you should have absolute faith in the ministry, never questioning anything. They will never mislead you, and as long as you obey, God will bless you.

After I sent Becky that rather emotional response, she sent me this:

“Jeremy, please know that we cannot talk more in detail because Ernie has been told specifically by God not to defend himself, but wait for God to vindicate him. When people question, respond that God will vindicate Ernie because his dreams are from God. If the dreams have no error, then Ernie is a true prophet. So many individuals, because they cannot find errors in the messages, criticize the messenger. We are not here to dwell on the criticisms of others but to focus on the dreams and other material on the For My People Ministry website. If individuals want all the evidence, then where is their faith? The dreams are either from God or Satan. There is no middle ground. So if you believe in the dreams, then you must believe in Ernie as God’s prophet no matter what others say or what you may hear. If your family or others still have an issue with your response, then they must take that up to God, not to you as a human being. In closing, my suggestion is that you ignore everything that is written or said against Ernie and For My People Ministry. Read your testimonial again. Focus on what God has already done for you. The dreams helped you to change for the better. They gave you peace that you so long for again. Others have written to tell us that when they doubted Ernie or the dreams, they suffered miserably. Why? Because they were rejecting God. Please don’t do the same thing. Your salvation depends on it.

Will it be an easy walk? No. But suffering is what purifies our characters. Don’t let the enemy distract you with irrelevant details. Focus on the big picture that God is pointing to. Jesus is coming and there is very little time left to get ready and no time for distracting issues. Please know that if you write again on this same issue, I would not be able to answer any differently, because I have to obey God’s instructions to not defend ourselves. You and Megan are in our prayers. Again, may the Lord guide and bless you as you seek to prepare for Christ’s imminent return.”

I had a very difficult time receiving these words. It was only a short moment after that I met with my uncle again in person and he gave me everything he knew. Words cannot describe my confusion as to what I was hearing. I just tried to brush it off as false claims, but it was getting increasingly more difficult to simply deny my building convictions.

I emailed Becky for prayer and advice, saying:

“...I met with him [my Uncle] in person today, and it was possibly the hardest conversation I have had yet. He claims to have evidence of Ernie Knoll being linked to a police report which involves one of his "many" wives. The 8th wife apparently got weirded out and wanted nothing more to do with him. Police report? Please tell me, does Ernie Knoll have more than one wife?? He is saying FMP is a sex cult. My own faith is being bitterly shaken. I'm trying to see the truth in all this mess. I'm trying to somehow fit this together in my mind. The dreams are solid, but the nudist tendencies sound exactly like Satan. Nudist colonies involve children. To me, this is pedophilia. I don't even feel comfortable meeting with you, let alone, with my children. I'm telling you right now, I'm heartbroken. I'm scared! I fear that when Megan learns of these nudist tendencies, she'll be destroyed. I have to tell her, but I'm too fearful. Will I have the faith to continue after that? Brother E. knows about it all. I thought he would be able to tell me it wasn't true. But it turns out he didn't know about it either! Now he's doubting Knoll. Your rebuke, removing him as a board member, and his newfound discovery are why he thinks Ernie isn't being lead anymore.” I also asked Ivory to help me understand the confusion (I asked brother E. and Ivory at the same time). But, apparently, she has been struggling with the same doubts for years, if I recall accurately. I don't want to mislead my family church. I don't want to find out later that FMP was nothing more than a sham. Am I making a big mistake?? My convictions are so clouded. I have literally wept, pleading for answers, but I feel like God is generally being silent. HELP ME, LORD JESUS!!!!!!!”

And then after I spoke with my uncle, my mother messaged me, which I forwarded to Becky (hoping for any kind of encouragement):

“Here is the most recent update. My mother just sent this to me. This is blowing up fast. It was only a matter of time.

‘Dear Son. I have fasted 3 days before knowing what to say to you.

There are no words. But now that you know that this man has sexual perversions. Do the right thing. Humble yourself and admit you are a sinner who can honestly make a mistake. There is no shame in that. God's grace is big enough.

We are asked by God to be modest. How can you go from not feeling comfortable having your wife [discreetly] nurse among friends to putting your own flesh and blood in [the] way? Secret societies are forbidden by God, yet this man has special indecent messages he sends out to followers in the upper echelon. He is a nudist. What happened to Noah's son for looking on his father's nakedness? And yet this ‘prophet’ says parents should walk around naked in front of their children? Blasphemy. Now you know he is from Satan. Protect and defend your family! I ask you in the name of Jesus to abandon this sinful man. Amen!’

I know that ‘venting’ to man has no significance in itself, and I understand that God is my only refuge and strength, but at the same time, even the kings requested a word from the prophets.

Part of me is hoping that God will hear even me, as little as I am, and send a message to Ernie to communicate with me directly. I would ask God to address my doubts, and disgust, and give me much needed hope. I would ask Him about Megan, my love.

I have recently had a strange sense of peace throughout all of this, but I don't know what it means. I have confidence God will help me through it, though I'm still not sure what He's saying to me. I'm torn between my past convictions, based solidly on the dreams, and this new behavior, which I am convicted is immodest, immoral, and out of line with God's Word, to say the least.

I trust you are not taking offense to my bursts of desperation. I am only a man, desperate for direction. Blessings,

Note: “Part of me is hoping that God will hear even me. . . .and send a message to Ernie to communicate with me directly.” It must be said, what did I ask for?

Life was falling apart. The more people questioned our faith in the dreams, the more turmoil we endured. These were some of the most difficult moments of my life. I believed I was obeying God. Nevertheless, I had been reaching a place where, if I was indeed being led by Satan, I would be ready to renounce the dreams.

I went through a season of fervent prayer, wrestling with God in confusion and sorrow, crying out for help and understanding. Eventually, I reached a place of peace. I remember being filled with understanding. Some of the Biblical principles that could be used to explain these nudist instructions began to make sense. I tried to reason how Isaiah could walk naked in the Bible. I tried to understand Hosea, Ezekiel, Abraham, and many other instances where God’s people seemed to bend the rules. It seemed to me that God could in fact enable these men to behave in such a way.

I was still in darkness, not understanding many of my convictions. I didn’t know how to approach my wife. I hid everything from her with a heavy heart, hoping things would make more sense later.

Much of me couldn’t let go of the dreams. I believed them to be Biblical. I tested them using the Biblical tests. I believed they passed each test.

Agrees with Scripture

Brings forth good fruit

Bears the fruits of the Spirit

Knows God and hears truth

Loves Jesus

Loves others

Hears God’s words (and keeps them)

Opens the door and invites Jesus in (is receptive to Christ)

Does the will of God

Teaches plainly

Has wisdom, understanding, counsel, might, knowledge, fear of the Lord, quick of understanding. Judges not by sight and does not reprove by the hearing.

Makes melody in his heart to the Lord. Gives thanks to God. Serves others in the fear of God.

Keeps the commandments of God

Hears God’s prophets. Confesses that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh.

Humbly confesses

Strives for unity in Christ

They inspired me to study the Bible and Spirit of prophecy like never before. Additionally, I knew what rejecting them meant; it would mean that I would be eternally lost.

I remember reading the dreams many times over. Terribly sad judgments were described as happening to the critics. I could never dare to question the authorship of the dreams. In my mind, I had too many reasons why they were of God.

Notwithstanding, I almost got to the place where I could renounce them, but I was being held in place:

I believed the dreams were supported by the Bible.

It seemed right that God would raise up a prophet to address the corruption within the church.

Making a church-wide call for revival and reformation.

Holding the church accountable.

I knew if I rejected them I would lose my soul.

All I wanted was to do the right thing. All I ever wanted was to please God. I felt like I had gone too far, like there was no turning back. My mind was being controlled. I couldn’t imagine God and FMPM as being separate from one another.

Unfortunately, I stifled my conscience. The more disagreeable the things I had learned, the more I pushed them in the back of my mind as rumors. The things I couldn’t avoid, I did my best to squeeze them into the idea that God had asked His people to do strange things in the past.

At this time, I decided not to read “Isaiah Walk” again until I was spiritually prepared.

Note: Shortly after this, I forgot most of my concerns. As they say: “ignorance is bliss.” One thing was sure, I no longer felt comfortable sharing the dreams. I began to hide them in my heart.

Exploitation 1: Truth

Exploitation 2: My Faith

Exploitation 3: My Fears

Exploitation 4: Obedience

During this time of searching for answers, I began to look more deeply into the video produced by FMPM called “By their Fruits: A Response to Vance Ferrell.” In the presentation, it explained how nudity was used throughout history as corporal punishment. I received the testimony in the video with relief. Their response to the nudist claims literally soothed my conscience. I grew to believe that the ministry was in fact asked to get used to being nude in order to prepare for a great work in the future; to minister to prisoners in concentration camps.

However, unwilling to dig any deeper, fearing that some of the more heinous claims would be uncovered as true, I began to fully rely on this video testimony, “without question.”

At the time, both my wife and I were working for my uncle, but due to a conflict of interest, we sought other work. During this time, I sent my uncle an email in response to some of his former claims.

“I know about Knoll's nudist tendencies. These things being done in order to prepare a certain people for a great work. There will be concentration camps. People will be stripped and humiliated. Everything you read in those letters about the sexual stuff is nothing more than an added twist from the devil. Those brothers became bitter. They didn't follow God's leading and turned against For My People. If you cannot get passed this part, then I'm sorry. It was never God's intention for you to focus on the messenger, but rather the messages sent from the God of heaven.

“Unfortunately, and historically, many more will rise up against God's messengers. The church at large rejected Isaiah. This man could not be lead of God, they murmured. God would never allow something so indecent and foolish [as to walk naked]. History is being repeated. “At the same time spake the Lord by Isaiah the son of Amoz, saying, Go and loose the sackcloth from off thy loins, and put off thy shoe from thy foot. And he did so, walking naked and barefoot. And the Lord said, Like as my servant Isaiah hath walked naked and barefoot three years for a sign and wonder upon Egypt and upon Ethiopia; So shall the king of Assyria lead away the Egyptians prisoners, and the Ethiopians captives, young and old, naked and barefoot, even with their buttocks uncovered, to the shame of Egypt.” Isaiah 20:2-4

Note: Months went by. 2018 was nearing its close. During this time, I essentially separated myself from many of my family members-not because I didn't love them, but because I was afraid of not knowing how to interact with them. I was also afraid that my faith would be affected by *their* “rumors.”

Part 2: Trust & Obey What?!

Note: This next portion of our testimony reveals how our relationship with FMPM begins to change. On Jan. 6, Megan and I had a personal video call with Knoll. On this call we were given special instructions. Shortly after this call, on the same day, Megan spoke with Ivory Webb, a friend who was also involved in the ministry. She told her about what we were asked to do. On Jan. 17, Ivory sent out a testimony to many in the ministry, addressing many questions and concerns. 2 days later, on the 19th, Knoll responded by addressing it in a public, ministry-wide conference call.

In Knoll’s response, it should not be difficult to discern that he was presumptuous and dishonest in dealing with us and the Webb's. We will be addressing it in part 3, but before we do, we will discuss the events leading up to the video call and the personal instructions therein.

Before making a decision, it is very important to compare Knoll’s testimony with ours.

Misappropriation of Tithe


My husband and I had sent $300 to a [SDA] brother D., who is the director of an orphanage in Kenya. $100 was sent as a freewill offering through Western Union. The other $200 was sent from our tithe account, sent to a GoFundMe campaign.

Please see receipt below:

“Dear Jeremy serrato, This is a receipt for your donation to Help fund kids in need.”

Date: November 16, 2018

Donation to: Help fund kids in need

Donation will be received by: Blank

Amount: $200.00

Tip to: GoFundMe

Amount: $20.00

Total amount: $220.00

Note: Prior to sending any money, my husband [Jeremy] had received a dream where he gave brother D. money. This, we believed, was in answer to our prayers, as we had been asking God if we should help the orphanage. Jeremy assumed that this was tithe, remembering a SOP quote that said, in cases of extreme poverty, it was right to send tithe to the poor.

Learning of the physical condition of the children in the orphanage, and seeing their poverty, my husband had compassion on them. I remember him speaking to my oldest son of how important it is to help those in need. He gave him a lesson, contrasting our easy lifestyle with these little children living as orphans in Kenya.

Raise money for the orphanage, including such things as food, clothing, shelter, etc.

Altogether, Brother D. had been donated $475 toward his GoFundMe (GFM) campaign. Unfortunately, because he lives in Kenya, he had been unable to retrieve the money thus donated, as no banks in Kenya work with GFM. Additionally, he could not pull his money out due to someone else setting up his account. These things caused us concern.

We tried helping him with his account. He had given his credentials to his email and GFM accounts. However, we were unable to help him, so the money, including our $200 tithe, remained there unused. Since the $200 never went to the orphanage, Jeremy had asked me to send another $200 to them for food.

Because of all the difficulties and confusion in trying to help the orphanage, I became weary and began to question whether what we were doing was right. I told him I would like to contact FMPM for guidance and confirmation before sending more tithe.

On Jan. 3, we received a response from FMPM. We discovered that sending tithe to the poor was wrong. The response received was appropriate.

“Dear Megan,

We believe your prayers have been answered by the fact that you can still retrieve your money. Tithe is never to go to help the poor.

Tithe is for supporting the gospel ministry as written in Leviticus and Numbers. It should only go to a pastor or ministry who is teaching the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Offerings can be used to help the poor. But we must be careful, because when people are desperately poor they can be dishonest. We have met that issue in the past…”

After receiving this email, I looked up the quote, which my husband used in support of extreme poverty.

“There are exceptional cases, where poverty is so deep that in order to secure the humblest place of worship, it may be necessary to appropriate the tithes. But that place is not Battle Creek or Oakland.”—Ms 24, 1897

The tithe is to be used to spread the Gospel-only, regardless of financial status.

I remember the day we received the email. After learning of our error, we immediately repented and made the decision to not misappropriate our tithe again. We were not trying to be willingly ignorant. We had no desire to dishonor God. I trusted to my husband's judgment. He trusted to what he believed to be true. God winks at ignorance. He knows what we are going to do before we do it and weighs it accordingly.

After this email, we decided that we would pull our money from the GoFundMe campaign and tithe elsewhere.

Unfortunately, our tithe had been sitting in the account for weeks. Even though we had been working with Brother D. and GFM, we were unsuccessful in releasing the funds to the orphanage, or to reimburse it. Because of this, the $475 will continue to lay dormant until it is returned March this year.

On Jan. 4, we received another email from Becky:

Jeremy and Megan,

This is to let you know that Ernie needs to video chat with both of you.

Please let us know if that is possible and if so, when?

Have a blessed Sabbath…Becky (& Ernie)

We responded by saying we could video chat:

“...Would like to do it as soon as possible, preferably some time this weekend.

The devil has already been at work.

A video chat with Ernie Knoll - that is both exciting and intimidating.

Happy Sabbath.”

On January 6th, Ernie video called my husband via Whatsapp. We were still very unaware of the reason for this call. I felt intimidated and stayed in the background, listening, but not wanting to make my appearance known.

Ernie began by giving a tour of his RV. He explained some things to my husband about his travels, ministry endeavors, and the like. At first, I was afraid to even look at Ernie, but as he began talking of his place, I was curious and wanted to see. He showed us his computer, toy robot, and made it abundantly clear that he is a real-life person.

He talked about how there are three girls living in the house with Isabel and Becky, and how one of the girls has a little boy that is near the age of one of my sons (3). He expressed that he doesn’t have a father-figure in his life. He even stated that he encourages him call him “daddy,” which, at the time, we thought was strange. He also said he deeply loves and cares for him.

Note: Concerning this child: It wasn’t until later that we learned that Ernie intentionally mislead us. He lead us to believe that he had no biological relationship with this child. Why would he tell us there is no father-figure? And why is there a consistent theme of strategically stating and/or withholding information with the intent to mislead?

Ernie is the father; “Addison Ray Knoll” is this little boy’s name. Weeks later, in a conference call, on Jan. 19, Ernie said “...If God instructed me or someone else to have a child or a thousand children, who do you think you are that you can judge me and condemn me? Please keep in mind that this child is not from his wife, Becky. (See: survivingernieknoll for more information)

After about 45 minutes of small-talk, Ernie said he wanted to share with us a personal message.

Note: We were already very intimidated. My husband's faith was so deep in the ministry, and his beliefs were such, that he was fully unprepared for the coming crisis.

We both thought it strange that there was no prayer offered beforehand. My husband said, “Wait! Shouldn't we pray?!” Ernie said something along the lines of, I'm always asked to pray, why don't you pray this time? Jeremy led out in prayer. I prayed silently as well.

He told us how he had some young girls living with them, and how they were given a special assignment from the Guide Angel. He stated that they were dressed too modestly-that they were too extreme in their dress, and for their benefit, needed to be shamed and humiliated. Thus, they were instructed to always be nude. Except for going in public, they are to wear the same special “uniform” discussed in the dream, Isaiah walk.

The uniform these girls are assigned to wear includes a thin camisole, with no bra underneath--where the areola and nipple can be intentionally seen through. In addition to this, they are to wear a very short “skater skirt.” It must also be worn without undergarments. He continued by saying that shorts or pants are appropriate during menstrual cycles. It was to be an assignment of humility.

As Ernie began to speak these things, we were stricken with fear. Due to my heart not being as connected to FMPM, and therefore, being more willing and receptive to the Spirit’s warning, I was more prepared for the trial. My husband, on the other hand, was much more invested than I.

Throughout the conversation, I remember seeing a look of death on Jeremy’s face.

In addition to the girl’s instructions, Ernie explained that Becky and Isabel were also instructed to dress in a similar manner.

He also stated that the UPS man would see the younger girls playing outside naked while delivering packages. My husband had asked him how he could not struggle with lust, being that he was around naked woman all the time. He explained that he was raised in the 60's and 70's, and that this was the norm back then. “You’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.”


Note: Is this not desensitization? Is it not the exact opposite? Most men do not want to see only one naked woman, but on the contrary. Physiologically, and thanks to sin, men are drawn like magnets to the nakedness of woman. Unfortunately, I am no exception. The question that must be asked is does growing up in a society of lawlessness and sin justify a course of licentiousness?

Personal Instructions


Ernie proceeded to tell us that he had a message for us from the guide angel.

He stated that there was no orphanage; that the man to which we had been tithing was pocketing our money. He said because we had given our tithe to this orphanage, we had to pay “restitution.”


Note: Even though we had reason to believe this was not true (See: Misappropriation of Tithe), it had suddenly become very difficult to discern truth from error. The floods of emotion were making it very difficult to discern between right and wrong. Because I had gotten to a place of such complete trust, when Knoll brought before me these instructions, I had, in my mind, no other choice but to continue to believe as I had, trusting they are from God. Everything, at this moment, was received as law. In my heart, I believed that any deviation from this path would lead to eternal ruin. I believed the message to be true.

All conviction was muddied or blocked. Only hopelessness presented itself. I truly could see no other possibility. I felt as though God had betrayed me. I was sick. I felt as if I would die of a broken heart. Words cannot describe my despair.


To prepare us for the explanation of restitution, Ernie portrayed a similar circumstance, where a woman was tithing to an institution for the blind. He told her she needed to stop misappropriating her funds and send them to a tithe-worthy ministry. She ignored the instruction, and after about a year, lost her disabilities income. This was in relation to her partial blindness. The reasoning of losing it was because she was working and did not report it.

He also shared that this woman mocked the other girls who were instructed to wear the uniform. He was given a message by the guide angel that she was to pay 70% of her income as restitution to a particular woman in the ministry (and the woman would then send it to Ernie). She was also told she had to wear the same “uniform” as the girls. I was worried when Ernie said the guide had a message of similar import.

Ernie explained that I would have to dress in the “uniform.” He then went into detail of the clothes I had to wear. He said that I would wear the uniform in public. He gave some examples, including dropping the kids off at school, when I were to get groceries, and when I would run errands.

The guide told Ernie to tell my husband not to be surprised if one day he came home and I was completely nude. He told us how I would gradually become comfortable with complete nakedness in the home and that this was the goal.

I asked him how long I would have to do this. He said all messages from God are permanent. I would always have to be this way from now on. I felt sick to my stomach.

My husband asked why I [Megan] was being punished? Ernie stated that the punishment was actually for him [Jeremy], saying that it would be much easier for her [Megan] to accept it than for him. He constantly repeated this, including how we should be praising God about it.

Jeremy told Ernie the whole story about how we misappropriated our tithe, explaining that it was an honest mistake. But Ernie insisted that the guide angel said we “knew better.” He continued by trying to convince Jeremy that the instruction would be a blessing. He said in many ways it would be very easy; that he was being selfish and making things all about him.

Ernie was confused. He said that he had given this message to many in the past, and we were one of the few who could not give an immediate answer.


Note: One must ask, while being so perfectly unprepared, and due to the magnitude of the seriousness of this request, who in the right mind would make such an impulsive decision?

Sister White says: “Let every such suggestion be taken to the Lord in prayer, and seek earnestly for his guidance,—not only once, but again and again. Plead with him, until you are convinced whether the counsel is of God or man. Do not trust yourself to men. Act under the Divine Guide.” SpTEd 123.1

Note: According to SOP, restitution for misappropriated tithes calls for back payment and repentance. Go and sin no more is always the theme after forgiveness. While there can be perpetual consequence for sin, we can find no evidence for this type of permanent restitution in the character of God. Additionally, it is to be an “accurate reckoning,” “repaying that which they have robbed”. Nakedness for restitution is arbitrary and pagan.

“Let those who have kept back their tithe make an accurate reckoning, and bring to the Lord that of which they have robbed His work. Make restitution, and bring the Lord peace offerings. ‘Let him take hold of my strength, that he may make peace with me, and he shall make peace with me.’ [Isaiah 27:5.] If you acknowledge that you have done wrong in misappropriating His goods, and freely and fully repent, He will forgive your transgression.” MS57-1901.21

Note: I just wanted to be a good, obedient Christian. I just needed some encouragement, hope, or peace, concerning my standing with God. I was already having issues with my outlook of God. One of my biggest struggles as a Christian has been misunderstanding the character of God. The words, “they knew better”, were being continually repeated in my mind.

I had to choose. It was either sell my wife, or sell my soul. My head hurt. My brain hurt. My heart hurt. My convictions were dampened. The “voices” in my head were severe. I entered into a darker place than I thought possible. I considered the instructions. I really did.

It wasn’t until later that we realized how these commands and suggestions, according to the degree of belief, have such immense power. They can cause even the most extreme intimidation and fear. They have the power to create in minds total changes of belief.


Ernie told us we should be happy that our assignment is such a small task. He stated, in one severe case, he had to give instructions to a couple in the Dominican Republic; in that they are to take their children and perform sex acts in front of them. This was somehow to be a form of restitution.

Note: God lead us to the original transcript. It was originally written in Spanish, but we had it translated into English. Visit the website to read the full document. Please see excerpt below.

“As part of your restitution, there is something else you should know regarding personal relations. Both should be very open in your relations: Loly, you must approach your husband to show physical affection frequently and with much interest. You must welcome him to enter all parts of your body. You must explain to your children that this is normal. This is what Jesus and his angels showed Adam and Eve to do. This is what they did in front of their children. Our generation has done this behind closed doors and in the dark. None of you should treat this message lightly. If one of you say “no” to this message, everything ends, and your eternal salvation is in jeopardy.”

The reason why these instructions must remain secret is because those who read the transcript without the prior conditioning will easily be able to tell the author.

When Ernie told us of the instruction to the couple, my husband exclaimed, “THAT'S DISGUSTING!”


Note: At this point, I was on the verge of a mental, spiritual breakdown. The words of Sister White accurately describe the scene:

“The worst feature in this case is that all his satanic work is done under pretense of being a representative of Jesus Christ. One sinner dressed up as an angel of light can do incalculable harm. Dark and fearful plans are deliberately made to separate man and wife. Said the apostle: ‘Of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts.’ These licentious characters even creep into respectable families and by their deceptive wiles and intrigues lead astray the conscientious. Damnable heresies are received as truth, and the most revolting sins committed as acts of righteousness, for conscience becomes confused and stupefied.” 5T 140.1


Jeremy again began speaking of his children, pleading for answers. We have three small boys--3, 6, and 9, he said. He could never have his wife dress in public in such a way, let alone in front of his children. But Ernie said that because they're so young, they won't even know the difference. The little boy at his home is around the women, and they are naked all the time, and he isn’t able to tell the difference.

Note: This bothered me as well to hear of a child being raised in such an environment.

My husband pressed his concern of his children, and how we have raised them, teaching the importance of modesty, responsibility, and guarding their minds. We had just had a discussion about sex and the dangers of pornography with our oldest son about two weeks prior to this conversation. How would we explain to them that Mommy now dresses like a prostitute?

When these concerns were brought forth, Ernie said to take it to the Lord--that he is only the mailman, and that he is only delivering a letter. This was what he was asked to do.


Note: Knoll’s response is similar to one in a documentary called “The End of the World Cult”, in which a man, “Wayne Bent”, professes to be Jesus Christ come the second time. Having a somewhat small following, people believed him to be “Michael,” the name used to describe Jesus, the chief of the armies of angels. He was also having sex with many of the men's wives, including his son's wife. It was another exploitation of the “symbolic” love of Christ for His Church.

When the husband's were interviewed, it was evident that they were crushed and broken about their wives becoming intimate with this man. You could see the pain in their faces and hear it in their voices. One man said he was told to take it to God if he was having bitter feelings. He also said “Michael” helped him through it. It shouldn’t be difficult to see the correlation.

There is another important note to make concerning this documentary. In a testimony given by some of the younger, underage girls, they explained how Bent publicly made a statement, in which he made a comparison between nudity and their relationship with God. Because of simple seeds planted in their minds, many of the younger girls (and women), without any coercion, began to seek him out, having intense urges to expose themselves to him. Many underage girls did end up exposing themselves. One particular underage girl literally begged to have sex with him.

Here is the correlation. Can you imagine the power of the dreams of Knoll? There are innumerable suggestions and commands found all throughout them, not including the private instruction. There are also many appeals made.

Those who suddenly have an urge to help are being told it is the Holy Spirit, when in actuality, they are being inspired in the same way as were these women.

“The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.” Ecclesiastes 1:9

Power of Suggestion


Note: When Ernie continually told me I would readily accept the instructions, I began to believe I would. I initially agreed that it would be easy to accept the instructions. However, I was not acting according my own convictions, but was being manipulated by suggestion.

Psychology Today, 4 Ways the Power of Suggestion can Change Your Life:

“A deliberate suggestion can influence how well people remember things, how they respond to medical treatments, and even how well they will perform and behave, according to research by Maryanne Garry, Robert Michael, and Irving Kirsch.

He looked at me again, asking if it would be easy for me to accept the uniform. I shook my head in agreement, thinking of how, before I became a Christian, I had dressed inappropriately. Even though I knew this was not right, I genuinely agreed with him. How did that happen?

(May this be a lesson in the simple power of the mind. May it be the evidence of the real-life power of witchcraft and mind-control.)

Almost as soon as I agreed with Ernie, I snapped out of it, left the room, and sought the Lord in prayer. Afterward, I was confident this man was not God’s prophet. From that moment, I began to try to help my husband. Everything in our lives, how God had lead us, had built itself up against this day.

I could not see any sensible reason to pursue this course, but Jeremy believed Ernie. Unfortunately, no matter what I would say, Jeremy would disregard it. Everytime I tried to talk to him, Ernie would ask about me. He kept asking to see me. I was trying to stay away from eye contact at this point, and even from the view of the camera.

I began to give my husband Bible texts and SOP quotes that I hoped would help him. I prayed for God to help us in this crisis. I was even telling him to end the call (This was significant because God had given me a dream warning about this months before).

Every time Ernie asked if we were on board, he replied by saying, he needs to “pray and cry” about it. Jeremy said this a number of times.

And Ernie asked me to give my answer, which was a red flag for me. He was asking me to make an impulsive decision, on the spot, without prayer, any prior preparation, understanding, confirmation, or without being in agreement with my spiritual leader. I was nervous to respond. Jeremy told me to tell Ernie how I felt. He urged me to tell him the truth. I whispered, “why?” Ernie heard this. He laughed and said, “Because I am Truth! That's my name.”

The conversation ends by Jeremy going outside to talk with Ernie in private.


I asked why God would have us do such a disturbing thing, knowing that lust has been one of our most difficult battles. Ernie told me that this would help us overcome lust. It didn’t make sense. I also told him that Megan has struggled with self-image and fear of men. He said he knew a lady who was abused, who was able to overcome by pursuing this lifestyle.

For me, this conversation, in general, was affecting my mental stability. Reason had been thrown out of the window. I ended the call by again asking for prayer. I told him I was desperate and needed it. He told me he would pray for me, but not now. He said he was very behind, not knowing the conversation would be so long. The question must be asked, who denies prayer for a brother in crisis? Pretty much nothing was making sense anymore.

Note: We later learned from a former member that Ernie had received instruction, sometime in 2018, to cease from praying altogether, until he was reunited with one of his wives. Evidently, the wife represents God’s pure church, but she is in the Laodicean condition. Ernie represents Jesus. Symbolically speaking, it was a representation of the Laodicean church and its need to repent to Jesus. It had to do with their need for communion in prayer. This would explain why he would not pray for us in the beginning and end of our meeting. This has not been confirmed firsthand, but seems to also harmonize with the fact that while delivering messages on the Third Sabbath conference call(s), he would not lead in prayer as would the other pastors.

Set up for Failure

Followers of FMPM are intentionally set up for failure. The devil is a hateful being, who wants nothing more than to destroy mankind. He tells us to diligently study God’s books, then causes us to profane God’s law, in the name of Jesus, with a full knowledge of the truth.

One particular book we are told to read is Creeping Compromise. This book elaborates upon Christian Standards in a modern setting. There are chapters that cover the Dress Reform question. There is even a chapter that addresses nudity.

Here is a very relevant quote from the chapter, “Is Nudity Modest?”

“God made man in the beginning with a very sensitive sexual nature that could be quickly aroused by the sight of female nudity. Woman, on the other hand, was created with a sexual nature which would not be so easily stirred, especially by sight. She was made to be more responsive to touch and tenderness. Her more subtle sexuality could be drawn out by the physical attentions involved in the conjugal relationship.

God gave man his emotional sex nature for the purpose of making marriage more pleasurable and happy. The husband was to be the aggressive one in the relationship. Under this beautiful plan of God, the sex instinct of both husband and wife could be lawfully stirred. But mark this: God never intended for man's sex emotions to be stimulated outside the marriage chamber. And in order to protect him God placed within the woman a delicate sense of modest reserve, so that she would not expose her body except to her own husband.

The plan was perfect, but it has broken down in one area. Satan has managed to destroy to a very great extent that inherent modesty with which the Creator endowed womanhood. Under the growing curse of transgression, women have thrown off the moral restraints. Uninhibited nudity or provocative haft-dress has become the accepted norm of modern fashion. On every side, the Christian, as well as the non-Christian, is forced to look upon scenes of nakedness which are utterly foreign to the original plan of the Creator.”

As faithful followers of FMPM, those who have proven their loyalty will be called to pursue a course that is in direct opposition to the materials suggested by the ministry. Even the published dreams strongly appear to disagree with the private instructions. This, I believe, is intended to confuse the mind, when given private instructions, in order to induce hypnosis.

When we were asked to fulfill these instructions, we were not only unprepared, but our entire religious experience was facing in the opposite direction.

From the years of speaking to our children of the importance of modesty and self-respect

From the personal battles with lust, pornography, and self-control

From the counsels given to others, living lives of sexual immorality and adultery

From the victories gained over fornication, adultery, and licentiousness

God has been vigorously working to remove every taint of sexual immorality and imperfection. To be commanded to pursue such a course as this, it is in perfect opposition to the Spirit by which we have been lead.

It is important to understand that before Megan and I began our Christian walk, we were:

Drug addicts


Sexually Immoral, Licentious and Adulterous.


Total Losers, Lacking any Self-Control

We have come a long way and fought long and hard in the face of divorce and death.

We were set up. We were instructed to study God’s perfect Word. And He did speak to us, But in the face of our Christian experience--including the weight of evidence, we were commanded to dress and encourage dressing like a prostitute to appease an angry God.

Note: For those interested in looking deeper into the cause of these deceptions, including the exploitations of these truths, please prayerfully research:









Please understand the stakes. On one hand, I love God and His truth. On the other, I would have died defending the dreams, believing the two were inseparable. That night, after speaking with Ernie, we endured one of the bitterest battles of our lives. We were filled with tears, sickness, and depression. We were even tempted to feel that it would be better to just “give up.”

When Knoll delivered the instructions, we were fully and perfectly unprepared, yet he was surprised we couldn't give him an answer. He told us it would only take about 30 minutes to make a decision.

Again, it must be asked; who in the right mind would make such a life-changing decision without seeking God?

Part 3 - Double Standard Exposed (Defamation of Character) In this next portion, we will discuss a conference call, in which Knoll publicly responds to Ivory Webb’s testimony. In this call, he makes false allegations, including many unfounded assumptions. Hopefully, this portion will help the reader to clearly discern the dishonesty and instability of Knoll. We hope to respectfully portray the hypocritical way in which he defames and attacks the characters of those he addresses. We have forgiven Knoll. We are not bitter, but very sorrowful about the entire situation.

Note: The entire document will not be addressed. We do, however, recommend reading or listening to the whole thing.

Falsehood and deception of every cast is sin against the God of truth and verity. The word of God is plain upon these points. Ye shall not “deal falsely, neither lie one to another.” “All liars shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.” God is a God of sincerity and truth. The word of God is a book of truth. Jesus is a faithful and true witness. The church is the witness and ground of the truth. All the precepts of the Most High are true and righteous altogether. How, then, must prevarication and any exaggeration or deception appear in His sight? For the falsehood he uttered because he coveted the gifts which the prophet refused, the servant of Elisha was struck with leprosy, which ended only with death. 4T 336.1

“These false prophets will have to be met. They will make an effort to deceive many, by leading them to accept false theories. Many scriptures will be misapplied in such a way that deceptive theories will apparently be based upon the words that God has spoken. Precious truth will be appropriated to substantiate and establish error. ”—Manuscript 11, 1906.

Knoll begins by saying the following:


“I find that I need to address an email sent out to some of those on the list of the third Sabbath call-in list. Most of the gossip that Ivory Webb shared is old stuff from several years ago. . . .She shares undocumented claims as to rumors. What she shares is just more gossip.”

Hopefully, after reading this testimony, it will be made abundantly clear that these claims are indeed backed by documentation. It includes original unpublished dreams and private instructions directly from the source. We pray that very soon, FMPM will no longer be able to hide behind the “rumors.”


“She [Ivory] discusses information she has obtained as if great golden treasures.”

We, including Ivory, did not initially want to believe or share these things. We do so now to help people escape from bondage. The reality of things are sad and disgusting, and it is dishonest to make it appear as though we unnecessarily want attention. Our families have been involved with FMPM pushing 4 and 10 years. There is no excuse for this behavior.


“Information on nudity, a uniform, many wives and their list goes on. She happily mentions the birth of a son, the wearing of certain clothes.”

Note: Excerpts from private dreams:

“The Herald says, ‘She [“Mary”] must also pay restitution. Now she is to serve as the 7th wife.

She will not be a temporary wife, but like Laurie and Jennifer, she will serve as a permanent wife.’ Then he explains that as part of her restitution payment, she must go with Ernie on a 5-week honeymoon.”

“Now the Herald walks away from Mary, goes to lsabel, and tells her, ‘All of the

wives, numbers 2 to 7, are now in position. They were not in their correct positions until

now. Since all the wives are finally in position, it is now time for you to do the study of

the comparison between the seven wives and the seven churches.’”

A separate dream(s) instructs:

“While here, she is to work:

Hand wash the cars using the garden hose and towels.

While washing:

She is to wear a very, very small, triangle-shaped thong bikini bottom.

At its widest point it is to be 1/2 - 2" wide with strings on each corner.

She is not to wear any top.

She is to get:

Skater skirts 6'- 8" long that expose part of her butt cheeks.

Sheer/see-through tops

Highest available stiletto heels”

“She is to wear only a completely sheer shirt (no camisole) and a very short skater skirt that

exposes the bottom of her butt cheeks. She must also wear the highest stiletto heels we can


Carmen is to take her to the mall and let her walk there for 2 hours to get blisters and feel pain.

She needs to let people gawk at her to humiliate her and feel the pain of walking to remind her about the severity of what she has done.”

How sad is it for Knoll to do this! One of the most heartbreaking things to come to terms with is the sneaky way in which he skirts around the truth.

These emails are directly linked to FMPM. It is interesting to note the contrast between what this god is asking of these girls. Let us compare this to the statements written by Sister White:

“The conditions of obtaining mercy of God are simple and just and reasonable. The Lord does not require us to do some grievous thing in order that we may have the forgiveness of sin. We need not make long and wearisome pilgrimages, or perform painful penances, to commend our souls to the God of heaven or to expiate our transgression; but he that confesseth and forsaketh his sin shall have mercy.” SC 37.2



“She mentions the names of Jeremy and Megan and how I received a message, which was supposed to be private. And this couple chose to share their private message. You know it's correct that all of the information be given as the original receiver, Jeremy and Megan, was supposed to have kept it private.”

We already discussed in the beginning why we have made this information public.

Knoll: “Let's begin. Knowing that God takes tithing very serious…”

It must be asked, what does God take more seriously, returning tithe, or telling the truth?


“I was told that this couple had transgressed God's instruction on and in the process of tithing. After counselling with this ministry and answering them with counsel from the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy they ignored what they were instructed to do with tithes-again, from the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy.”

This is not true. We did not ignore their counsel. We followed their counsel. We did not continue to misappropriate tithe after learning it was wrong. During our video meeting, we explained what happened with our tithe. We have emails and receipts that show the dates and times we sent money. This is why we so clearly laid out what happened in the section, “Misappropriation of Tithe.” Telling followers of FMPM that we ignored the Bible and SOP is untrue and shameful. It will undoubtedly cause believers to be more doubtful of any information we may share.


“They handed over the sacred tithe to a publicly traded clearing house for donated to those in other countries. After a portion was kept, to be used as, after all, it is a publicly traded company, and a for-profit organization. Yes, the tithes went to pay men a huge salary. Only because it was an organization that collected money.”

We understand that Go Fund Me keeps a portion of the money which is donated. The portion of money that GFM required was $20. We sent $220 altogether to GFM. $200 of the $220 went to the campaign, this was from our tithe. Why are we being accused of paying men a “huge salary?” The $20 that was sent to the GFM platform was not tithe, it was with personal funds. Therefore, the tithe that was sent to GFM was not used to pay men anything.

Even if we had paid it with tithe, it is not a just or reasonable approach to portray it thus. It is a gross exaggeration and it is displeasing to God. We have been very willing to repent and make a balanced restitution. Again, it must be asked, which is worse, misappropriation or dishonesty?


“They were given instructions as a message in a Women of God's Glory document. Along with editorial liberties, this information [was] gathered to begin an attempt to discredit this ministry and the messages. The sacred tithe was to be re-obtained and it was to be placed in a suitable place that God deemed correct.”

We are working on getting the money placed where God deems correct. This was already made known to FMPM. (Note: The message in the Women of God’s Glory document is the same information instructing woman to dress like prostitutes)

Knoll: “I spent a long time talking to this couple. I queried the couple of how they had prayed and asked God to show them how God could use them. . . .Well, it was a clear, blatant answer back from them. Their answer of, “oh, no! I will serve only as I want to. They both shouted in one voice. This is not a God. Well did they fail their test? That's not my place to judge. Only our Father's.”

"Defamation of character" is a catch-all term for any statement that hurts someone's reputation. Written defamation is called "libel," while spoken defamation is called "slander." Defamation is not a crime, but it is a "tort" (a civil wrong, rather than a criminal wrong).


Why did you say these things? One of the reasons we wrote “Part 2: Trust & Obey what?!” was to show that what you said about us is dishonest and shameful. During the entire call, there was never any decision made for or against anything, let alone a unanimous agreement to discredit the messages. We believed in them, even up to the end of the call and many days thereafter. You knew this. This is dishonesty. You knew we were vulnerable, confused, and afraid. It was not right for you to put these words in our mouths. The words themselves portray a wrong conception of the facts. It was not at all like Christ to behave in the manner you did.


Knoll: “Who has the right or the authority to question or cast judgment on someone to go naked even in this day. I'll answer that for you. Satan and those he deceives. Those that follow Satan.”

Please read, Creeping Compromise, “Is Nudity Modest?”

Knoll: “Let's move along. With the gossip of me having many wives, well, I could truthfully tell you that I have my wife, Becky and a marriage certificate where next month we celebrate 45 years. But again, If God commanded me or someone else to have many wives, I have to ask who has the authority to question what God commands, even in this day. I'll answer this one for you, Satan and those he deceives, those that follow Satan.”

Prevarication: Prevarication is when someone tells a lie, especially in a sneaky way. ... While the noun prevarication is mostly just a fancy way to say "lie," it can also mean skirting around the truth, being vague about the truth, or even delaying giving someone an answer, especially to avoid telling them the whole truth.

“Polygamy was practiced at an early date. It was one of the sins that brought the wrath of God upon the antediluvian world. Yet after the flood it again became wide-spread. It was Satan's studied effort to pervert the marriage institution, to weaken its obligations, and lessen its sacredness; for in no surer way could he deface the image of God in man, and open the door to misery and vice." Patriarchs and Prophets p. 338.

Through this ministry, Satan is surely perverting the marriage institution. In FMPM, he has successfully defaced the image of God in man.


“Alright, the next one. As for a child, I need to ask who has the authority to question what God commands, even this day, especially with me, a 60 year-old man, a mid-60 year-old man. And I know that all the other men that are sitting there listening who are in their 60’s, pushing 70 are grinning from ear to ear because we know what we're talking about, don't we, old men? The answer is Satan, and those he deceives, those that follow Satan. So who has the right to cast judgment on what God has requested of someone who has said, "Lord, If there is anything I can do, Lord, simply ask."

“…it can also mean skirting around the truth, being vague about the truth, or even delaying giving someone an answer, especially to avoid telling them the whole truth.”

A simple answer would be, “yes, I had a child. And it was not with Becky.”

Note: My heart breaks for Becky and those involved in this ministry! How sad is this. How difficult it must be to deny such heavy conviction.


“Well, you know? In this long and very large e-mail, Ivory who received this from others, who have tried to destroy this ministry, what she has attempted [to] destroy this ministry, all the while, what does it do? It lifts herself up. Oh, Ivory has discovered something horrible. I am a saint. Kind of reminds you of what Satan does doesn't it?”


What you are doing, accusing the brethren--this reminds us of what Satan does. Why be lifted up in this way? Why would you say Ivory believes herself to be a saint? This does not bring glory to us. On the contrary, it reveals that we have been deceived for years. It is humiliating. It is heartbreaking to say the least. We did not want to do this, but it must be done!



“My recommendation to each that has received this satanic led effort is to realize she and the others who are controlled and guided by Satan. What would I recommend? At this point, it would be best to block them from contacting you. Ignore the email and text. Remove them from your Facebook Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter whatever kind of fashion of information that could be passed around through social media...”

Please note the power of suggestion.

People are being told to blot us out of their lives. Wouldn’t Jesus want to search for the lost? Wouldn’t He encourage prayer?


“Remember one thing, if they do not lift up Jesus and God but themselves, they are controlled by Satan. As they are controlled by demons, then you are simply conversing with demonic powers.”

I have only ever wanted to honor God. He knows that! I have had my struggles, but God knows my desire to serve Him.


“All that is done here is spread gossip.”

Gossip: Casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details that are not confirmed as being true.

As we have said before, some of the statements shown in the correspondence on could be considered gossip or rumor. For example, text messages from a daughter to father, concerning her life in the ministry, may be thrown aside as false information. After all, it is simply considered her testimony. However, our purpose is not to spread rumors, but rather to bring light to the fact that Knoll is dealing dishonestly; that his ministry is sending out private instruction that is not only unbiblical, but dangerous and stupid.


Knoll: “Let's move on. This is sad. This is really sad because we have to understand that this is a time of shaking and sifting. Those that are shaken and sifted out and call good-bad. It is a time of sifting. Remember the dream where it's portrayed two hundred fifty thousand people. And remember only one was successful. Yes we see that many are called but very few are chosen. As she and others that join her, it is clear that this is a time of sifting.”

The Lord had shown me the character and final come-out of that party; that His frown was upon those connected with that paper, and His hand was against them, and although they might appear to prosper for a time, and some honest ones be deceived, yet truth would eventually triumph, and every honest soul would break away from the deception which had held them, and come out clear from the influence of these wicked men; as God’s hand was against them, they must go down. CET 150.1

Knoll: “I want to address the fact that Ivory mentioned about the money that was loaned to her. This was not money that was given as a gift, but a loan-to assist in a dire time of their need. She emailed this ministry; cried out to this ministry, (this is just over a month ago) that her husband was unemployable. They had no heat, no electricity. The children had no food and they were starving. The money she now claims was her request to return tithe. Well [if] this is so then she lied to us. What does God say about requesting returning tithe? What does God say about lying and deceiving? Well you know we want to trust everyone. It's our nature. It's the way we're supposed to be, like Christ. In love, this ministry reached out to a family in need-in love. Well now we're repaid in gossip and hatred. One needs to ask where is the love of the love of the love in this. You have to ask yourself, is this how Christ is portrayed?” After reading the email correspondence between FMPM and Ivory in regards to money given to her, it reveals Ernie's attempt to defame her and her family. He first states the money was a loan and that it was not a gift, but in the email, it was never mentioned that any money was given as a loan. It was actually given to pay off a loan. He states Mervyn was unemployable when Ivory’s email reveals he very clearly has a job.

An excerpt of Ivory’s email reads:

“...difficulty in paying bills due to Mervyn's job being relocated. Since working for the new company, we have been able to somewhat keep afloat without major obstacle.”

Ernie said they had no food and lights, but in the email it is mentioned that they ran out of money paying the utility bill after playing catch up with Mervyn's new job. He also states that she probably lied to get her tithe back. This is not accurate as she had continued sending tithe to the ministry at least twice after money was given to her.

Excerpt of Ivory’s email:

“After paying tithe and utility, we do not have enough of the payment for our title loan.”

The contrasts are bold:


“They had no heat, no electricity.”


“After paying tithe and utility”

It is evident that Knoll has an agenda.

Part 4: Explanations

No Error, An Impenetrable Defense?

Many people state that FMPM has false doctrines riddled throughout the dreams, but this has not been my experience. The truths expressed in the dream books have harmonized with my convictions. Most of the teachings in the dreams confirmed where I was already being directed in my search for truth. This is not to say I will never find doctrinal error, but as of now, I cannot say. Regardless, as I have already said, this is not my approach.

Others say, it is not right or Biblical to separate from the “General Conference”, withhold tithe, or call them out of apostasy. I have no issues in doing this, if done Biblically. If it is your decision to remain under the leadership of the GC, that is your conviction. My desire isn’t to manipulate anyone into believing as I do--it is to tell my testimony, hoping to reach anyone who may be going through a similar time of trouble.

Outwardly, FMPM follows the counsels given in the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy, calling for revival and reformation on a church-wide scale. The question is, could Satan invent such a ministry in these last days? Could he cause a ministry to sound the trumpet church-wide? What could Satan gain by doing that?

Imagine a ministry whose leadership was involved in the vilest of lusts, in the name of God, and knowledge of it had become surprisingly widespread. How do you think the Church would respond to the call for revival and reformation? Do you think they would be quick to reject it? Could it give the Church negative publicity to the outside world? These are vital questions that must be asked.

And what about the truth? Could the truth be rejected along with the ministry? Do you think this could be one of Satan's biggest motivators here?

What if it's all a big mind game? What if Satan had made plans in the last days to publicize present truth through a false prophet, intending to have the masses reject not only the false shepherd, but the Present Truth itself?

Could the truth even be exploited in such a way? With a ministry calling the worldwide church to account for their sins, would it not cause a shaking? And by rejecting Present Truth, would it not plunge the church deeper into sin and apostasy?

In these last days, it is extremely difficult to find consistency in truth. From pastors to laymen, self-supporting ministers, to conference leaders, it has become exceedingly difficult to agree on anything. Everybody is rebuking everybody. With all of this confusion, could it be possible for Satan to offer the perfect solution to the chaos he has caused?

We have repeatedly been told the dreams have no error. Question: What if they don't contain error? Let me be clear; what if Satan split the the dreams in two? On the right hand, we have the published, public dreams, and on the left hand, we have the unpublished, private dreams.

There are two hands to a body. Regardless of how much truth is presented on the right hand, it doesn't sanctify the evil deeds done by the left. When we stand before God in the judgment, we should know, concerning our lives, the holy will never justify the profane.

We are being told to trust and obey, being pointed to the public dreams as evidence to the authority of the private. Once we profess faith in the public dreams, we are made to believe it is a lack of faith to question the validity of the private.

Followers of FMPM have seen critics come and go, each attempting to attack some point(s) of doctrine in regards to the public dreams. Most of these critics have been addressed in the Truth Book, vol. 1. An investigation of this book may surprise some, as it is full of truth. Though not written by Knoll, its chapters contain a wide variety of doctrines found in his dreams.

Leaders, pastors, and layman alike, have attempted to find holes in the public dreams, but have failed. Vol. 1 bears record of this fact. It stands as a memorial to the futility of approaching the dreams in such careless manor. In fact, knowing the “bait-dreams” are strategically built upon truth, Satan would welcome an attack on them, hoping to discredit more and more critics.

If one really wants to help the followers of FMPM, it is extremely important to know exactly what you believe before making an address. One mistake, and you're just another critic. These dreams were not created by mortal minds and they should be dealt with as such.

The public dreams and other materials elaborate on established doctrines. There is nothing taught that does not have a Biblical basis or explanation.

The materials in the dreams heavily rest upon the pillars of the SDA faith. These include:

The nature of Christ; righteousness by faith; victory over sin.

The Sanctuary, atonement, and the Investigative Judgment.

The Spirit of Prophecy.

The Three Angels' Messages (exposing the papacy, Babylon, apostate Protestantism, ecumenism, spiritualism, and the Sabbath-Sunday question; exalting the law of God, the health message, etc.).

The true state of the dead.

Anyone who comes in with a limited understanding of the mind and heart of a true believer and supporter of FMPM will not not reach anyone within.

I believed in the dreams. I lived by and breathed the counsels in them. As I already mentioned, I would have died defending them. I believed they were God's final warning messages.

I never found any error in the dreams. Recently, I have had some concerns with some of the things in the latest ones, but like I said, addressing the public dreams will not be my approach.

There are many things in the private dreams that would lead one to transgress God's law. Things that would cause you to scream in horror and righteous indignation.

Some of the counsels given in the private dreams include, and unfortunately, are not limited to:



Dressing like a prostitute

Nakedness around family, friends, & children

Intentionally having sex in front of your children


Alcohol consumption

Public shaming


As we already addressed, it is not only the private instruction that has us concerned. Total sexual immorality and debauchery is not only the issue at stake. FMPM has lied, covered-up, shamed, and used fear as manipulation. Once involved in the ministry, you cannot so easily escape. This is a personal testimony.

No Longer Rumors

To prove these claims are not merely rumors, we will also attach the correspondence between family members of some of those who have since left the ministry. Some names and personal details will be removed to protect privacy.

Without going into too much detail, one of Ernie's “wives”, recently escaped from the ministry. We hope to one day address the private instructions given her, as well as others. The information has been shared with us and is now available for inquiring minds. This will be an ongoing process and will be found on the website.

There are many more heartbreaking and abominable practices confirmed by eyewitnesses and personal testimonies, but these things will not be addressed at this time. Because we are being told these things are simply rumors, we think it wise to directly quote the actual dreams themselves. We are not interested in hearsay. Hopefully, after a thorough investigation of the material, these things will no longer be considered rumors.

Rejecting the Dreams Begins the Downward Spiral?

Some have seen and believed that those who renounce the dreams are judged of God. But is receiving spiritual fire an evidence of divine displeasure.

People are attacked when rejecting the dreams because Satan counterfeits God’s judgements, making it appear as though God is displeased. Since rejecting the dreams, we too have been attacked and request prayer. Satan wants to show FMPM and their believers that by rejecting the dreams, people begin to experience the downward spiral toward perdition. Seeing this backsliding has helped many to strengthen conviction in regards to the validity of the dreams. We, including many others, have had our “faith” increased, seeing that when former believers turn from the ministry, the outcome becomes a rejection of the bonafide truths they once advocated. After the rejection, all the powers of darkness are sent to spiritually tear down the morals of the individual(s).

The rejection of these dreams does not always end in the way one would suppose. Rather than an immediate, total destruction of one’s life, it is rather, a gradual degeneration of one’s faith and ideals.

When a true standard is lifted up by an unsanctified source, the ability to be able to discern the difference between right and wrong becomes an exceedingly difficult struggle. The former believer begins to literally question everything. The Devil is so happy to speak to the minds of those who were once deceived. He suggests that the truths once believed are as false as their advocates. Thus, true doctrine is cast aside as uninspired and dangerous.

It is also important to note that those who challenge this ministry similarly turn from the faith. We have seen critics question particular doctrines of truth. Upon researching, studying, and praying, being affected by the lukewarm condition of the church, many have chosen to side with popular deception. The devil sticks in his unholy suggestions, leading well-meaning people into total confusion and chaos.

We have repeatedly seen former believers fall in one or more of (but not limited to) these particular patterns. Upon consideration of the lack of inspiration of these dreams, they begin to question or doubt the validity of the following:

The Present Truth

Sister White’s Inspiration

The Seventh-day Adventist Church and its Calling as the Remnant.

Christianity Altogether

The Value of Life itself.

When this ministry makes a church-wide call for revival and reformation, every member is affected. Once the leadership of the [SDA] Church takes hold of the things FMPM teaches, they will then be spread to every pastor and layman as a most dangerous error. This is how Satan exploits unsanctified ministers to destroy God’s work. The worst part is that Knoll claims to be a prophet. This means it will be done in a much larger scale. Satan knows exactly what he is doing.

Why did We Even Believe?

Men professing to have new light, claiming to be reformers, will have great influence over a certain class who are convinced of the heresies that exist in the present age and who are not satisfied with the spiritual condition of the churches. With true, honest hearts, these desire to see a change for the better, a coming up to a higher standard. If the faithful servants of Christ would present the truth, pure and unadulterated, to this class, they would accept it, and purify themselves by obeying it. But Satan, ever vigilant, sets upon the track of these inquiring souls. Someone making high profession as a reformer comes to them, as Satan came to Christ disguised as an angel of light, and draws them still further from the path of right. 5T 144.1

I was raised as a Seventh-day Adventist Christian. My father and grandfather were [SDA] pastors. There were also others in our family who were involved in leadership.

Growing up in the church, I began to realize there was much inconsistency. At the time, this confused me. Even at a young age, I realized there was a serious problem; a cloaked, modernized version of pride and hypocrisy.

I grew up in the Arlington SDA Church. For a time, my grandfather was the head pastor. It was my second home. However, as I grew older, I began to lose faith. There was no power in there to overcome my sin problem.

“Convinced of the heresies that exist in the present age”, I was repulsed and could not receive what they had to offer. Over time, I had become so exhausted by their pretensions, I could see no sense in pursuing a course with God. I had fully grown up into unbelief and the seeds were ever taking deeper root. I hardly knew anything about God. It is certainly no surprise that I didn’t believe He had the answers.

But yet, God had called me at a young age. Unfortunately, I stifled my convictions and plunged into sin.

I was without self-control--filled with lusts and every unholy imagination. I grew to resent myself. I realized there was no way of escape. I was bound by my selfishness. I had become sick of hurting others and I was desperate for help.

It wasn’t until I was a grown man that I challenged myself to read the Great Controversy, a book written by Sister White. After discovering that our church had indeed been lead by a prophet, I realized we were in big trouble; that our church had fallen into sin.

Before I knew what I was doing, I was writing letters to my church, hoping to arouse them to their senses and help to awake them from their spiritual slumber. This, of course, didn’t happen.

Years of studying and many experiences later, I would come to realize that the church was in the lukewarm state prophesied in the book of Revelation.

Still later, I would come to realize that my church had become open and even boastful about their sin. This, of course, broke my heart.

Many followers of FMPM are broken hearted by the general, lukewarm condition of the church. They discover that it doesn’t even lead to Christ anymore. There is no love, only a form or “appearance of godliness.”

Many have had to fight a fierce battle with sin, amid discouraging circumstances. Many have even given up on the church, others trapped, perplexed, and without hope.

Note: There will always be “good” churches. Unfortunately, many of these are unwilling to speak out against those who are sowing discord amongst the brethren. Many do not have the privileges of communing with a faithful body of believers. Unaware of their circumstances, many remain in darkness, fighting a losing battle. Those who know the truth should want to help their brothers escape from these rebellious sources of darkness.

Followers of FMPM realize the dangers of remaining in their sins. They realize God will not remain silent.

“If God abhors one sin above another, of which His people are guilty, it is of doing nothing in case of an emergency. Indifference and neutrality in a religious crisis is regarded of God as a grievous crime and equal to the very worst type of hostility against God!” (3T 280).

I have been shown that God here illustrates how He regards sin among those who profess to be His commandment-keeping people. Those whom He has specially honored with witnessing the remarkable exhibitions of His power, as did ancient Israel, and who will even then venture to disregard His express directions, will be subjects of His wrath. He would teach His people that disobedience and sin are exceedingly offensive to Him and are not to be lightly regarded. He shows us that when His people are found in sin they should at once take decided measures to put that sin from them, that His frown may not rest upon them all. But if the sins of the people are passed over by those in responsible positions, His frown will be upon them, and the people of God, as a body, will be held responsible for those sins. In His dealings with His people in the past the Lord shows the necessity of purifying the church from wrongs. One sinner may diffuse darkness that will exclude the light of God from the entire congregation. When the people realize that darkness is settling upon them, and they do not know the cause, they should seek God earnestly, in great humility and self-abasement, until the wrongs which grieve His Spirit are searched out and put away. 3T 265.1

In the case of Achan's sin God said to Joshua: “Neither will I be with you any more, except ye destroy the accursed from among you.” How does this instance compare with the course pursued by those who will not raise their voice against sin and wrong, but whose sympathies are ever found with those who trouble the camp of Israel with their sins? Said God to Joshua: “Thou canst not stand before thine enemies, until ye take away the accursed thing from among you.” He pronounced the punishment which would follow the transgression of His covenant.

Followers of FMPM are disheartened by the backsliden condition of Church. They realize that each one of these sins is as offensive to God as was Achan’s:

“New Theology”

Practicing New Age, Mystical Ideas:


Contemplative Prayer

Ecumenical & Interfaith Relations

Compromising Doctrines for Unity

Reading Books of a “New Order,”

Ignoring Christ’s Imminent Return

Breaking the 10 Commandments

Rejecting Ellen White as God’s Messenger

Compromising Christian Standards

Not Warning Brothers of Sin

Following Leadership instead of Jesus


Unbiblical Divorces

Unsanctified Media, including:





A Love of Parties, Festivals, and Celebrations

Irreverent Worship Services, including:




Irreverent Music, Including:

Contemporary Gospel





Irreverent Baptisms

Irreverent Communion

Irreverent Sermons


And many more!

Exploiting Our Convictions

Satan is a diligent Bible student. He knows that his time is short, and he seeks at every point to counterwork the work of the Lord upon this earth. It is impossible to give any idea of the experience of the people of God who shall be alive upon the earth when celestial glory and a repetition of the persecutions of the past are blended. They will walk in the light proceeding from the throne of God. By means of the angels there will be constant communication between heaven and earth. And Satan, surrounded by evil angels, and claiming to be God, will work miracles of all kinds, to deceive, if possible, the very elect. God’s people will not find their safety in working miracles, for Satan will counterfeit the miracles that will be wrought. God’s tried and tested people will find their power in the sign spoken of in Exodus 31:12-18. They are to take their stand on the living word: “It is written.” This is the only foundation upon which they can stand securely. Those who have broken their covenant with God will in that day be without God and without hope. CCh 39.5

Don't think it beyond Satan’s intellect to lure us in with truth. We should not be surprised when he invents new means by which to deceive. He has studied the pillars of our faith. He understands how to elaborate on the truth. He knows how to gain trust and to condition our minds. Satan knows exactly what he has done to the Church. Everywhere is confusion, disagreement, and backsliding. Everyone is pointing to the “right” path in desperation, crying, “here is the way!”

Satan is not beyond exploiting our convictions. When looking upon the condition of the SDA Church, it isn't surprising for one to become overwhelmed with a sense of the need of revival and reformation. Satan knows this, so he represents FMPM as the solution to the problems he has caused.

Of course, not everyone will receive this solution. Satan has a deception in every line and branch of the work of God. He has a plan for every species of believer. He can even so closely replicate God's true church that one could scarcely see a difference. For Satan to raise up a ministry and do the very work that God's Church refuses to do is simply astounding.

There are many signs and wonders following FMPM, but these such things are not, in themselves, evidence of their divine nature. Satan has amazing power too. He can induce powerful hallucinations and delusions in those who are susceptible and willing to submit themselves to his inducements.

And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men, And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do… Revelation 13:13,14

Going through this trial has been difficult to say the least. It has been very difficult to “test the spirits.” Many different thoughts and voices have presented themselves. Through it all, one thing has stood clear,

To the law and to the testimony…

I have compared the dreams with the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy. Truth be told, I found no error in the public dreams. But when testing the private dreams, we see the final result: The transgression of God's law.

The difficulty is that every private dream, every instruction, has a seeming Biblical backbone, such as symbolism, restitution, or preparation. To those who are weak--the confidence, power, and authority of the spirits in the dreams, will be too much to withstand.

To attempt to unite the holy with the profane will cause confusion, thus inducing a form of hypnosis.

Sister White dealt with the same thing in her day:

There is always a bewitching power in heresies and in licentiousness. The mind is so deluded that it cannot reason intelligently, and an illusion is continually leading it from purity. The spiritual eyesight becomes blurred, and persons of hitherto untainted morals become confused under the delusive sophistry of those agents of Satan who profess to be messengers of light. It is this delusion which gives these agents power. Should they come out boldly and make their advances openly they would be repulsed without a moment's hesitation; but they work first to gain sympathy and secure confidence in themselves as holy, self-sacrificing men of God. As His special messengers they then begin their artful work of drawing away souls from the path of rectitude by attempting to make void the law of God. 5T 142.1

Notice here how she says: “...persons of hitherto untainted morals become confused under the delusive sophistry of those agents of Satan who profess to be messengers of light.”

She goes on to say that “It is this delusion which gives these agents power.”

It confuses the mind to receive truth and error simultaneously. The mind becomes so deluded that it cannot think intelligently. Our spiritual eyesight becomes blurred.

What Now? (Appeal)

Once again, we find another deception to be rooted in the misunderstanding of God’s character. Understanding the character of God is the key to unlock ourselves from this “ministry.” There are many commands that one must compare with the Bible and SOP before making an impulsive decision.

One must ask, is it in God’s character to command the things these people are doing?

If a father came to his young daughter and asked her to perform heinous sex acts in order to fulfill some kind of strange symbolic condition, or to reveal her “love” and “obedience” to him (or God), can you imagine how this little girl would respond? She would probably be heartbroken and traumatized, to say the least. She had been told to do something that she would not understand. She only knows a little bit of her father’s character. She has had to trust him since she was a young child. She only wants to respect and please him. Even if she resisted, it wouldn’t take long to convince her.

Satan is sitting on the throne of God, pretending to be God. He is telling us to fulfill his commands [break God’s law] as some twisted symbol. THIS IS NOT GOD! RUN AWAY!

If you, or someone you know, has been deceived by this ministry, please do not be discouraged. Human beings are not very intelligent. Sometimes we make mistakes, thinking we are doing what is right. We think we have found gold, but later discover it to be base metal.

If you have been given instruction similarly to those mentioned in this letter, please understand that by rejecting it, you are not rejecting God. Stand strong. Do not give up the faith. Please do not give up on the present truth. Jesus is still coming!

God is still good. He will get you through this trail. He will not give up on you. Do not give up on Him!

Those who have spread these messages, please seek God. He will enlighten, he will forgive.

FMPM: Please repent. It is not too late. For God’s sake!

Every conceivable message is coming to counterfeit the work of God, and always bearing the inscription of truth upon its banner 2SM 92.3

Part 5: Unpublished Dreams & Private Instruction

Instructions for “Mary”

Starting May 24, 2015


Mary is to be naked all the time. When around the grandmother, she is to explain that God

instructed her to be nude all the time when she is in the house. When she gets to California, she

is also to be naked all the time, unless it is cold. Cold means under 70’, The cold does not refer

to air conditioning. If it is on and she feels cold, so be it.

When working outside around the house or going to the motor home, she is to be nude. lf she

goes to the mailbox, she may wear flipflops or sandals and a shirt.


While here, she is to work:

Hand wash the cars using the garden hose and towels. While washing:

She is to wear a very, very small, triangle-shaped thong bikini bottom.

At its widest point it is to be 1/2 - 2" wide with strings on each corner.

She is not to wear any top.

She may wear crocs to protect her feet.

Mow the lawn. While mowing, she is to protect herself by wearing:

Long pants and a protective top

Good shoes


Safety goggles


She is to learn how to walk down to the shed, watching her steps for snakes.

She is to open the door and slowly roll out the cart, then take the mower out.

lf she sees a snake, she is to know that rattlesnakes are afraid of people. They will only bite in self-defense or when provoked.

Vacuum the house

Copy and print DVDs, etc., etc-


She is to get:

Skater skirts 6'- 8" long that expose part of her butt cheeks.

Sheer/see-through tops

Highest available stiletto heels

She is to wear only a completely sheer shirt (no camisole) and a very short skater skirt that

exposes the bottom of her butt cheeks. She must also wear the highest stiletto heels we can


Carmen is to take her to the mall and let her walk there for 2 hours to get blisters and feel pain.

She needs to let people gawk at her to humiliate her and feel the pain of walking to remind her

about the severity of what she has done.


She is to get make-up at Ulta Beauty and be taught how to use it. She is to wear:

All types of eye make up: eye shadow, eye liner, mascara



Her hair is to be long, loose, and brushed out

Whenever we go out to the grocery store, mall, Costco, etc., she must get herself ready to go by

wearing these things.


She is to eat:

Beef (hot dogs, hamburgers)



Duck (food from cows and fowl)

She is to drink coffee each morning and soft drinks

She must not to heat oils to cook onions or garlic.


She may use her cell phone only while being supervised, whether to talk or text.

She is not to have it with her, but must ask for it.

The iPad is only for games or texting (under supervision).

She may use the house computer.

She may watch TV in the motor home only, not in the house.

She may go to a movie with Carmen

She may not go by herself, but must be chaperoned.

Ernie said that after she has been here for a while, MAYBE she will be allowed to take a car and go somewhere, but it will take a while. For now, Carmen should take her.

Dream: More Instructions for “Mary”

ln this dream, the Herald, the Announcing angel, the Guide angel and Perceivous come and

stand in front of me. The Herald calls me by my heavenly name and says, "l am to show you

something so you will understand."

I look in front of me and now see myself standing with Becky on my right. She is wearing a gold

cape. lt is like a thick cloth that drapes over her shoulders. Perpendicular and next to Becky

there is a row of six, large, white circles. Each circle represents a place where a wife would

stand. Now I see lsabel standing on the first circle. Behind lsabel are Vida, Carmen, Laurie,

Jennifer, and Abby.

Then the Announcing angel and the Guide angel walk up and escort lsabel over to stand on my

left side, beside me. The Herald says, "lsabel will continue to serve as a wife, but she will also

serve as your left hand."

The first circle, that of Wife #2, is now vacant. The Announcing angel and the Guide angel walk

back and escort Abby to stand on the first circle. Now she will serve as the second wife. The last

circle, that of Wife #7, is now vacant.

Now I see Mary standing in front and to my right. The Announcing angel, the Guide angel and

Perceivous walk over and stand in front of her. She is wearing a white robe, but the robe is filthy,

ripped, dingy, gray, and stained with grease and mud, Mary herself is filthy, too. The Guide angel

and the Announcing angel reach up to each shoulder and rip the gown off her. Mary now stands

naked and filthy.

The Guide angel takes a container full of a liquid that looks like gold-colored Dawn dish soap,

and pours it all over Mary, from her head to her feet. The Herald says, "Mary has been forgiven,

and her sins have been forgotten. But, even though she is cleansed, she can no longer

represent and serve only as the perfect church."

Perceivous walks up and places a white gown over Mary. The Herald says, "Now Mary will also

serve as the church of Laodicea. She will serve as the pure, as well as the Laodicean church.

She will need to walk two walks." Perceivous reaches over Mary's shoulders, takes hold of the

veil that hangs in the back and pulls it up and over Mary's face.

The Herald says, "She must also pay restitution. Now she is to serve as the 7th wife.

She will not be a temporary wife, but like Laurie and Jennifer, she will serve as a permanent

wife." Then he explains that as part of her restitution payment, she must go with Ernie on a

5-week honeymoon.

“The conditions of obtaining mercy of God are simple and just and reasonable. The Lord does not require us to do some grievous thing in order that we may have the forgiveness of sin. We need not make long and wearisome pilgrimages, or perform painful penances, to commend our souls to the God of heaven or to expiate our transgression; but he that confesseth and forsaketh his sin shall have mercy.” {SC 37.2}

Now the Herald walks away from Mary, goes to lsabel, and tells her, "All of the wives, numbers 2

to 7, are now in position. They were not in their correct positions until now. Since all the wives

are finally in position, it is now time for you to do the study of the comparison between the seven

wives and the seven churches."

Mary is to call Laurie and tell her everything that has happened. Once again, restitution must be

paid. When individuals make bad choices, the choices are given to others, and others have to

pay for someone else.

Mary is to fly to Jamaica on August 16 and stay there with Ernie until September 20th. Laurie

will pay for Mary’s trip to Jamaica. lsabel is to work with her on that.

Additional information that pertains to Mary

She is to learn to drink alcohol.

Carmen is to take her to an OB-GYN for a thorough check-up and be tested for

pregnancy and STDs.

lf she is pregnant, she is to have an abortion.

Carmen is to take her to Galleria Mall once a week to walk for two hours.

Whenever Christina goes out, she is to wear the highest stiletto hells possible and let her feet hurt.

She needs to look older. Therefore, she is to:

Go to Ulta Beauty to get make-up and learn how to apply it.

Go to Hair Depot to get gradient highlighting streaks. This highlighting is to be done just before she leaves for Jamaica.

She is to find sheer clothing, especially for Jamaica.

She may use some of Becky's, but will need some of her own.

She is to get 5" and 6" heels in several colors (the highest available)

She is to do the avocado hair treatment.

Starting now, she is to do it twice a day, every other day.

When she gets to California, she is to do the treatment twice a day for seven days.

After that week, she is to continue to do the avocado treatment once a week and continue to wash her hair twice a day.

Part 6: Nothing New Under the Sun

Chapter 12—Agents of Satan

Satan uses men and women as agents to solicit to sin and make it attractive. These agents he faithfully educates to so disguise sin that he can more successfully destroy souls and rob Christ of His glory. Satan is the great enemy of God and man. He transforms himself through his agents into angels of light. In the Scriptures he is called a destroyer, an accuser of the brethren, a deceiver, a liar, a tormentor, and a murderer. Satan has many in his employ, but is most successful when he can use professed Christians for his satanic work. And the greater their influence, the more elevated their position, the more knowledge they profess of God and His service, the more successfully can he use them. Whoever entices to sin is his agent. 5T 137.4

While attending one of the Eastern camp meetings I was introduced one Friday to a man who occupied a tent with several women and children. That night I was unable to sleep; my soul was deeply burdened. While pleading with God in the night season a vision given years ago at the time when the course of Nathan Fuller was reproved was distinctly revived in my mind. At that time I was shown three men whom I should meet who would be pursuing the same course of iniquity under the profession of godliness. This man was one of the three. As I bore my testimony in the morning meeting, the power and Spirit of God rested upon me; but I did not mention individual cases. Later in the day I felt clear in reference to my duty and bore my testimony, referring to his case as most marked. By this course of action this man was going exactly contrary to the direction of the apostle to “abstain from all appearance of evil.” He was breaking the seventh commandment, while professedly keeping the fourth. By his deception he was gathering around him a company of women who followed him from place to place, as a faithful wife would accompany her husband. 5T 138.1

As a people, we are looked upon as peculiar. Our position and faith distinguish us from every other denomination. If we are in life and character no better than worldlings, they will point the finger of scorn at us and say: “These are Seventh-day Adventists.” “We have here a sample of the people who keep the seventh day for Sunday.” The stigma which should be rightfully attached to such a class is thus placed upon all who are conscientiously keeping the seventh day. Oh, how much better it would be if such a class would not make any pretension to obey the truth! 5T 138.2

I felt led out to rebuke this man in the name of the Lord and to call upon the women who were with him to separate from him and withdraw their misplaced confidence, for unhappiness and ruin were in the path they had entered upon. The Ledger of Heaven testifies of this man thus: “A deceiver, an adulterer, creeping into houses and leading captive silly women.” How many souls he will destroy with his satanic sophistry the judgment alone will reveal. Such men ought to be rebuked and discountenanced at once, that they may not bring a continual reproach upon the cause. 5T 138.3

As we near the close of earth's history, perils and dangers thicken around us. A mere profession of godliness will not avail. There must be a living connection with God, that we may have spiritual eyesight to discern the wickedness which is in a most artful and secret manner creeping into our midst through those who make a profession of our faith. The greatest sins are brought in through those who profess to be sanctified and claim that they cannot sin. Yet many of this class are sinning daily and are corrupt in heart and life. Such are self-sufficient and self-righteous, making their own standard of righteousness and utterly failing to meet the Bible standard. Notwithstanding their high claims, they are strangers to the covenant of promise. It is in great mercy that God bears with their perversity and that they are not cut down as cumberers of the ground, but still remain within the possibilities of forgiveness. The forbearance of God is continually presumed upon and His mercy abused. David in his day thought that men had exceeded the boundaries of the long-suffering of God, and that He must interfere to vindicate His honor and restrain unrighteousness. 5T 139.1

Mr. ----- is a teacher of doctrines that defile the temple of God. There is scarcely a ray of hope for him; he has deceived himself and deluded others so long that Satan has almost entire control of his mind and body. If his professed robe of righteousness can be torn from him and his vile purposes and thoughts be exposed, so that he will not continue to lead others in the paths of hell, it will be all we may expect. 5T 139.2

The warnings of God he first hated and then resisted because they brought his own wicked course to be seen in the light of God's law. It is one of the saddest evidences of the blinding influence of sin that months and years roll on and there is no awaking to repentance. With a firm persistence he has pursued his downward course. He has no bitter feelings of remorse, no dread of heaven's vengeance. If by lies and deception he can cover his sins from observation he is content. All sense of right and wrong is dead within him. A harvest is before him that he will be horrified to reap. 5T 139.3

The worst feature in this case is that all his satanic work is done under pretense of being a representative of Jesus Christ. One sinner dressed up as an angel of light can do incalculable harm. Dark and fearful plans are deliberately made to separate man and wife. Said the apostle: “Of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts.” These licentious characters even creep into respectable families and by their deceptive wiles and intrigues lead astray the conscientious. Damnable heresies are received as truth, and the most revolting sins committed as acts of righteousness, for conscience becomes confused and stupefied. 5T 140.1

This man embraced the unpopular doctrine that the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord, in order to give to his religious experience a semblance of honesty. Our views have been clearly defined in our publications, but, concealing this fact, he mixed with truth his own defiling heresies and tried to make others believe that God had given him new light upon the Bible. By thus professing to have great light for the people on the Sabbath of the fourth commandment and kindred truths he had to the unsuspecting an appearance of really being led of God. But when once the confidence is gained, he commences his satanic work of wresting the Scriptures from their true meaning by seeking to show that adultery condemned in the law of God does not mean what it is generally understood to mean. He really tries to make sensible women believe it not offensive to God for wives to be untrue to their marriage vows. He will not even admit that this would be breaking the seventh commandment. Satan rejoices to have sinners enter the church as professed Sabbathkeepers while they allow him to control their minds and affections, using them to deceive and corrupt others. 5T 140.2

In this degenerate age many will be found who are so blinded to the sinfulness of sin that they choose a licentious life because it suits the natural and perverse inclination of the heart. Instead of facing the mirror, the law of God, and bringing their hearts and characters up to God's standard, they allow Satan's agents to erect his standard in their hearts. Corrupt men think it easier to misinterpret the Scriptures to sustain them in their iniquity than to yield up their corruption and sin and be pure in heart and life. 5T 141.1

There are more men of this stamp than many have imagined, and they will multiply as we draw near the end of time. Unless they are rooted and grounded in the truth of the Bible, and have a living connection with God, many will be infatuated and deceived. Dangers unseen beset our path. Our only safety is in constant watchfulness and prayer. The nearer we live to Jesus, the more will we partake of His pure and holy character; and the more offensive sin appears to us, the more exalted and desirable will appear the purity and brightness of Christ. 5T 141.2

In order to cover his corrupt life and make his sins appear harmless, this man will bring up instances recorded in the Bible where good men have fallen under temptation. Paul met with just such men in his day, and the church has been cursed with them in all ages. At Miletus Paul called the elders of the church together and warned them in regard to what they would meet: “Take heed therefore unto yourselves, and to all the flock, over the which the Holy Ghost hath made you overseers, to feed the church of God, which He hath purchased with His own blood. For I know this, that after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock. Also of your own selves shall men arise, speaking perverse things, to draw away disciples after them. Therefore watch, and remember, that by the space of three years I ceased not to warn everyone night and day with tears.” 5T 141.3

He who holds the truth in unrighteousness, who declares his belief in it, and yet wounds it every day by his inconsistent life, is surrendering himself to the service of Satan and leading souls to ruin. This class hold intercourse with fallen angels and are aided by them in gaining the control of minds. When Satan's bewitching power controls a person, God is forgotten, and man who is filled with corrupt purposes is extolled. Secret licentiousness is practiced by these deceived souls as a virtue. This is a species of witchcraft. The question of the apostle to the Galatians may well be asked: “Who hath bewitched you, that ye should not obey the truth, before whose eyes Jesus Christ hath been evidently set forth, crucified among you?” When ministers thus take advantage of the confidence the people place in them and lead souls to ruin, they make themselves as much more guilty than the common sinner as their profession is higher. In the day of God, when the great Ledger of Heaven is opened, it will be found to contain the names of many ministers who have made pretensions to purity of heart and life and professed to be entrusted with the gospel of Christ, but who have taken advantage of their position to allure souls to transgress the law of God. 5T 143.1

When men and women fall under the corrupting power of Satan, it is almost impossible to recover them out of the horrible snare so that they will ever again have pure thoughts and clear conceptions of God's requirements. Sin, to their deluded minds, has been sanctified by the minister, and it is never again regarded in the loathsome light that God looks upon it. After the moral standard has been lowered in the minds of men, their judgment becomes perverted, and they look upon sin as righteousness, and righteousness as sin. By associating with these, whose inclinations and habits are not elevated and pure, others become like them. Their tastes and principles are almost unconsciously adopted. 5T 143.2

If the society of a man of impure mind and licentious habits is chosen in preference to that of the virtuous and pure, it is a sure indication that the tastes and inclinations harmonize, that a low level of morals is reached. This level is called by these deceived, infatuated souls, a high and holy affinity of spirit—a spiritual harmony. But the apostle terms it “spiritual wickedness in high places,” against which we are to institute a vigorous warfare. 5T 143.3

When the deceiver commences his work of deception, he frequently finds dissimilarity of tastes and habits; but by great pretensions to godliness he gains the confidence, and when this is done, his wily, deceptive power is exercised in his own way to carry out his devices. By associating with this dangerous element, women become accustomed to breathe the atmosphere of impurity and almost insensibly become permeated with the same spirit. Their identity is lost; they become the shadow of their seducer. 5T 143.4

Men professing to have new light, claiming to be reformers, will have great influence over a certain class who are convinced of the heresies that exist in the present age and who are not satisfied with the spiritual condition of the churches. With true, honest hearts, these desire to see a change for the better, a coming up to a higher standard. If the faithful servants of Christ would present the truth, pure and unadulterated, to this class, they would accept it, and purify themselves by obeying it. But Satan, ever vigilant, sets upon the track of these inquiring souls. Someone making high profession as a reformer comes to them, as Satan came to Christ disguised as an angel of light, and draws them still further from the path of right. 5T 144.1

The unhappiness and degradation that follow in the train of licentiousness cannot be estimated. The world is defiled under its inhabitants. They have nearly filled up the measure of their iniquity; but that which will bring the heaviest retribution is the practice of iniquity under the cloak of godliness. The Redeemer of the world never spurned true repentance, however great the guilt; but He hurls burning denunciations against Pharisees and hypocrites. There is more hope for the open sinner than for this class.5T 144.2

“And for this cause [not receiving the love of the truth] God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: that they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.” This man and those deceived by him love not the truth but have pleasure in unrighteousness. And what stronger delusion could come upon them than that there is nothing displeasing to God in licentiousness and adultery? The Bible contains many warnings against these sins. Paul writes to Titus of those who “profess that they know God; but in works they deny Him, being abominable, and disobedient, and unto every good work reprobate.” “But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily [not openly] shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction. And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of.” The ones here referred to are not those who openly claim to have no faith in Christ, but those who profess to believe the truth and by their vileness of character bring a reproach upon it, causing it to be evil spoken of. 5T 144.3

“And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not.” “But these, as natural brute beasts, made to be taken and destroyed, speak evil of the things that they understand not; and shall utterly perish in their own corruption; and shall receive the reward of unrighteousness, as they that count it pleasure to riot in the day time. Spots they are and blemishes, sporting themselves with their own deceivings while they feast with you; having eyes full of adultery, and that cannot cease from sin; beguiling unstable souls: an heart they have exercised with covetous practices; cursed children: which have forsaken the right way, and are gone astray, following the way of Balaam the son of Bosor, who loved the wages of unrighteousness.” 5T 145.1

“These are wells without water, clouds that are carried with a tempest; to whom the mist of darkness is reserved forever. For when they speak great swelling words of vanity,” boasting of their light, their knowledge and their love of the truth, “they allure through the lusts of the flesh, through much wantonness, those that were clean escaped from them who live in error.” 5T 145.2

In this age of corruption when our adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about seeking whom he may devour, I see the necessity of lifting my voice in warning. “Watch ye and pray, lest ye enter into temptation.” There are many who possess brilliant talents who wickedly devote them to the service of Satan. What warning can I give to a people who profess to have come out from the world and to have left its works of darkness? to a people whom God has made the repositories of His law, but who, like the pretentious fig tree, flaunt their apparently flourishing branches in the very face of the Almighty, yet bear no fruit to the glory of God? Many of them cherish impure thoughts, unholy imaginations, unsanctified desires, and base passions. God hates the fruit borne upon such a tree. Angels, pure and holy, look upon the course of such with abhorrence, while Satan exults. Oh, that men and women would consider what is to be gained by transgressing God's law! Under any and every circumstance, transgression is a dishonor to God and a curse to man. We must regard it thus, however fair its guise, and by whomsoever committed. 5T 146.1

As Christ's ambassador, I entreat you who profess present truth to promptly resent any approach to impurity and forsake the society of those who breathe an impure suggestion. Loathe these defiling sins with the most intense hatred. Flee from those who would, even in conversation, let the mind run in such a channel; “for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.” 5T 146.2

As those who practice these defiling sins are steadily increasing in the world and would intrude themselves into our churches, I warn you to give no place to them. Turn from the seducer. Though a professed follower of Christ, he is Satan in the form of man; he has borrowed the livery of heaven that he may the better serve his master. You should not for one moment give place to an impure, covert suggestion; for even this will stain the soul, as impure water defiles the channel through which it passes. 5T 146.3

Choose poverty, reproach, separation from friends, or any suffering rather than to defile the soul with sin. Death before dishonor or the transgression of God's law should be the motto of every Christian. As a people professing to be reformers, treasuring the most solemn, purifying truths of God's word, we must elevate the standard far higher than it is at the present time. Sin and sinners in the church must be promptly dealt with, that others may not be contaminated. Truth and purity require that we make more thorough work to cleanse the camp from Achans. Let those in responsible positions not suffer sin in a brother. Show him that he must either put away his sins or be separated from the church. 5T 147.1

When the individual members of the church shall act as true followers of the meek and lowly Saviour, there will be less covering up and excusing of sin. All will strive to act as if in God's presence. They will realize that His all-seeing eye is ever upon them and that the most secret thought is known to Him. The character, the motives, the desires and purposes, are as clear as the light of the sun to the eye of the Omnipotent. But few bear this in mind. The larger class by far do not realize what a fearful account must be rendered at the bar of God by all the transgressors of His law. 5T 147.2

Can you who have professed to receive such great light be content with a low level? Oh, how earnestly and constantly should we seek for the divine presence and a realization of the solemn truths that the end of all things is at hand and that the Judge of all the earth stands at the door! How can you disregard His just and holy requirements? How can you transgress in the very face of Jehovah? How can you cherish unholy thoughts and base passions in full view of the pure angels and of the Redeemer, who gave Himself for you that He might redeem you from all iniquity and purify unto Himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works? As you contemplate the matter in the light which shines from the cross of Christ, will not sin appear too mean, too perilous, to be indulged when standing upon the very borders of the eternal world? 5T 147.3

I speak to our people. If you draw close to Jesus and seek to adorn your profession by a well-ordered life and godly conversation, your feet will be kept from straying into forbidden paths. If you will only watch, continually watch unto prayer, if you will do everything as if you were in the immediate presence of God, you will be saved from yielding to temptation, and may hope to be kept pure, spotless, and undefiled till the last. If you hold the beginning of your confidence firm unto the end, your ways will be established in God; and what grace has begun, glory will crown in the kingdom of our God. The fruits of the Spirit are “love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.” If Christ be within us, we shall crucify the flesh with the affections and lusts.

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My dear friends,this is so heartbreaking. And to think that I used to edit his dreams. How are you both doing now? I would love to hear from you. May God restore all that Satan sought to destroy in you!

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