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How I Got Out? -- Nelson Cruz

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

How I got out? We had a meeting with Ernie where he told me that one of the female members of the ministry where the head of the church and I was to do and preach what she wanted me to preach. I told him that where in the bible or the Spirit of prophecy does it state this and he said to look it up and do my homework. I asked him if he was saying this was a message from God, God would of provided the scriptures and I said this is not from God but from a man. He stated that he was the messenger of God and I was to obey and I said not until you prove to me it's from God. So he said I would just be suspended but told the lady she must decide. I told her I was not going to preach what she wanted that I was going to preach what God wanted me to. Also that was not going to preach the dream but only bible.

When I was shunned, my brother wouldn't speak to me and also said stuff about me to them. Stuff like I was not 100% with the ministry because I had doubts that God showed me and he was not answering.

Then there was many thing in the dream had that showed me his true self that he would call regular dreams.

The dream that he had of him seeing every one go to heaven and he stayed behind I told him that God was showing him his future.

He went on to say that my invitation was ripped by Jesus and that the car God gave me was not of God but from him. He and my brother tried to take the car away but I told them that the car was for me and not for the ministry because when we bought the car I told Ernie to put the car under the ministry and he said the car was for me a gift from God.

He is not an agent of God but of the devil. One of the girls he raped escaped and when she got here. She stated all he did.

When I saw Mervyn get ordain and he said that he was the one in his dream that had a direct connection to the Father and he was to cure people with he briefcase I looked at my wife and told her this is a joke. He had called me saying that I was to return because he received a dream of my calling. But then he says it was Mervyn. That day I put the ministry to a test. If they are of God the prophet of God can not lie. I told Clarissa that I had a dream where none of my girls and wife would have to walk nude and do that crazy act he has them do. I said it was a dream and she said yes Ernie told me he had a dream like that. I was like bingo and left the ministry. Before I left I sent an email to everyone in the ministry that I had the email address and told them why I was leaving. That's when he wrote that dream saying that I was not of God and that the earth was going to swallow me and all that stuff.

I only returned to get Chris out of the class of Satan. God told me in a dream to go and preach the truth and that Sabbath I came to the church and my brother was like you preach today and I did. When I was done my brother told me he was leaving the ministry and I felt my job was done. That sermon I gave, God used to have two other leave the ministry the coming days and in total like 5 members left. Thanks to God.

Nelson Cruz

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