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I find that I need to address an email sent out to some of those on the list of the third Sabbath call in list. Most of the gossip that Ivory Webb shared is old stuff from several years ago. It began with a couple who attempted to blackmail this ministry with a threat of posting their document, if this ministry did not pay them a large sum of money. It was a blackmail scheme. The information is from those that are possessed and controlled of Satan. She shares undocumented claims as to rumors. What she shares is just more gossip. She discusses information she has obtained as if. great golden treasures. Information on nudity, a uniform, many wives and their list goes on. She happily mentions that birth of a son. The wearing of certain clothes. Said she mentions the names of Jeremy and Megan and how I received a message which were supposed to be private. And this couple chose to share their private message. You know it's correct that all of the information be given as the original receiver, Jeremy and Megan, was supposed to have kept it private.


Let's begin. Knowing that God takes tithing very serious, I was told that this couple had transgressed God's instruction on and in the process of tithing. After counselling with this ministry and answering them with counsel from the Bible in the Spirit of Prophecy they ignored what they were instructed to do with tithes again from the Bible Spirit of Prophecy. They handed over the sacred tithe to a publicly traded clearing house for donated to those in other countries. After a portion was kept, to be used as after all. It is a publicly traded company and a for profit organization. Yes that tithes went to pay men a huge salary. Only because. It was an organization that collected money. The message was a message of grave error on their part. They were given instructions. As a message in a woman's of God's glory document. Along with editorial liberties, this information gathered to begin an attempt to discredit this ministry and the message of the sacred tithe. What is to be re-obtained and it was to be placed in a suitable place that God deemed correct.


I spent a long time talking to this couple. I queried the couple of how they had prayed and asked God to show them how God could use them. I'm sure this is something everybody listening does. I can almost hear the prayers. Lord if there's anything I can do. Just ask and I will do what ever you ask me to do. I can't see you. But wherever you're sitting if this is something that you've been asked, simply hold up your hand. Because this is a common thing that we all ask. Lord if there's anything I can do, please tell me. One example was given. What if God took you up on your offer to serve. What if God said I heard your prayer and yes. I want you to do something for me. Or what if God wanted to test you to see if he would be faithful and do as he instructed. Now this is an example. What if he ask you to do something not really difficult. But what if he wanted you to go to your car to get something out of the car. Well if the temperature was 85 degrees and it was a beautiful sunny day, one would rejoice at this. But what if it was in the dead of night. 30 degrees below zero and at the same time a strong wind blowing. Plus heart was in the midst of an audible rainstorm. Well it was a clear blatant answer back from them. Their answer of. Oh no. I will serve only if. I want to. They both shouted in one voice. This is not a God. Well did they fail their test. That's not my place to judge. Only our Father's.


I need to stop here once again and mention of examples from the Bible. Things that Ivory brought out in this long document with all the attachments. Let's begin with Ezekiel. Think of Ezekiel who slept with one year in a frying pan as a pillow. But when preparing his meal that pan was not used. Actually no pan was used. We're told that his oatmeal type biscuit was mixed with animal waste. I'm talking doo-doo, poopies, ahh the stuff that comes out of the opposite end of an animal. Well this was mixed together but then it was cooked in the fiery embers. Had a fire you know the ashes before eating it. Now this was done for all of his meals. You know we're talking breakfast, lunch , afternoon snack, supper. late evening night snack. This he didn't do for just one day. Oh no we're told according to the Bible this word for over a year folks. Think about Hosea who was instructed to take a prostitute as a wife. He was required to welcome her back home. Every day after going out to (Quotes here) "work". Think of Abraham who was instructed to take his son and sacrifice him. He was instructed to kill his son. Yet think of how he had to work on Sabbath to build an altar. How many laws, commandments did he or would he break? What about Sampson killing so many men? We'll talk about God's Commandment Thou Shalt Not Kill. You know, wait a minute didn't God tell Sampson to do this? But there are many other examples of those got used to test. But you just have to wonder how would these example stand today in the eyes of the judgment of Ivory, Jeremy, Megan, Others who listen and read this document. Should we take these portions of the Bible and rip it out and declare that these things are not of God? After all if God commanded Thou shalt not kill then shall we rip out of the Bible the account of Sampson? What About Abraham? What would be written up not about Abraham and child endangerment? What about attempted murder? Oh someone could to say that was only back then. Ah. And the immorality of Isaiah walking naked. Not to mention standing before all in the synagogue preaching on the Sabbath in the nude.


Remember one of the recent messages that was given the example of a policeman. How we all need to adhere to the law. You know the driving commandment. That shalt stop at a stop sign thou shall stop at a red light. But what if a policeman is standing next to a stop sign and motions you to continue on. What if a police man is at an intersection where there's a traffic signal? Do you ignore the officer and stop anyway? Here is where I want to ask each to think. Think on your own. If God instructed Isaiah as well as many others in the Bible, to go naked. And let's not forget Jesus. He hung dying on the cross in the nude. Oh wait. Did God send out angels with a robe to blanket and cover up our dying savior Jesus so his nakedness wouldn't be seen. Again, If God instructed Isaiah as well as many others in the Bible to go naked. Who! And or make this or that big Who. W-H-O.. Who has the right or the authority to question or cast judgment on someone to go naked even in this day. I'll answer that for you. Satan and those he deceives. Those that follow Satan.


Let's move along. With the gossip of me having many wives. Well I could truthfully tell you that I have my wife Becky and a marriage certificate where next month we celebrate 45 years. But again, If God commanded me or someone else to have many wives, I have to ask who has the authority to question what God commands even in this day. I'll answer this one for you Satan and those he deceives those that follow Satan.


Alright the next one as for a child. I need to ask who has the authority to question what God commands even this day especially, with me, a 60 year old man. A mid 60 year old man and I know that all the other men that are sitting there listening who are in their 60s pushing 70 is grinning from ear to ear because we know what we're talking about don't we. Old men. The answer is Satan and those he deceives those that follow Satan. So who has the right to cast judgment on what God has requested of someone who has said. "Lord, If there is anything I can do. Lord simply ask."


Well you know in this long and very large e-mail, Ivory who received this from others who have tried to destroy this ministry. What she has attempted destroy this ministry. All the while what does it do? It lifts herself up. Oh Ivory has discovered something horrible I am a saint. Kind of reminds you of what Satan does doesn't it? My recommendation to each that has received this satanic led effort is to realize she and the others who are controlled and guided by Satan. What would I recommend? At this point, it would be best to block them from contacting you. Ignore the email and text. Remove them from your Facebook Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter whatever kind of fashion of information that could be passed around through social media. Remember one thing, if they do not lift up Jesus and God but themselves they are controlled by Satan. As they are controlled by demons then you are simply conversing with demonic powers. All that is done here is spread gossip.


Let's move on. This is sad. This is really sad because we have to understand that this is a time of shaking and sifting. Those that are shaken and sifted out and call good bad. It is a time of sifting. Remember the dream were it's portrayed two hundred fifty thousand people. And remember only one was successful. Yes we see that many are called but very few are chosen. As she and others that join her, it is clear that this is a time of sifting. Few are those who will stand and say Lord. Remember this is Isaiah. Lord. Here I am. Send me. But they want to add, but only under my terms and conditions. Does this not remind you of the rebellious enemy Satan. It is interesting that those who walk away from this ministry if you make negative comments about the minis.. messages. Think of the dream called God is Angry. In this dream, the case of Chris and Nelson the brothers who were called to serve. Who decided to fabricate errors. Here's what was shown in that dream. I now look below the surface and see that as Chris and Nelson sink to the bottom there are invitations to serve are shredded in burning God has reluctantly let them go. Fulfilling his promise. He will do the same to others who trample his messages and condemn his messengers. I turned back to look at Jesus he say. It is because of their actions that I will require their blood for attacking my ministry and trying to deceive those who serve Me. Folks, God will require the blood of the gossiper for those they persuade to follow with them even those on social media. In the case of Jeremy, Megan, and Ivory What of those who are given the message, but fail to heed instructions. Again from the dream called God is angry. When the message is given if the individual receiving it does not heed it or if he begins to doubt and speak against the messenger God will move on to someone else. The father's timetable must be followed.


Stop here again. Remember this story. Before Ellen White. Remember the story of Hazen Foss, William Foy. One was not able to complete what was asked of them. The other one said no Lord I will not do this. Well we know he moved on to Ellen White. If an individual is given opportunities to serve but they fail and decide not to accept the test. God will move on to another person. So once again someone steps up to attempt in destroying this ministry to declare the messages from God to be of Satan. Yet with all the fruits that have been given the example of God asking for tithe to be returned in correct way. And now for some more recent testimony that if God asked to do something and the funds are not available that he provides. Have we all forgotten that was just a few weeks ago, right here at this ministry, we were asked to do something that required a large sum of money the tithes that God was asking people to send was not coming? So God says do what I ask you and I will provide. So just a few weeks ago one morning two people found a large envelope of cash simply sitting on the kitchen counter. This was with all the doors locked the windows shut. No one could get in and out. But money was laying there. Well we know angels can get in and out can't we? Were the funds due to those who were asked to be faithful in returning tithes were not? So God placed it there so as we could do as instructed. What was just a few weeks later, still more money was needed. And so this time a larger envelope was placed on the counter. God said I send you to do something. We said we will do it. We said God we don't have the money. He says, I know. What did God do? He sent the money.


I want to address the fact that Ivory was mentioned about the money that was loaned to her. This was not money that was given as a gift, but a loan to assist in a dire time of their need. She E-mailed this ministry. Cried out to this ministry. This is just over a month ago. That her husband was unemployable. They had no heat no electricity. The children had no food and they were starving. The money she now claims was her request to return tithe. Well this is so then she lied to us. What does God say about requesting returning tithe? What does God say about lying and deceiving? Well you know we want to trust everyone. It's our nature. It's the way we're supposed to be, like Christ. One love this ministry reached out to a family in need in love. Well now we're repaid in gossip and hatred. One needs to ask where is the love of the love of the love in this. You have to ask yourself. Is this how Christ is portrayed?


It is. Excuse me. It is indeed a time of sifting and shaking. After all many are called but few are chosen. How sad some fail a test of God then they turn and attack others for their own failings. After all, if you ask God to use it must be understood it will be to see if you are worthy and be. trusted. If God wants. If you ask God to use you. There has to be a reason if God says yes. He needs to see if you're worthy. You can be trusted. But if those find fault choose to walk away from God messages. They're not walking away from me. No harm comes of me. But what they are doing they are walking away from God. When you walk away from God. You have none of God's protection.


You know I recall a few years ago a friend of mine. I know he's on here listening. He's in West Virginia. Southern West Virginia. Never met. You know I grew up in West Virginia. My name is Ernie. His name is Ernie. So we have a little bit of a bind there. Ernie posted a message on a board somewhere. That if I were instructed to do the things that were reported in this same document. If he got a copy of the same document when we were being blackmailed. So Ernie in West Virginia posted a message on a board somewhere. That if I were instructed by God to do the things that were reported in the same document. Ernie stated that. All he could say is that I must do as God instructed me to do. All the while stating thank you Father that you're asking me to do the same that you're asking him to do. Folks this is a time of shaking and that's why we see others cast doubt. If they can see no errors biblically What did they do, But they attacked me the messenger once again. We see these as black balls and arrows.


We have nothing to hide. We have no need to defend ourselves as we have He who sits on his throne in heaven. We have our savior. Defending us to our father. Like to think of it like this. We who are they we who are few but are willing to go. We are instructed we who stand as one unite in one voice and we declare. Here am I. Send me. When the Lord asked who should I send as a messenger to his people. Who will go for life. Isaiah said. Here I am. Send me. We know that Isaiah 6:8. Also I heard the voice of the Lord saying whom shall I send. Who will go for us Then said I. Here I am. Send me. Isaiah went as instructed not as how he wanted to. Isaiah went and served as he was instructed to. He did not stand in quote that the things he has asked is not in the Book of Moses. They didn't have a Bible there. Remember they had the Book of Moses. So he didn't say that thing he was asked to do is not the Book of Moses. He did not say these things I am told is not of God. He did not say this if of Satan. But what did he do. Isaiah. He went boldly through his town in the market. In his house with his wife and children. Do his parents tell his wife's parents out to his grandparents house. He was wealthy. He went in and around the palace. And when he preached he stood in front of all in the synagogue on the Sabbath. The Lord sent him and he went. All this he did. In the nude.


In closing and the answer the gossip that seems to have raised this demonic head once again. I ask Ivory, Jeremy, Megan and those that stand shaking their head at me pointing their finger and shaking at me saying that I am and this ministry is not of God I ask this. If God instructed me or someone else to do all the things that have been written in this gossip filled e-mail. If God instructed me or someone else to go naked. If God instructed me or someone else to have a hundred wives. If God instructed me or someone else to have a child or a thousand children. Who do you think you are that you can't judge me and condemn me? Because unlike you, Jeremy, Megan and others who are unable to comprehend that sometimes God stops God. God stands at a stop sign or a traffic light and says I want you to do these things as I now command you. I want to stand as Abraham. David. Daniel. Elijah. Isaac. I want to stand and proclaim that like Isaiah said Lord. Here I am. Send me.


As we prepare for today's message. I ask that you ponder these things. From Prophets and Kings 176 He whose slumbers not who is continued at work for the accomplishments of His designs will carry forward his work. He will thwart the purposes of wicked men and will bring to confusion the counsel of those who plot mischief against his people. He who is the King the Lord of Hosts sitteth between the cherubim and amidst the strife and turmoil of nations. He guards his children still. When the strongholds of kings shall be overthrown. When the arrows of wrath shall strike to the hearts of his enemies his people will be saved in his hands. At this time we will begin with our bulletin we will now turn it over to whoever controls the sound system and we'll have. Pastor Troy. To go ahead and continue on from there. 

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